SAS Rage Compound Bow Review

Aside from having one of the most breathtaking designs among compound bow products, the SAS Rage is supremely practical and introduces several efficiency factors to its credit. If you are an archer starting out in the sport and you have a budget when it comes to these things, the SAS Rage is the bow for you.

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow review

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Core Features

If you can manage to replace the bolt rest with a bristle roll, you will have no major trouble handling this beauty among compound bows.

  • It enjoys a draw length of 26-30 inches.
  • It enjoys a draw weight of 55-70 lbs.
  • It has a maximum speed of 270 FPS (a measure of speed in archery).
  • Weighing 4.4 pounds, you will need to work with the slightly increased weight especially considering how lightweight other compound bows are.
  • The ABS limbs are made with a compressed design. This extends the overall lifespan of the bow.
  • It comes in sexy colors: autumn camouflage, military camouflage, and black. Different packages contain different accessories to go with the bow.

One of the most welcome features on the Rage is that a 70 lb. draw weight makes it good enough for actual outdoor hunting.

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Shooting In Style

The very make of the SAS Rage inspires sturdy handling and long-term shooting efficiency. Its weight, however, is the one factor you need to bear in mind for those long competitions.

  • The draw length range is quite extensive, and accomodates diverse archery styles (i.e., user-friendly).
  • The fact that you can actually go hunting with this bow makes for a welcome relief in the world of compound bows. Other types can solely manage competitions.
  • As packages or kits go, you can expect the following inside a SAS Rage box: string, rise, cable, limbs. That is all. This is immensely practical but sometimes inadequate, depends on the user’s preference and field requirements.
  • Crafted out of machined aluminium, the cam system is dual and moderate not to mention rather eccentric. This is a good thing especially considering the added module that permits easy shifting of the stop pin from one hole to the next. This helps with altering draw lengths at no great hassle.

The balance of features may not always rise to the archery occasion but more often than not they help reduce control and toggle options so you can stay focused on the bigger picture; or rather the target in the far distance.

Speedy Fletcher

The SAS Rage is designed for speed. At 270 FPS, the arrow flies like the wind. However, the manufacturer’s website is sketchy about whether this arrow speed is ATA or IBO.

  • Suppose it is IBO. Manufacturers use this rating to misdirect archers about the real speed of the arrows involved; which obviously reflects on the power of the bow in question.
  • With an IBO speed rating system, you can expect criteria like a 70 lb. draw weight, 350 grain arrows, and the manufacturer’s choice of draw length. The SAS Rage fulfills these criteria.

Quick note about draw length. The shorter it is (i.e, lower the draw weight or heavier the arrow), any compound bow will shoot at less than optimal speeds. Don’t blame the arrow, blame the bow.


The SAS Rage is far from silent. Lower your expectations in this regard. What about using it for hunting, you ask? Buy a vibration-absorbing stabilizer and some string dampeners and the noise level comes down low enough to hunt in the wild.

Tell Me More About Myself

The SAS Rage wrests attention; it looks bold and shoots bolder. Priced at $179.99 (Amazon), it is surprisingly cheap.

  • The low cost is probably attributable to the fiberglass make of the limbs. Costlier compound bows have advanced laminations.
  • Entry-level bows sure can use the durability of fiberglass, so all is well in this regard.
  • The refluxed riser seems to be machined aluminium with a parallel limb design and a plastic grip that is molded.
  • Because of the moderate nature of the dual cams on the Rage, the draw cycle is wonderfully smooth; ideal for archers starting out.
  • The cams’ moveable stop pin design element helps produce a fixed wall. This will certainly come in handy when it comes to setting up consistent anchor points; this is yet another beginner advantage.

Overall, the design is crafted for efficiency and durability.

On The Hunt

Don’t get too excited. While the Rage is great for competitions, it is not an overly wise option for hunting.

  • For one thing, the arrow speeds are low. This begets quite an arched trajectory. Kinetic energy (speed) is therefore lax. It might injure the small animal but not necessarily penetrate the body, if you catch our meaning.
  • The above scenario depends on your angle of approach and wind resistance. If the setting is ripe, small- and medium-sized game can be hunted with goodly accuracy. Heavy game warrants heavier arrows.

If wild turkey or rabbit is your aim, the arrows can be less than 25 ft-lb. Antelope and such will require 25-41 ft-lb while wild boar and elk demand 42-65 ft-lb. Where large bears and oxen are concerned, more than 65 ft-lb is crucial to land the kill successfully.


The price is reasonable, the bow is reliable though noisy and a bit on the heavy side, and the SAS Rage is one of the best compound bow that delivers results and brings versatility to your love of archery.

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