Taurus Model 44 .44 Mag Revolver Review: For the Big Cartridge Lovers and Handgun Hunters

taurus model 44 - featured image

Taurus Model 44 Check Price at Brownells.com at Cabelas.com at Basspro.com ReliabilityExtremely reliable pistol. AccuracyThe pistol is extremely accurate, under the right conditions and with the right shooter. ErgonomicsThe grip of the pistol is decent, and will make the recoil manageable. LooksI don’t like the way the porting looks, but the classic silver color of … Read more

Sig Sauer M400 Tread AR-15 Rifle Review: The Advanced and Improved AR-15

Sig Sauer M400 Review - Featured Image

Sig Sauer M400 Check Price at Brownells.com at Cabelas.com ReliabilityAll AR-15s are very reliable weapons. AccuracyDue to the upgrades we’ve talked about, this one does shoot slightly better than a standard AR-15. ErgonomicsThe upgraded grip and stock certainly help. LooksIt’s a sleek looking tactical weapon, if that is your style. CustomizationA lot of the customization … Read more

Backpacking in the U.S? Here are Helpful Tips

Hearing the word “backpacking” alone generates so much excitement, well, at least with my fellow backpacking friends. With its single mention, a series of exciting ideas, suggestions, preparations, and of course, the location, would topple like dominoes.  It’s just exciting to have a roundtable discussion all day about these things.  Along with the discussions, one … Read more