How to End Up with the Best IWB Holsters in the Haystack?

It is very common and very recommendable to find gun owners spending a lot of time searching for the best IWB holster they can securely and safely use to conceal their weapons. And for those with Glock 19 weapons, they will always seek for the very best IWB holster for Glock 19 they can lay their hands on. If you are worried about finding the best product in your category, know that I am worried that most of the gun owners do overlook these important concealing accessories. It therefore means for you to take the step of looking for one, it is commendable. There are some factors of consideration when shopping for these accessories that every gun owner must always know. Read on…

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​The Criteria to Follow When Selecting the Best IWB Holsters


This is a feature that allows the user the surprise element when retaliating after an attacker threatens with aggressive deadly force. The feature also allows the user to avoid unfortunate scenarios where their pistol is accidentally exposed thus making the people you really wanted close to instead fear you and keep off, with others calling for law enforcement officers because they have seen a “criminal” with a gun.


Remember that your gun is a self defense tool and there are instances when you really need it in the speed of time. The best IWB holsters as well as the best IWB holster for Glock 19 ammo are those that allows quick and smooth drawing. It should be one that allows the user easy complete grip of their handgun while allowing the release of any inbuilt retention accessories.


A combination of pistol and holster that is comfortable to wear is most likely never to be left at home. On the other side, when it is not that comfortable, your chances of not carrying your self defense ammo are increased tenfold times.


This is the feature that allows your weapon to remain intact unless you draw it out. It is worth keeping in mind that most attackers come with a lot of aggression and there are times that you really find it sufficient to deal with such an aggressor hand-on-hand. You find it unnecessary to use your gun. Under such instances, the best IWB holsters will be those with features that allow your gun to stay in its position and avoiding instances where it can slip and fall down. Retention devices range from the simple thumb breaks to the internal devices. Retention is categorized in three levels:

  • Level One: Only one retention device which may include a thumb break or strap is used
  • Level Two: Two retention devices are used and may include an internal retention device and a strap
  • Level Three: These have many retention devices and is not always very suitable for IWB Holsters

The best IWB holsters are in the level two categories.

Exact Fit

Specific gun has its specific holster. It is therefore important for you to know the exact fit for your gun. One holster may work magic with gun-A, but get a very negative review with gun-B. The best IWB holster for your gun is that which fits it perfectly.


The best IWB holster is that which has a mouth that remains rigidly open when the gun has been drawn out so as to enable you re-holster the pistol easily with just one hand. Remember you need your other hand for escape, defense tactics, and administration of first aid or pulling someone to safety.

Materials and Workmanship quality

This is the feature that brings the widest variance of IWB holsters between products as well as amongst manufacturers. One of the best materials is of course leather and an impeccable workmanship has to be sought for.

Other Features

  • Covered trigger guard and safety
  • Easy removability of the holster from the belt and repining back
  • Products for women
  • Hips
  • Armpit to hip difference
  • Hand size
  • Physical strength etc.

Reviews of the 5 Best IWB Holsters

The Galco Stinger Belt Loop Holster

Galco Stinger Belt Holster for Sig Sauer P238 (Black, Right-hand)

Editor Rating

This is a holster that has been designed for carrying small guns behind the shooter’s strong side hip. It features a forward cant together with an open top that allows for easy, fast and efficient draw stroke. Some of the other features that have enabled it to score high as one of the best IWB Holsters include its covered trigger guard that enhances security and safety. Deep molding together with a belt loop (tunnel style) ensures the holster is securely attached to the user’s belt without having to take much space.

Special Features

  • Premium saddle leather material construction
  • Open top
  • Forward cant
  • 1.5” belt width
  • Used by the military, citizens as well as law enforcement officers
  • Black in color
  • Based on KISS principle
  • Built for carrying around the strong-side behind-the-hip
  • Tunnel style belt loop
  • Deep molding for covered trigger guard


  • Quality material of construction
  • Quality workmanship
  • Perfect finish and fit
  • Securely holds the gun
  • Options of designs for you to choose from


  • A tad deeper would have enhanced retention and balance
  • Not tight gun fitting in the holster. To others, this is a pro
  • Not ambidextrous

This product features a premium saddle leather construction and fits in belts 1.5-inches wide thus durability and versatility are guaranteed. It is one of the best IWB holsters any shooter or arm concealer can trust.

Blackhawk! SERPA Concealment Holster - Matte Finish

Blackhawk! SERPA Concealment Holster - Matte Finish - Best IWB Holsters

Editor Rating

With a unique speed-cut design, this holster allows for easy and smooth draw strokes together with re-holstering. It features the SERPA Auto Lock patented release that delivers unparalleled security in the industry thus making it one of the best IWB holsters you will come across in the market. It is also automatically positioned for facilitation of the correct drawing motion hence making it the best level 2 retention IWB holster for weapon concealment carry.

Special Features

  • Reinforcement of full master grip
  • Superior draw technique
  • Includes belt loop together with paddle platform
  • Detent adjustment screw for Passive retention and SERPA Auto-lock release
  • Immediate retention together with an audible click when re-holstered enhancing security
  • Fits the Glock 31, 22 and 17
  • Belt loop bracket together with a paddle bracket


  • One of the most functional and comfortable holsters
  • Securely tight to pants and belt
  • Comfortable and doesn’t dig into thighs like other paddle bracket holsters do
  • Multiple ways the holster can be used
  • Great pricing
  • Good retention and security
  • Compact design


  • A rough inside that erodes the finished surface
  • The holster is compatible with only the ROUND trigger guard when it comes to S&W 5900/4000 compatibility
  • Only a large jacket can conceal it

This is yet another great product you can use to carry your pistol while concealing it. It is versatile, durable and unlike other paddle bracket holsters, this one is comfortable. Be sure that it will not dig into your thighs. It is probably the best IWB holster among the paddle bracket types.

Cloak Tuck 3.0 - Alien Gear Holsters

Cloak Tuck 3.0 - Alien Gear Holsters - best IWB Holsters

Editor Rating

This holster is characterized with unmatched levels of concealment ability and comfort in this world of concealed carry. The product exudes impeccable retention and improved flexibility providing the best comfort possible to users without having sacrificed weight and size. The design is thoughtful and workmanship unparalleled.

Special Features

  • 100% USA manufacture
  • No requirement of break-in time
  • Advanced comfort and retention
  • Backed by a great Iron-Clad Triple guarantee featuring a 30-day Test Drive, a forever warranty and free forever shell trades
  • Stainless steel-spring band which is the sturdy backbone of the product
  • Perfect thermo elastic polymer layer for covering the holster’s face
  • Alien Skin texture for added grip thus keeping the firearm in position
  • A soft neoprene fabric layer for covering the T-Nuts
  • Equipped with an array of belt clips such as the “J” and “C” clips
  • Can house multiple shells


  • Great retention and durability and quality of product down to its last stitch
  • True comfort when carrying
  • Unmatched comfort and concealment ability
  • Versatile enough to keep different shells using the same base
  • Forever warranty
  • Great value and presentation


  • Off course, won’t fit some small guns right
  • Clipping on and off the belt can at times be extremely difficult.

The quality of the holster begins right at the core, featuring a stainless steel spring band which offers the sturdy foundation of the holster. The material is responsible for the added durability and retention as this holster can serve you for years and decades without breaking. It is among the best IWB holsters I would recommend to a friend.

The Best IWB Holsters for Glock 19

Glock 19 23 32 36 Concealed Carry IWB Gun Holster

Glock 19 23 32 36 Concealed Carry Iwb Gun Holster Hd BLK Rh

Editor Rating

This is a pretty comfortable Glock 19 IWB holster that has been crafted with both the gun and gun holder in mind. Its main selling feature is the genuine soft leather that has been used in its design thus giving the user comfort and reliability. The design and the make have all been factored in its design. This holster is the number one product for most of the handguns and Glock forearms thanks to its convenience of use.

Special Features

  • 100% USA made
  • Blued metal clip ensuring security
  • Grade A heavy duty top grain leather
  • Sturdy metal clip for easy attachment to the waistband
  • Custom molding for gun
  • Lightweight construction


  • Strong side stitches for durability
  • Longevity is unmatched
  • Good pricing
  • Double back stitches at stress points
  • Feels good and looks great
  • Comfortable when standing and sitting
  • Easily concealable thanks to its small size


  • Gun re-holstering is quite a tall order

This is a lightweight, durable, easy to use and very reliable IWB holster for the Glock 19. Made using finished leather and finished with a leather lining, not only is the product durable but also enhances easy draw strokes, two main features sought for in the best IWB holsters in the market.

Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster

Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster for Glock 19, 23, 32 (Black, Right-hand)

Editor Rating

This is one of the best holsters for Glock 19. It has been designed and constructed for durability and is virtually maintenance-free thanks to the quality Kydex material used in its construction. This model is thin, quick and easily concealable hence the best for areas with the stringent regulations of concealing self protection firearms. It comes with a belt clip for easy on and off capabilities whereas the firmness of the holster necessitates for easy and smooth draw strokes together with re-holstering.

Special Features

  • Firm holster body construction
  • Fits belt widths up to 1¾ inches
  • Durable virtually no maintenance construction
  • Raised sweat guard enhancing protection
  • Belt click for easy and faster on/off capabilities
  • Kydex maintenance-free material
  • Small size for easy concealing
  • Black in color


  • Very comfortable feel when worn
  • Easy draw strokes and re-holstering
  • Works well and is very durable
  • Very durable construction and maintenance-free
  • Firm holster on the body


  • For the plastic clip to be stable, you are almost limited to a large and thick belt of 1.75 inches width lest you draw your holster rather than the gun.
  • It is not compatible with the M&P pistols having manual thumb safeties

This product uniquely comes with a sweat guard that has been designed to protect your firearm for the corrosive effects of perspiration as it also protects your skin for the harsh hard steel. It is a great gun concealer you can’t afford not to have. It is a comfortable IWB holster that one can wear even when they are sleeping.


Upon going through this buying guide, I am certain that you have more answers than questions. This is absolutely the contrary of what you had before reading this guide. It is important to know that all the products reviewed above have great attractive features in addition to their relatively affordable price as when compared to some of the products in the market. It is your tastes, preferences and requirements that will enable you to choose the best IWB holster for your use. Only remember to use all the resources within your disposal, time inclusive, to ensure that you buy once and cry only once rather than buying ten times and crying all through.

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