Picking The Best .22 Suppressor For Your Rimfire

Search for a best suppressor for a .22LR rifle can be an overwhelming experience. Due to the extreme popularity of .22LR weapons to this day, .22LR suppressors are also extremely popular. As a result, there are countless available suppressors, so many people don’t know where to start their search.

For your convenience, we have selected five suppressors that we think are the best for the money. These five suppressors will be reviewed in great depth, covering their best features, biggest shortcomings, and touching on suggested pricing. The prices given are manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, so you may be able to find them at different prices from different vendors.

Key features that we looked for in these suppressors are:

  • Affordability: Price is a very important feature to most people in a .22LR suppressor. Since this is a very commonly used cartridge, many people are searching for a good deal.
  • Multiple calibers: Are you planning on using the suppressor for just one weapon, or do you have multiple weapons you may want to use it on?
  • Noise reduction: After all, this is the point of a suppressor to begin with. Different quality suppressors will have different factors of noise reduction
  • User serviceability: Higher quality suppressors can be easily taken apart in order to be cleaned. This is important for a .22LR suppressor, as .22LR is a dirty round. We would strongly recommend against buying a .22LR suppressor that isn’t fully user serviceable.
  • Strength and durability: Dependent on your uses for the weapon, you may need a tougher suppressor with a more resistant coating.

Top Five .22LR Suppressors


Top Feature


The best .22LR suppressor for the price.

The highest quality .22LR suppressor​

The best cheap .22LR suppressor​

Ease of use

The best .22LR suppressor for hunting​

Silencerco Spectre 22

The first suppressor on this list is the Spectre22 from SilencerCo. This suppressor works with many different caliber weapons, including .22LR. For .22LR specifically, it is rated for fully automatic fire. This suppressor has an excellent balance of affordability and quality, and is without doubt one of the best .22LR suppressors.

The suppressor is a little bit larger, weighing in at 6.8 ounces and measuring a hair under 6 inches. It is 1 inch in diameter. If this is too large for you, the SilencerCo Sparrow22 is a smaller version, but this will come at an added cost. The size takes a little getting used to, but isn’t unmanageable.

The muzzle average when .22LR is fired is 113.8 decibels, which is a pretty significant noise reduction. The first round shot is also much quieter than some other suppressors. Another great feature of the suppressor is that it is fully user serviceable, so you are able to take it apart to service it and clean it.

Overall, this may be the best .22LR suppressor for the price.

It is an excellent balance of both quality and affordability. While there are higher quality suppressors available, you would be hard pressed to find another suppressor of this quality at a similar price. The only downfall of this suppressor is the size.

Top Features

  • Multi caliber: Can be used on multiple weapons.
  • Fully user serviceable: Take it apart and service it yourself.
  • Bang for your buck: Excellent combination of quality and affordability.
  • Noise reduction: 113.8 decibels at the muzzle.
  • Multiple calibers: Works with 22LR, .17WSM, .17HMR, .22MAG, .22WMR, .22 HORNET, 5.7 X 28
SilencerCo Sparrow 22

The Sparrow22 is very similar to the Spectre22, but is much higher quality. Similar to the Spectre22, the Sparrow 22 is compatible with multiple different calibers. Also similar to the Spectre22, it is rated for fully automatic fire with .22LR.

The differences start to come in the size. The Sparrow22 is shorter, at 5.06 inches and weighs less, at 6.5 ounces. It is 1.06 inches in diameter. This shorter and lighter design may be easier for you to balance, and may mount better on some weapons than the longer and heavier Spectre22.

The Sparrow22 is also better in terms of noise reduction. The muzzle average when .22LR is fired through this suppressor is 112.7 decibels, which is just over a decibel better than the Spectre22. Also similar to the Spectre22, this suppressor is fully user serviceable. In fact, the Sparrow22 is even easier to disassemble than the Spectre22. Easy disassembly is a key feature, because .22LR is a fairly dirty cartridge.

The one major downfall of this suppressor is the price tag. Many people aren’t looking to pay this much for a .22LR suppressor.

However, this is more than likely the highest quality .22LR suppressor.

Top Features

  • Ease of disassembly: Awesome for firing .22LR, as it is a very dirty round.
  • Top quality: Overall, one of the highest quality suppressors on the market.
  • Noise reduction: One of, if not the quietest suppressors.
  • Multiple calibers: Works with 22LR, .17WSM, .17HMR, .22MAG, .22WMR, .22 HORNET, 5.7 X 28
Gemtech GM-22

The GM-22 from Gemtech isn’t as high quality as some of the SilencerCo suppressors, but it comes at a more affordable cost. For someone looking for any form of noise reduction, the Gemtech GM-22 may be the best .22LR suppressor for you. It’s worth noting that this suppressor works only for .22LR caliber weapons, so you may end up having to buy multiple.

This suppressor is 5 inches long, 1 inch in diameter, and only weighs 2.5 ounces. This is one of the absolute best features of this suppressor. As there are fewer internals and baffles, this suppressor weighs less than the SilencerCo suppressors. The flipside of that is that the fewer internals means that the noise reduction capabilities are limited.

The sound reduction that this suppressor is capable of is anywhere from 36-39 decibels. While that isn’t the best, it is better than nothing. The suppressor is made of aluminum, and coated in Cerakote.

Overall, this is a decent quality suppressor.

It is reasonably durable, does an acceptable job in reducing noise, and is a pretty small size. The main positive of this suppressor is the affordability.

If you are looking for the best cheap .22LR suppressor, this is the one for you.

However, if you are planning on shooting multiple calibers or can afford the extra 40 to 50 dollars, some of the other suppressors on our list would be better for you.

The cons of this suppressor are the limited noise reduction, questionable durability, and the fact that it only works with one caliber.

Top Features

  • Affordability: If you are only going to use your suppressor for .22LR, this is a very affordable suppressor.
  • Lightweight: Weighing in at only 2.5 ounces, you will barely notice this suppressor on your weapon.
  • Fully user serviceable
SureFire RYDER 22-S

The RYDER 22-S from SureFire is a better quality suppressor than the previous Gemtech. It also is made of aluminum, but has more baffles in it to increase its noise suppression capabilities. The aluminum body is coated in an anodized finish, which makes it resistant to wear and tear.

The RYDER 22-S is 5.4 inches long and weighs 5.2 ounces. This increased weight is a result of the increased number of baffles. As you can see, this suppressor does weigh a little less than the SilencerCo suppressors, but will also not reduce the noise as much.

The suppressor is extremely easy to install, simply screw it on to a threaded barrel. It is similarly easy to disassemble and clean using the provided tool from SureFire.

Overall, this is a good quality suppressor.

It is somewhere in between the Gemtech GM-22 and the SilencerCo Sparrow22. It doesn’t reduce the noise quite as much as the Sparrow22, but weighs less. It is easy to use, and has a good weight.

The main con of this suppressor is the price. It could be argued that the Spectre22 from SilencerCo is higher quality than this one from SureFire, and it costs less. However, this is a good quality suppressor, and belongs on your short list of best .22LR suppressors.

Top Features

  • Patented baffles: SureFire has a patent on this shape of baffle. They do more reduction with less size. The baffles are numbered, to help you reinstall them.
  • Ease of use: Very easy to install, detach, disassemble, and reassemble.
  • Multiple calibers:Works for both .17 HMR and .22LR.
  • Fully user serviceable
Advanced Armament Element2

While this suppressor is on the expensive side, it is an absolute beast. It is constructed of titanium and coated with Cerakote, which makes it extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear. Titanium is an excellent choice for suppressor construction, thanks to how lightweight and durable it is.

The suppressor is 5.24 inches long, 1 inch in diameter, and weighs in at 4.1 ounces. This makes it one of the lighter suppressors on our list. This reduced weight is an awesome feature for someone who might be hunting with their suppressor or doing any type of maneuvering with it.

When compared to the other lightweight suppressor on this list, the Gemtech GM-22, the Advanced Armament Element2 does a much better job with noise reduction. With the Element2, you can expect a 41 decibel noise reduction, which is a full 2-5 decibels better than the GM-22. Advanced Armament’s K-baffles are some of the industry leading best baffles. Just like the other suppressors on this list, this one is fully user serviceable.

The biggest pros of this suppressor are how lightweight it is, while maintaining a higher level of noise reduction. These features paired with how durable and strong this suppressor is make it one of the best .22LR suppressors on the market.

This is probably the best .22LR suppressor for hunting, thanks to the fact that it is lightweight and durable.

The biggest con of this suppressor is that it is expensive. However, it will exceed the needs of those in a specific niche.

Top Features

  • Titanium: Lightweight and strong.
  • Noise reduction: Excellent noise reduction for such a lightweight suppressor.
  • Ease of use: Screw on and off.
  • Fully user serviceable
  • Multiple calibers: Works with .22LR, .17HMR, and .22Magnum.


Hopefully this list has pointed you in the right direction on your hunt for the best .22LR suppressor. When you are looking, remember that the biggest features to keep in mind are:

  • Fully user serviceable is a must, .22LR rimfire cartridges are very dirty
  • Affordability
  • Size and weight

For the hunter, you may also value durability and being able to withstand the elements. If you are just a casual shooter looking to protect your hearing, these factors may not be as important to you.

Once you’ve identified what you are planning to do the suppressor, you are going to be able to narrow down what size you need to be looking for. From there, you will be able to examine the various quality levels of suppressors, to determine how much noise reduction you need.

An ideal suppressor will meet your needs, while also being at a friendly junction of size, price, and noise reduction.

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  1. When I checked the description on Brownells for the Advanced Armament suppressor it states the construction is with Aluminum and Stainless Steel, not Titanium.


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