Genesis Bow Review

Welcome to my Genesis Bow Review. The original bow for archery schools, training, practice, and competition this simple, sleek, and gorgeous device has several features to its credit. Pragmatism and perfection find ideal balance in a Genesis Bow, known also for its rather appealing design. In addition to inspiring skill and precision, the bow is known also for its reliability.

Genesis Bow Review: Core Features

Its set number of features highlights practical appeal. It makes the bow a pragmatic option for a plethora of applications. The Genesis Bow is the official bow of NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program). Below are its features and important accessories you will find in a kit that comes with it.

  • Draw weight is 10-20 lbs.
  • Vinyl tube quiver for the arrows
  • Arm guard designed with two adjustable and reinforced Velcro straps
  • Target arrows for starting off; 5 arrows, aluminium
  • Cable slide and cable guard; stainless-steel
  • Competition grip; molded
  • Arrow rest designed after the NAP flipper style

When it comes to entry-level archery (for beginners), the Genesis Bow is touted to be the best compound bow on the market.

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Why Is It So Cool?

This is the first bow of its kind to cover all needed draw lengths automatically. This age-friendly feature alone has pushed it to the top of the charts.

  • The manner in which it can meet the handling needs of diverse users is thanks to a zero let off design from Genesis Systems; accompanied by light draw weights.
  • Imagine a whole group of friends or colleagues let alone an entire family comprising kids as well as adults being able to use one bow that effortlessly moulds to their handling demands.
  • Crafted using a composite split-limb look, the bow enjoys added durability through the 6061T6 aluminum that goes into its make.
  • The length of the string is 94 3/16 inches.
  • Because it has one cam, you can rest assured that no hard recoils or tuning issues will plague you, the user.

Bringing relatively less noise than other compound bows while promoting sheer efficiency, the Genesis Bow is designed to make shooting simple. Noone really outgrows it because its design can be adapted for adult, adolescent or even child hands. While enjoying durability and solidity, the bow is not at the same time heavy.

Bend To Your Will – Adjustability

When we speak of adjusting the bow we cannot be remiss about mentioning the draw weights that make this possible.

  • The limbs of the Genesis Bow are the ‘tools’ so to speak that help perform the adjustments.
  • Aiding in this process are bolts connecting the bow’s riser to the limbs.
  • A 3/16 inch hex wrench is the perfect tool for this adjustment job.
  • If you want to lower the Genesis Bow’s pound weight value, a counterclockwise turn of the bolts is all it takes.
  • You clear 1.4 lbs. of draw weight with a single turn.
  • Do not forget to turn the limbs along with the bolts.

With its holding weight between 10 and 20 pounds, both left- and right-handed archers are sure to enjoy getting the hang of things.

Shooting Straight

Several different types and brands of compound bows need ‘breaking in’. A little bit of work, tweaking, touch-ups, and twiddling are required to have the bow obey the archer’s core need, namely to land as good a shot as they can and with ideal effort; nothing over the top and impossible.

  • Integrated into the Genesis Bow is a drilled riser that complements all its other features especially the adjustment side of things (detailed earlier).
  • Coming under 4 pounds, the lightweight nature of this bow is a thing of beauty in itself.
  • It practically adjusts to any user, no matter their age, height, sex, or dominant-hand inclination (i.e, right- or left-handed).
  • The Genesis Bow’s draw length can be adjusted anywhere from 15-30 inches.
  • Once you set the maximum draw weight to 20 lbs., the power of the energy released is on a par with what a 35 lb. recurve bow can accomplish.

Shooting straight, shooting strong. It is quite possible with a Genesis Bow, and it has proven so time and again.

An Archer’s Dream

Not only does it come fully assembled and ready for use out of the box, it is highly convenient where usage, time-saving, and portability is concerned. Disadvantages…

  • There are no sights on the Genesis Bow. It is good old-fashioned eye-to-target shooting.
  • While it has a mounting location, you cannot adjust it.
  • Essentially a competition bow, hunting is out of the question. You technically can, but it is not recommended.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Durable split-limb design
  • No hard recoils
  • Excellent cam system
  • Neat collection of accessories


  • No sight on the bow
  • Non-adjustable mounting spot
  • Not recommended for hunting

After reading this genesis bow review, you can realize that the versatility and practicality of the Genesis Bow is second to none. From learning to competing, the bow’s adaptability is top notch.

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