How To End Up With The Best 9mm Suppressor In The Market

9mm is one of the most prominent pistol calibers. Thanks to its nice balance of weight and speed, it has become widely popular, and is used by the United States Army. 9mm pistols come in many shapes and sizes, from tiny pocket guns to double stack full-sized pistols Picking out a best suppressor for your 9mm pistol can be a daunting task with the number of suppressors available.

Before you start trying to select what suppressor is best for you, you must first give some thought to what your uses for your pistol are. Are you just doing some casual shooting and worried about your hearing? Are you trying to concealed carry a suppressed pistol? Do you have tactical uses for a suppressor? When you are considering your uses for the pistol, think about the following factors of the suppressor:

  • Size: How small do you need the suppressor to be? Do you need it to fit in a holster? This will help narrow down your search.
  • Noise reduction: How much noise reduction are you hoping to get from your suppressor? Are you willing to sacrifice some noise reduction for a smaller size?
  • Affordability: It speaks for itself, but price is a huge part of selecting a suppressor. It’s no secret that they aren’t cheap.
  • Multiple calibers: Are you looking for a suppressor to fit multiple caliber weapons?

Once you’ve identified which of these factors are most important to you in your use for your weapon, it will go a long way in determining which suppressor will fit you needs the best.

In order to hopefully help simplify the process, we have selected five of the best 9mm suppressors. The suppressors we selected run the gamut from small to large and highly effective to less effective. No matter what your use for the weapon is, there is a suppressor on this list that will work for you, and will hopefully take some of the guesswork out and further guide your search for the best 9mm suppressor.

These five suppressors have been reviewed in terms of features, fallbacks, and manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing. Keep in mind that you can sometimes find these suppressors priced differently, dependent on where you are buying it from.

Top Five 9mm Suppressors


Top Feature


SilencerCo Omega 9

Small size and noise reduction

Advanced Armament Illusion 9

The best 9mm suppressors for the money

Gemtech GM-9

The best cheap 9mm suppressor

Sig Sauer SRD9

This suppressor would excel for general shooting.

SilencerCo Maxim 9

The best overall suppressor

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The SilencerCo Omega 9 is an extremely high quality 9mm suppressor. It provides a great combination of small size, light weight and quality at a pretty reasonable price. While it is still on the expensive side, given all of the features and quality packed into this suppressor, it is worth the added price. The suppressor can be used with 9mm rounds or .300BLK cartridges.

The suppressor measures 4.7 inches long, 1.48 inches in diameter, and weighs 7.2 ounces. This is one of the smaller suppressors on the list, and the weight is pretty low due to being made of stellite and stainless steel. While it is still decently large when compared to a 9mm pistol, this could still potentially be carried. This suppressor could serve nearly any purpose.

What really makes this suppressor the best 9mm suppressor is the noise reduction paired with the small size.

The muzzle average for 9mm through this suppressor equates to a 28.5 decibel reduction. While you will see that this isn’t the best noise reduction on our list, given the size, this is an awesome amount of reduction.

Overall, this is an awesome suppressor with a ton of features.

The cons of this suppressor are that it is one of the more expensive on our list, and isn’t fully serviceable by the user. However, given the number of features, this suppressor is well worth it. It is the highest quality, and overall best 9mm suppressor available.

Top Features

  • Small size and light weight: Allows this suppressor to be used for multiple different uses. This suppressor could realistically be used for almost anything.
  • Durable: Thanks to its stainless steel construction, it is a durable suppressor.
  • Multiple calibers: 9mm and .300BLK

Up next is a very similar suppressor, although it is slightly less expensive and slightly larger. The Illusion 9 from Advanced Armament is another very good 9mm suppressor. One difference between the two is that the Illusion 9 can only be used with 9mm caliber weapons.

The Illusion 9 is 7.88 inches long, 1.25 inches in diameter, and weighs 10.4 ounces. As you can see, this is a much larger suppressor than some of the others on the market, although it’s still smaller than some of the box-style suppressors.

However, with this added size comes an increase in noise reduction. This suppressor can reduce the noise of your weapon by 33 decibels. Another excellent feature is that this suppressor is fully user serviceable, so you can take it apart and clean it yourself. It is made of a tough material and coated for protection.

As long as you are not planning on carrying your weapon with a suppressor, this might be the best 9mm suppressor for casual shooting and hearing protection. It does the best in terms of noise reduction on our list, and isn’t unreasonably priced.

This is one of the best 9mm suppressors for the money.

The cons of this suppressor are the size and the weight.

Top Features

  • Noise reduction: 33 decibels of noise reduction is an awesome amount of noise reduction.
  • Fully user serviceable: Another awesome feature. You can easily take apart your suppressor to clean it, and keep it functioning correctly.
  • Durability: Will last for years, and will continue to perform exceptionally.
  • Bang for your buck.
  • Ease of use: Screw on and off, easy to disassemble and clean.

This suppressor isn’t quite as high quality as the previous ones on our list, but comes at a much more reasonable cost. It is rated for 9mm and subsonic .300BLK ammunition. Gemtech was one of the first companies to offer suppressors, and all of their research has led to the GM series, which is their most advanced suppressor to date.

The suppressor measures 7.8 inches long, 1.25 inches in diameter, and weighs 6 ounces, making it the lightest suppressor on this list. While you could still potentially carry a weapon with this suppressor, the added length would make it much more difficult than the SilencerCo Omega 9. This would excel for general shooting. The suppressor is decently durable, as it is coated with Cerakote.

In terms of noise reduction, this suppressor performs decently well. It reduces the noise by 30 decibels. For a budget-friendly suppressor, this is a good amount of noise reduction.

The best features of this suppressor are the affordability and light weight. The shortcomings are that it isn’t fully user serviceable and is limited in the calibers it can handle.

This is the best cheap 9mm suppressor that you will find.

The cons of this suppressor are the size and the weight.

Top Features

  • Affordability: It would be difficult to find a more affordable 9mm suppressor.
  • Noise reduction: For the price, this is an excellent amount of noise reduction.
  • Lightweight: Will make it excellent for shooting.
  • Multiple calibers: However, it should be noted, when shooting .300 Blackout, this suppressor can ONLY handle subsonic rounds.

Sig Sauer only moved into suppressors within the last 5 years. However, as to be expected with Sig Sauer products, their suppressors are extremely high quality. This suppressor can only handle 9mm ammunition, but does so effectively.

The suppressor measures 7.2 inches long, 1.38 inches in diameter, and weighs 9 ounces. This size kind of limits it, but it would excel as a general shooting suppressor. If you have any outdoors uses for a suppressor, this one would also do well in that role, because it is made of a high grade titanium. This reduces the weight and makes it a very durable suppressor.

This suppressor will reduce the noise created by your weapon by around 28-32 decibels. When it is used wet, the noise reduction will be closer to 32 decibels. This is yet another example of a suppressor that offers a nice combination of effective noise reduction at a reasonable price. While it will not do quite as well as the Advanced Armament suppressor, it is also 50 dollars cheaper. It will greatly outperform the Gemtech, when it is used wet.

This suppressor would excel for general shooting.

It is one of the best 9mm suppressors for the money, and it represents an excellent value buy.

The noise reduction is near top notch, and it is very easy to use. The cons are that it is not fully user serviceable, and is a little on the long side.

Top Features

  • Noise reduction: Performs very well.
  • Value buy: Good amount of reduction at a relatively affordable price.
  • Durability: The titanium construction makes it a strong and durable suppressor.
  • Quality: The Sig Sauer name comes with an expectation of top quality.

The SilencerCo Maxim 9 is one of a kind and is the first of its type. However, as such, it is an extremely expensive suppressor. The Maxim 9 isn’t just a suppressor at all; it’s actually a handgun that comes with a fully integral suppressor. Since the suppressor is fully integral, there is no added size whatsoever. The handgun is reasonably sized, easily holstered, and is capable of shooting all kinds of 9mm ammo. It’s the first such handgun, and is a very interesting piece of weapon’s history.

The length of the handgun is 9.54 inches and it weighs over 2 pounds. It does pretty well in terms of noise reduction, but not as well as the other suppressors on the list. The best features of this weapon are that the suppressor is fully integral, so there is nothing additional to worry about.

If you are looking for the best overall suppressor, this probably isn’t the one for you.

If you’re looking for a suppressor for a weapon you already own, this probably isn’t the one for you. But, if you’re looking for a sleek suppressed weapon that is easily carried and holstered, look no further. Your expectations should be limited, because the smaller size limits its noise reduction capabilities, but regardless, this is a very interesting weapon. This is likely the best 9mm suppressor for carrying and tactical uses.

The cons of this weapon are that it is very expensive and doesn’t do as well in terms of noise reduction.

Top Features

  • Integral suppression: As mentioned, this is the first of its type.
  • Easily holstered: Allows for you to carry a weapon that is suppressed without having to worry about a separate suppressor.
  • Fully user serviceable: Awesome feature for this weapon.


As promised, our list covered a wide variety of suppressors, from extremely the smallest suppressors, to the cheapest, to a weapon system with a fully integral suppressor already in it. As you can see, 9mm suppressors are extremely variable, but we hope this list at least helped you narrow it down.

In order to select the best 9mm suppressor for you, you must decide what features you value most. Some of the most important to consider are:

  • Size
  • Price
  • Noise reduction
  • Multiple calibers
  • User serviceable

Once you’ve identified which features are the most important to you, it becomes very easy to start narrowing down your list of suppressors. While your choice may not come from our list, we hope it at least nudged you in the right direction. There are plenty of great options out there, but some of the best 9mm suppressors are right here on this list.

How To End Up With The Best 9mm Suppressor In The Market
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