When choosing the best 9mm suppressor, the first thing you need to deal with is the management of your expectation. It is important you understand that these products reduce but never completely eliminates sound, pressure, and flash. Even with such information, it is still not easy to get the best products in the market if you haven’t done the shopping before. The market is full of a myriad of options, models and price ranges. How then can an amateur end up with the best of the best?

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Points to ponder while buying a best 9mm suppressor

a) Budget

Of course, there is nothing that plays a more important role in the buying decision of any product than your budget. You cannot buy what you can’t afford, and at the same time, you only get what you pay for. This means that the lower your budget, the lesser superior product you will be able to get. The best 9mm suppressors cost a little bit high. What makes them the best is the fact that they come with some of the most durable materials, they are lightweight and their reliability when it comes to recoil, sound and flash reduction is incomparable with the cheaper options. And above all, the more you spend, the higher your chances of landing on some of the most versatile suppressors, which can be used on multiple caliber firearms.

b) Pistol Suppressors

There are so many types of suppressors. These include the rifle suppressors, the shot gun suppressors, the rimfire suppressors and the pistol suppressors among others. For the purposes of your 9mm pistol, you must go for a 9mm pistol suppressor or one that is compatible or rated 9mm. these are silencers that have been designed with the capability of handling the semi-automatics and the subsonic rifle rounds. They also come with the option of fixed barrel mounts in place of the boosters.

c) Multi-Use Types

An economic way of investing in suppressors is to go for the multi-use suppressors that among other calibers are also rated 9mm. in fact, for the best 9mm suppressor for your money, you need to highly consider going for these types of products. You will be able to use such expensive suppressors on your 9mm pistol when you are using this type of gun and then use them on other compatible firearms when you aren’t using your 9mm. you won’t need to spend much money buying a suppressor for each of your firearms.

d) The Best Option for the Buck

It is clear that the more expensive the 9mm suppressor is the better option it is for you. The basic principle of cry once and buy once should really come into play when you are selecting these products. It may not be easy to produce $800 and even more for a suppressor but if you do, you will end up with the best quality product in terms of durability and performance. For this reason, it will be prudent that you spend as much as you can on a 9mm suppressor. Save $1,000 and go shopping.

e) Durable & Lightweight Construction

The kind of abuse that these products go through in the gun barrel is unfathomable. There is a lot of friction, corrosion, impact, recoil, flash etc all of which are very unfriendly to most of the materials. The best 9mm suppressor will always feature some of the most corrosion and impact resistant materials lest it is worn out before you knew it. Some of the best materials for this include stainless steel and titanium.

If the product is 100% steel, you will end up with a very heavy suppressor that will greatly compromise your shooting efficiency. A stainless steel interior is enough while external steel is unnecessary. The best 9mm suppressors will come with an aluminum exterior to reduce the weight of the product.

f) Research and Reviews

Knowing what you want is never enough. There are so many scams on the market that will advertise heaven but offer you hell. You, therefore, must never trust only what the manufacturer tells you about a product in question. Remember, the manufacturer is in business and his business may be to ensure the products are sold no matter what.

It is, therefore, important that you do your research to prove whether the product in question truly served its former and current users well. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is by reading reviews, mainly online. Reviews are written by those customers who have used this product before. It is almost obvious that not everyone will be pleased by even the best product. What you will be looking for is the highest rating and number of positive reviews possible. If the product rating is at4.5/5-stars, then this is a 90% satisfaction rate which is very commendable.

There is also the option of seeking for testimonials and recommendations. In testimonials, you have an interaction with someone who has used this product before, in most cases, friends, family or colleague. They will be able to give you the first-hand information about the product you want to go for. Such vital information enables you to make an informed decision.

Reviews of the 4 Best 9mm Suppressors


Editor Rating

This is a culmination of more than twenty years of center fire pistol silencers. Most of those who have been in this game for quite some time are familiar with the Gemtech predecessor products Multimount and Tundra suppressors. The GM-9 has been designed as a hybrid of the two, taking the strong side of both and putting them into one great single package.

Benefits of the Product

  • Versatile: It has not only been designed for the 9mm caliber. The suppressor has been rated for the full auto 9mm and the subsonic 300 Blackout.
  • Efficient Performance: Among other quiet performance enhancing features, it is also long enough, measuring 6.5 inches without mount thus making it good for noise reduction
  • Durable construction: The designers have used the 7075 Aluminum in the construction of the product. This is a relatively durable material and a very lightweight one. You definitely are looking for something lightweight so that you don’t make your gun too heavy for you to carry around.
  • Easy Disassemble: Its tube has been designed to easily separate from the G-Core thus making it easy to clean thereby prolonging the suppressor’s life


  • It would have been much better and more durable if its interior was stainless steel.

All in all, this is one of the best 9mm suppressors and the chances that you will be pleased with its design and performance are almost guaranteed. The fact that it can be used with lesser calibers makes it economic for you as you can have a single silencer for a number of firearms. Give it a try.


Editor Rating

For ultra-high performance 9mm suppressors, considering the Ti-Rant series is a very wise and safe solution. The products feature advanced material selection which in turn gives these products unequaled durability in spite the fact that the products are lightweight and compact. The design is fully serviceable, allowing you easy removal of the SCARmor coated blast baffle together with the hard coat anodized aluminum baffles for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Benefits of the Product

  • Improved Sound and Flash Reduction: It comes with a 5cc’s water wet charge that increases sound and flash reduction by up to 30% thereby remaining effective for up to 50 shots
  • Durable Construction: It features a grade-9 titanium tube and hard coat anodized grade 7075-T6 aluminum baffles which make it a durable 9mm suppressor.
  • Easy Disassembly: It comes with one of the most improved flawless functioning technology that allows the product easy disassembly and cleaning thus improving the performance of the product even after several hundreds of shots.
  • Easy Mounting: Coming with the standard direct ½-28 mounting threads and an accompanying end cap spanner, mounting this product is like ABC


  • Though it is still lightweight compared to other products on the market, its 8.6 ounces is far much higher than the weight of most of the other available suppressors.

This series incorporates a generation two-ASAP booster system that ensures flawless functioning. This system makes it easy for cleaning and maintenance to take place, which is a very important aspect that characterizes some of the best 9mm suppressors.


Editor Rating

This is a pistol silencer that features 17-4PH stainless steel baffles and a Grade-9 Titanium tube, a combination that allows for durability and lightweight performance. It comes with a booster that’s designed to be used with a “Browning Tilting Barrel” types and has a fixed barrel spacer in the construction. Shipping with both the M13.5x1mm LH and 1/2x28tpi pistons make it quite versatile.

Benefits of the Product

  • Durability: The construction features a Grade-9 titanium tube and stainless steel interior baffles, a combination that makes the product pretty much durable
  • Versatility: The product has been designed for versatile performance with a number of other guns other than just the 9mm caliber pistols
  • Efficiency: It is long, measuring 7.2 inches and together with other internal features, the suppressor becomes very efficient in the noise reduction performance.
  • User-Friendly: It comes with the Assured Semi Automatic Performance system which is responsible for the bread spectrum reliability of self-loading 9mms


  • It is expensive

This is the editor’s choice for the best 9mm suppressor. It features a durable construction, is easy to mount, un-mount, disassemble and reassemble, and its performance in suppression is unmatched. You can never go wrong with the Advanced Armament - Illusion 9 Suppressor 9mm Luger 1/2-28/ M13.5x1mm.


Editor Rating

This is yet another great product you will ever get on the market. The suppressor comes with a two-piece design that makes disassembly easy. This, in turn, makes it easy to clean the product. And if you like it, you can also get a 45ACP option for your gun. In general, the performance of the suppressor is great and the construction is high quality.

Benefits of the Product

  • Versatility: Direct attachment to threaded muzzle is possible with the ½-28 or the .578-28. You want a suppressor that can work in a wide scope of options and this is it.
  • Construction: It comes with an aluminum construction that features a Cerakite finish for reduced Visual IR signature.
  • Quality Performance: It is great in sound suppression and its ease in disassembly cleaning and reassembly make it a quality product for use.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: It is made in the USA and due to the fact that it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and comes with a lifetime return policy, you are sure that in this product, you have one of the most durable 9mm suppressors.


  • There are some cheaper 9mm suppressors than this

It is an easy to mount and maintain 9mm suppressor that comes with very durable parts and quality and quiet performance. It is one of the best 9mm suppressors when it comes to silencing the gun and recoil reduction.


If you do not do your research, it is very easy for you to end up wasting your money on a product that won't serves you the way you want it to do. Understanding exactly what you want is the only sure way of ending up with the best product the market has to offer. The Advanced Armament - Illusion 9 Suppressor 9mm Luger 1/2-28/ M13.5x1mm is not just the best 9mm suppressor on this list but it is the best on the market. The product is very durable, having been designed to serve you your lifetime. It also comes with one of the quietest performances, not forgetting that it is easy to mount, disassemble, clean and reassemble. What else do you need in a 9mm suppressor?



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