Diamond Infinite Edge Review

Welcome to my Diamond Infinite Edge Review. This multi-shooter ‘upgrade’ among Infinite Edge bows is dedicated for professionals due to the select features and balanced design that caters to a seasoned archer’s passion. It is therefore quite surprising how beautifully this pro bow suits amateurs too.

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge review

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The Professional Appeal – Core Features

A compound bow that can serve professionals and beginners alike is hard to come by. How will the features find balance and serve the archer, or rather a range of archers?

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro rises to these occasions. Bowtech had better stand proud knowing that they have crafted a masterpiece. Since all that talk of kids and beginners starting out with Infinite Edge bows, a product like this is often mistaken for a non-professional instrument.

  • The dual cam eccentric system promotes super-straight arrow displacement. The movement of the cams are ideally synchronized and are shaped elliptically; grants a gorgeous look to the bow and adds practical appeal as well
  • The cable is not only sturdy but also smooth
  • The draw weight (5-70 lbs.) and draw length (13-30 inches) have some of the most versatile range of settings in bows of this type
  • Three broad settings are available: A, B, C. These settings can be interchanged using a bow press. It is recommended that you go to a local archery store to help with this step.
  • With an IBO (draw weight 70 lb., draw length 30”, 350-grain arrows) speed rating of 310 FPS, the power of the shot and the consequent speed of the arrows is top notch. If you want reduced FPS, use heavier arrows or lower the settings.
  • Noise levels are average, meaning the bow produces marked sound but is not overly noisy
  • Hand-shock is completely eliminated thanks to the Diamond’s string stopper
  • Draw weight allowance: 5-70 pounds
  • Draw length allowance: 13-30 inches
  • The weight of the bow is 31 pounds, making it rather heavy-set but not unmanageably so
  • It comes designed with 75% let off
  • Sexy color combos: Pink Blaze, Mossy Oak, and Black Ops

The bow can indeed double as a hunting weapon; aside from competitions. At its highest settings, the Diamond Infinite Edge can take down North America’s largest game, namely bears.

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Pros: Beauty & Design

The bow does not merely look splendid, it also functions on a par with more expensive compound bows.

  • The speed, at which the arrows fly, namely 310 FPS, is no small deal. This is one of the most interesting features about the Diamond Infinite Edge.
  • If you check out the price of $372, rest assured that this is not the costliest bow out there, but it sure does work like one. Value for money is therefore high.
  • From high definition finishes to pivoting limb pockets, the sheer beauty of this bow inspires repeated usage. Its functions encourage mastery.
  • Weighing only 3.1 pounds, it is quite lightweight and therefore portable not to mention easy to practice with for extended time frames.
  • Relatively silent, the Diamond Infinite Edge is also devoid of recoils; more than user-friendly apparently.
  • Its power complements hunting while its precision doubles effectively for competitions. Men, children, women, you name it, the bow’s versatility is matched only by a handful of other bows on the market.

If all this is not enough going into a single compound bow’s design, archers will adore the range of adjustment settings and how adaptable the bow is. A kid can learn archery with it and use it for more competent purposes even twenty years down the line.

What To Look Out For – The Cons

There are some disappointing factors but nothing overly imposing or inconveniencing.

  • The default sight is all right but could have been better.
  • The instructions are not always user-friendly, especially when detailing draw and weight adjustments.
  • Since the bow is lightweight, a tiny bit of performance is sacrificed. 5.5% slower, average statistic.
  • If you do not use quality arrows, less standard ones will be damaged in the shooting.
  • While noise dampeners and related accessories can reduce the noise levels, the bow is by default a little vociferous.

At the end of the day, the Diamond Infinite is a beautifully balanced bow whose cons are there by nature and not really terrible to work with. It still leaves a professional bow with exceptional power, grace, and efficiency.

Time For An Upgrade

Any professional archer will adore the foundation of the bow’s design. They can work with it, enhance it, add something here, remove something there (the magic of accessories), and produce a touched-up masterpiece from the halls of Infinite Edge. After reading this Diamond Infinite Edge Review, I think you’ll realize this is one of the best compound bow that you can have!

If you are a beginner who does not know or care about such things, you can rest easy knowing that for what it’s worth the bow will meet every requirement of an aspiring archer.

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