Taurus 608 Review: The Ultimate Home Defense Revolver

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Taurus 608 Review: Summary Check Price at Brownells ReliabilityRevolvers are the most reliable revolvers on the market. AccuracyThe revolver shoots accurately, assuming you are a good shot. ErgonomicsThe grip of this revolver is excellent. LooksI love the modern look of this revolver. CustomizationThere’s almost nothing you can add to this revolver. Bang for your BuckThe … Read more

Taurus Model 85 Review: The Snubby Concealed Carry .38 Special +P Revolver

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Summary See Best Price ReliabilityRevolvers are the most reliable revolvers out there. AccuracyThis revolver shoots pretty accurately. I was able to get some pretty tight groupings with it. ErgonomicsThe rubber grips are excellent on this revolver. LooksI like the way revolvers look. This one is pretty basic. CustomizationThere really isn’t much you can add to … Read more

Taurus Model 82 .38 Special Revolver Review – A Great Entry Level Wheelgun

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Taurus Model 82 Review: Summary Check Price at Brownells.com at Cabelas.com ReliabilityRevolvers are very reliable revolvers. AccuracyNot the most accurate revolver out there, but it’s fine for range shooting. ErgonomicsLove the rubber grip of this revolver. LooksI like the way the black looks, but not everyone will. CustomizationAlmost  nothing you can do. Bang for your … Read more

Taurus Model 617 Review: .357 Magnum Double Action Revolver


Taurus 617 Review: Summary See Best Price ReliabilityAbsolutely no issues with this revolver. AccuracyDespite the fact that it has such a short barrel, this revolver does shoot pretty accurately, especially for a carry revolver. ErgonomicsThe grip is decent, but could be slightly better. LooksIt’s a pretty standard looking revolver, which I like. CustomizationThere’s really not … Read more

Springfield Armory XD-S Pistol Review: 9mm and .45 ACP Pistol [2019]


Springfield Armory XD-S Review: Summary Check Price at Brownells.com at Cabelas.com ReliabilityTreat the pistol right and there will be no issues. AccuracyI had some issues with the pistol, and others did as well. ErgonomicsThe grip really is awesome, for a concealed carry pistol. LooksPretty sleek looking pistol. CustomizationThere are a few things that you could … Read more

Springfield Armory 1911 Pistol Review: The Reimagined 1911

Springfield Armory 1911 Review

Summary Check Price at Brownells.com at Cabelas.com ReliabilityVery reliable pistols overall.AccuracyThe pistols shoot very accurately, thanks to the great triggers and match grade barrels.ErgonomicsThe pistols are very comfortable in your hand, and the weight is very balanced.LooksAll of the versions of the pistol are nice looking, but there are some that are very sleek.Customization1911s offer … Read more

Taurus Model 65 Review: A Quality Security and Defense Revolver

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Taurus Model 65 See Best Price ReliabilityLike we talked about, revolvers are by far the most reliable revolvers.AccuracyThe revolver shoots plenty accurate, especially for casual range shooting. It’s not quite a competition gun, though.ErgonomicsThe rubber grip is excellent on this revolver.LooksLooks like a modern revolver, which I enjoy.CustomizationThere really isn’t much you can do to … Read more

Taurus PT92 Pistol Review: The Improved Beretta M9!

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Taurus PT92 Pistol See Best Price ReliabilityThis pistol is extremely reliable.AccuracyIt shoots plenty accurately stock, but there is room for improvement.ErgonomicsI love the grip of this pistol.LooksIt’s not the most aesthetically pleasing pistol.CustomizationThere are a couple things you could do, but not as many as some other pistols.Bang for your BuckThe quality for this price … Read more

Taurus 605 .357 Magnum Revolver Review: The Ultimate Concealed Carry Revolver

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Taurus 605 Review: Summary Check Price at Brownells.com at Cabelas.com ReliabilityRevolvers are incredibly reliable. AccuracyThis revolver is fairly accurate, but keep in mind it’s got a very short barrel. ErgonomicsThe rubber grips of this revolver are excellent. LooksIt’s a pretty sleek looking revolver. CustomizationThere is only so much you can really do to this revolver. … Read more