Best Sling for AR-15: Reviews & Buying Guide

Long firearms like the rifles and the shotguns are a bit heavy and unwieldy. These slings are attached to the gun using swivels together with swivel studs and are very important firearm accessories. The use of a gun sling to carry these guns in the woods for those extended periods will help alleviate the burdensome weight while also leaving your hands free for other important purposes in the woods. In addition, gun slings come in handy to steady the aim of shooters thus resulting in more accurate shots.

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When shopping for the best sling for AR-15, there are some important things you need to consider. But before we go to the factors of consideration, let’s first highlight the five best products on the market.




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The 2 Point Tactical Shoulder Strap/Gun Sling

In most cases, simplicity is always a jewel. This sling proves such sentiments

Paracord Wrapped Two Point Survival Sling

It has additional functionality in form padding as well as being handy at times of emergency.

The Magpul Two Point MS1 Sling

If you are looking for something new yet you still have a liking for the old school products, then this is your best bet.

Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling™

This could easily be considered among the best 2-point gun slings that have ever been developed.

The Best Damn Sling (BDS) 2 Point Gun Sling

Are you searching for slings that can be used in almost any gun platform and comes with impressive quality? This sling should be your destination.

Factors of Consideration When Finding a Great Sling for AR-15

a) Types of Gun Slings

The most important consideration when choosing a gun sling takes you to the purpose of the gun. Are you going to use it for hunting or for tactical situations? Depending on what you will want to use it for, the number of gun sling connection points will come into play. And gun slings are classified based on the number of these connection points to the firearm.

Basic Gun Sling Types

These slings feature three major designs as follows:

  • The Traditional Gun Sling: This is commonly referred to as the 2-point attachment sling type because it comes with two attachment points. It is the most common and very comfortable when carrying but may not be as comfortable as the rare 3-point sling type. They are connected to the front and rear sides of the gun.
  • The Three-Point Sling: This one resembles a harness and has been designed to securely attach the firearm to the shooter. The sling actually attaches to the gun at two points with the third point being on the shooter’s body. The slings come with a material loop design which wraps around your torso thus strapping the firearm to you. They work so well in tactical applications but can also be of great benefits to the hunters.
  • The Single-Point Sling: Comes with a single attachment point and is the best for tactical applications. This is because it is only comfortable when you are shooting but not while carrying. It is most common in the law enforcement and combat areas and draws its strong point from the fact that you can easily transition from one shoulder to the other while shooting.

This type has its downside on the fact that when you drop it, it dangles in your front thus may cause movement interference or get caught on your other gear.

b) Quick Adjustment Features

It will be prudent that you go for a sling that is easy to adjust and operate. The most important aspect that necessitates this is the quick adjustment feature. This feature is not a characteristic of all gun slings. The best sling for AR-15 will not only have a quick adjust feature but an advanced, durable and truly functional one. This feature makes it easy and fast for you to switch from the carrying position to the shooting stance.

c) Materials and Construction

These products come in two major standard widths: the 1.25” and the 1” widths. The swivel mount is what determines the width of the products.

When it comes to materials, leather has been common in the past but nylon has also taken a share in today’s market. The material of choice will mainly be determined by your personal preference. The leather products have the traditional and decorative look, a major reason as to why many hunters together with recreational shooters always favor these options. Some manufacturers will embellish their leather materials with grommets, horsehair and other decorative features that have really been credited for making the leather slings to be more cherished.

Nylon and other weather-resistant materials on the other side are durable and lightweight thus being suited for tactical situations. These slings are also generally easier to adjust as compared to their leather counterparts. To prevent slipping, ensure you go for a nylon product that has rubberized materials incorporated in its design.

Padding is a great construction consideration. If you will be carrying your gun for long, you may need to consider going for a product that has been padded to offer shoulder comfort. It is worth noting that some shooters will not want any added bulk in the name of a padded sling no matter what.

d) Gun Swivels & Studs

Ensure that the sling you are going for comes with swivels & swivel studs that are strong, durable and can easily fit your gun mounting provisions.

The 5 Top AR-15 Sling Reviews

FreForce: The 2 Point Tactical Shoulder Strap/Gun Sling

2 Point Tactical Shoulder Strap/Gun Sling Made in USA

Editor Rating

In most cases, simplicity is always a jewel. This sling proves such sentiments. Your AR-15 is already a very complex platform on itself and you probably may be in need of something that balances that equation through its simplicity. This sling simply snaps onto the swivel using metal clips and can quickly be adjusted using an included tribar. The construction is very much dependable even in its simplicity.

Benefits of the Sling

  • Simplicity: It is a simple product and one that offers dependability and is hard to go wrong with.
  • Construction: It features a dependable rugged nylon construction and all Mil-Spec heavy metallic hardware making it compatible with all Mill-spec firearms. The strap is approximately 54 inches long hence works well with long guns
  • Versatility: It has been constructed for the long and short frame rifles and can be used as a shoulder strap for a wide range of things
  • Price: It is a very affordable product and one of the cheapest amongst the best.


  • It is too simple for those who like sophisticated accessories
  • Some slings on the market are longer than this

This is the great sling for AR-15 for those who are looking for something simple but rugged and dependable. Its price may at first make you think it will not serve you but upon using it, you will discover how durable it is.

Paracord Wrapped Two Point Survival Sling

Paracord Survival 2-Point Gun/Rifle Sling

Editor Rating

This is yet another quality 2-point gun sling that comes wrapped with more than 25-feet of Paracord. Experts and users will tell you that Paracord-wrapped gun slings are some of the best slings for AR-15 you will get on the market. This is because of the additional functionality in form padding as well as being handy at times of emergency.

Benefits of the Product

  • Beautiful and Pretty: Your main reason for buying a gun sling is for it to help you carry the gun but not at the expense of aesthetics. This gun sling is beautiful and pretty enough
  • Easy to Use: Installation of this sling needs no manual or experience as it is pretty easy. It is also very easy to adjust to your preferred lengths
  • Comfort: The padding feature is an innovative construction feature that ensures you feel comfortable even after hours of carrying.
  • Durability: It features a medical grade plastic material, durable swivel and rot resistant acrylic for webbing, all of which are very durable materials thus guaranteeing the durability of this product. It is made in the USA


  • Adjustable clips are plastic
  • It isn't fully Paracord

Think of this Paracord wrapped gun sling as not only a gun carrying accessory but also as an addition to your survival kit. In other words, this is probably one of the best slings for AR-15 in the market as it helps you carry the gun, comes in handy during emergencies and is beautiful thus boosting on the aesthetics of your gun.

The Magpul Two Point MS1 Sling

Magpul Two Point MS1 Sling

Editor Rating

This is the editor’s choice for the best sling for AR-15. It comes in a number of color designs such as black, gray, coyote or ranger thus giving you options to choose from. Its greatest point is the quick adjust feature. If you are looking for something new yet you still have a liking for the old school products, then this is your best bet. It is a 2-point sling that has truly brought a revolution to the rifle world.

Benefits of the Product

  • Heritage: This product has been around for a few hundred years now, only featuring a few modifications. It has changed the way hunters hunted and how militaries moved. In other words, it has been tested and proven
  • Versatile: 2-point gun slings are the most comfortable when you aren’t in action while 1-point slings are comfortable when the shooting starts. This product can be switched from 2-point to 1-point with the use of some adapters according to your wish.
  • Design: The sling has features a quality construction that has been designed for durability and to perfectly fit and suits your AR-15 rifle
  • Easy to Use: The sling is easy to install and to adjust


  • May not fit some of your other guns outside the AR-15 platform

Two-point slings are definitely more comfortable as compared with the other types of slings. Together with stability and supportive aspects that are characterized with this Magpul sling, you have the best sling for AR-15 at your disposal.

The Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling™

Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling™

Editor Rating

This could easily be considered among the best 2-point gun slings that have ever been developed. The product features a design that is specifically meant to suit and fit the AR-15 platform. It is, however, adaptable to almost all the other platforms. Its strongest point is in the rapid adjustment system that comes with its design.


  • Padding: The padded part is great in ensuring comfort and you will feel nice even when carrying the gun on a bare skin
  • Easy to Use: Installation of this sling is so simple and needs no experience at all. Its Differentiated Adjuster Pull Tab on the other side makes the rapid adjustment feature of the sling to be impressive
  • Construction: The Sling is one of the most durable in the market, being strong and having been designed to withstand years and years of rough terrain abuse.
  • Variety & Performance: Comes with a variety of colors to choose from and it works well as it gives you support during shooting.


  • It is a bit costly as compared to most of its other counterparts.

This product will solve the biggest problem that is associated with the 2-point slings: 2-point slings are always it the extremities (either too short or sometimes too long). As a result, you have a comfortable, durable and reliable product at your disposal.

The Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

The Best Damn Sling (BDS) 2 Point Gun Sling

Editor Rating

Are you searching for one of the best slings for AR-15 that can be used in almost any gun platform and comes with impressive quality? The Best Damn Sling (BDS) should be your destination. The product has been designed for the regular gun lovers who need a versatile gun sling that offers great value and awesome performance to the average user.


  • Easy to Use: The product features multiple connection types and can easily be configured as a 2-point sling. It features easy length adjust system that provides easy and quick loosening and tightening.
  • Comfort: It comes with a shoulder pad that will give you comfort even when using this product for extended periods. For those who will need a sling, this pad is removable
  • Versatility: It features elastic covers + 2 HK style clips that easily open wide to fit any swivel connection point thus making it a very versatile product indeed. It also comes with two straps, one for connecting your own clips and the other to directly connect to the swivel.
  • Lifetime Warranty: It is rare to find slings that are backed by a lifetime warranty. It means you will use it your entire lifetime


  • Cheap clips and a sucking quick adjust system

All these are the reason why the Best Damn Sling (BDS) was designed. It can fit in anything and realistically adjust for anything. Overall, this is not just a great product but one of the perfect slings for AR-15 on the market.


The main reason for the design of gun slings is to help you spread the weight of the gun throughout the body. However, when choosing the best sling for AR-15, it is important that you consider a product that will ensure safe and quick transitioning from carrying to firing position. Let it be one that can stabilize your shooting and last for as long as your lifetime.

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