Kimber Custom II review

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Kimber describes their Custom II as “one of the finest all around pistols available from Kimber”, and it is really hard to argue with this claim. No Kimber Custom II review would be complete without trying to verify that claim, but we’re pretty sure that you’ll agree with Kimber’s marketing department. It truly is one … Read more

Beretta Cheetah review

Beretta Cheetah Review - Featured Image-min

Beretta has been building compact semi automatic handguns for nearly a century. Their pistols were used in WWII by Italian and German troops alike, and were very popular souvenirs with Allied troops who valued their compact size. After the war, Beretta found a willing market in the US for these quality 9mm, .380 and .32 … Read more

Beretta A350 review

Beretta A350 Review - Featured Image-min

Are you in the market for an Italian made semi auto shotgun that can take 2 3/4” to 3 1/2” magnum shells, has a self cleaning and self regulating gas system, features a premium steel alloy barrel, and is tough enough for hunting in the worst conditions, while still being affordable? Then keep reading, because … Read more