Buying Guide for the Best Rimfire Scope

Rimfire bullets have a great history as they were the very first cartridge ammunitions inventions. Through time, they have remained popular even with the increase of competition. The reason behind their remained popularity is because of production of quality products. One of their most sought for products today is their scope. There is no question that … Read more

Sig Sauer M400 Tread AR-15 Rifle Review: The Advanced and Improved AR-15

Sig Sauer M400 Review - Featured Image

Sig Sauer M400 Check Price at at ReliabilityAll AR-15s are very reliable weapons. AccuracyDue to the upgrades we’ve talked about, this one does shoot slightly better than a standard AR-15. ErgonomicsThe upgraded grip and stock certainly help. LooksIt’s a sleek looking tactical weapon, if that is your style. CustomizationA lot of the customization … Read more

Ruger 77 Series Bolt-Action Rifles Review – The Perfect Small Game Hunting Rifles

Ruger 77 Series Review - Featured Image-min

Ruger 77 Series Review: Summary See Best Price ReliabilityAs with most bolt action rifles, the Ruger 77 rifles are extremely reliable. AccuracyThe rifles have limited range, but within their range, they are accurate enough. ErgonomicsThe stock is a little bit flimsy, but they are comfortable to hold overall. LooksThe American Walnut and Green Mountain finishes … Read more

How to Survive a Bear Attack

Camping and hiking are great, but there is always a risk that you might run into a bear. Bear attacks are rare, but in case you find yourself in front of these furry mammoths, it’s best that you are prepared. We are visiting their homes, after all, so we have to play by their rules. … Read more

Buying Guide of the Best 7.62×39 Ammo in the Market

7.62×39 is a popular rifle cartridge, due largely to the fact that it is used in the extremely popular AK-47. The cartridge is widely used in the civilian world and by many militaries. The round was originally developed during World War II by the Soviets, but didn’t catch on much in the civilian world until … Read more