The Best Glock Pistols that Pros Use

The Glock pistol is the most popular pistol brand for police service in the USA. In fact, it has a market dominance of about 65%. In the commercial market, the Glock is not just the best seller among the handguns but it is the best seller firearm amongst most gun dealers. This is a great … Read more

Rifle Cartridges: 45-70 Vs. 30-30?

My grandpa swore by his old lever action .45-70. I shot it once growing up, and the recoil was so bad I swore I’d never go back again. My uncles would always give my grandpa a hard time, because they thought that .45-70 was big time overkill. These two factors combined lead me to write off … Read more

Five Things Deer Hunters Need to Know

Even for students of whitetail behavior, there are always lessons to be learned when it comes to the idiosyncrasies of this incredible animal. by Charles Alsheimer For nearly six decades I’ve been a student of the whitetail. In my wildest dreams I never envisioned having a career in the outdoor field. You see, I’ve gone … Read more

Top 5 Best .243 Rifles for Hunting: Both Varmints and Deers

Introduced by Winchester in 1955 for use in the Winchester Model 70 bolt-action rifle, the .243 Winchester cartridge uses the .308 Winchester case as its parent case but is necked down to accept .243 caliber bullets. Nonetheless, this cartridge quickly gained popularity among hunters worldwide and consequently, just about every major firearms manufacturer now offers rifles chambered … Read more