Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 AR Scope Review

Primarily, a product delivers great results mostly when used for the purpose it was designed for. And as a designer, the products you construct need to be purpose driven.

For the Vortex Striker Eagle, it was primarily designed for use in a 3-gun shooting competition. However, this scope goes beyond what it was designed for as it can be very effective in an array of other applications that need speed targeting rather than long-range tracking.

It can, therefore, be a great accessory for use in defense and hunting rifles. With a 1-6x zoom range and great optics and construction, this is an optic device that’s extremely easy to use as long as your target is within 600 yards. And what exactly are the features that make the scope a buzz?

Vortex Strike Eagle Scope

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle

Speed and versatility are exactly what this variable offers those AR shooters who are in need of engaging their targets such as the game from point-blank distances, all the way to the much-extended ranges. This is an aspect that is rarely found on the lowly priced scopes. If you take into consideration the targeting speed you can achieve with this product, you will realize how much expensive it will be for you not to own it.

And in versatility, most scopes have been designed for either long range targeting or short range target acquisition. In contrast, the Vortex Strike Eagle features in the league of the few scopes that are adjustable thereby being able to offer both the short-range as well as the long-range target acquisition. Other features such as the speed talked about earlier, and weatherproof together with overall quality construction makes it possible for the scope to be used in an array of specialties, terrains and climatic conditions. If you need to acquire the target at short distances, leave the magnification at 1x, but if you are doing long range target acquisition with precision, crank it up to 6x.

Optical Features


In this Vortex Strike Eagle Review, you come to realize that the lens features of the scope contribute greatly to the scope’s high ratings and ranking in lists of the best AR scopes and review sites. The lens comes with the best level of coating that is they are fully multi-coated. This, therefore, means that the degree of light acquisition and transmission is increased so much, with very minimal light being lost in the process. The result is a crisp, clear and bright image that gives you all the precise details you were looking for in a scope.

In a nutshell, the fully multi-coated lens increases the light transmission to the highest possible degree in the scope platform. This is through the help of numerous anti-reflective coating properties on all the AR scope’s air-to-glass surfaces

The objective lens measures 24mm.

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

Second Focal Plane AR-BDC Reticle

This product features the revolutionary AR-BDC reticle that features a glass that is etched and illuminated, having a total of eleven power options. The power is derived from a single CR 2032 battery, with a manufacturer estimation battery life being placed at 150 hours of maximum intensity performance. An important selling point of this products reticle and power feature is its spare battery compartment that is positioned under the scope’s windage turret cap.

The Second Focal Plane Reticle features to ensure that the reticle scale maintains the same ideal size of the object. It also features listed reticle suspensions that are important when it comes to range estimation, wind drift correction and holdover

The reticle is illuminated to ensure that precision aiming is made possible under low-light conditions. It is glass-etched, meaning that it has been protected between two glass layers thereby guaranteeing reliability and durability

The EyePiece

The eyepiece is ideally one of the most important scope parts, especially to an amateur. I talk of an amateur because some people consider the eyepiece as the only magnification lens in a scope. Anyway, this is where your eye lands on first as you do focusing. This Vortex Strike Eagle Review talks of an eyepiece that features a fast focus performance. This allows for an easy and fast reticle focusing, thereby resulting in quick and easy target acquisition.

Eye Relief and Filed of View

The scope features a very generous eye relief of 3.5 inches. This is very favorable to glass wearers. At one point, you may need to focus while you are a few inches from the scope. During such times, you will also appreciate how important it is. With your eyes within a distance of 3.5 inches from the eyepiece, you will be able to focus without losing a single inch of your Field of View. The scope comes with a 116.5-19.2 ft/100 yards FOV.

Construction Features

Weatherproof Performance

As mentioned earlier, there are almost no realistic weather or climatic conditions that will deny you the rights of using your scope. This is because the scope has been designed with weatherproof properties. It comes with a single-piece 30-millimeter tube that maximizes the alignment thereby keeping the product free from water penetration, or simply waterproof.

  • Waterproof: Together with the tuning construction, the Vortex Strike Eagle scope also comes with the O-ring seals that are credited for preventing the penetration of not only moisture but also debris and dust. This, therefore, means that you can use the scope in rain, in a desert or other dusty and debris rich places without the risks of interfering with the performance or even worse, the durability
  • Fogproof: Another great nuisance that can really spoil your day and productivity is the fogging that takes place on the inner side of the lenses. This Scope comes with a Nitrogen gas purging, whose primary function is to prevent any fogging from building up on the lenses over a wide range of temperatures.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction

You will not want to invest several hundreds of dollars on a product that will not last you long. In fact, one of the main factors of consideration when determining the performance of a scope is its durability. The durability of these products is mainly based on the construction material. In this Vortex Strike Eagle review, we find that this scope has been made from a solid aircraft-grade aluminum block. This is not just a durable material for scope construction but is also lightweight enough to give the shooter a hassle-free movement within the woods.


If you understand the kind of harsh environment and experiences the gun always undergoes, you will always be keen to ensure that any gun accessory you buy is capable of withstanding such harsh conditions. In fact, most of the gun accessories that are written off pretty fast, it is always due to their inability to withstand shock. In this Vortex Strike Eagle review, we are talking about a rugged aluminum body construction that is capable of withstanding the greatest amounts of shock, recoil and impact thus boosting its ability to hold zero as well as the overall durability.

Single-Piece Tube

Any scope guru will tell you that today, the single-piece body systems are being sought for as opposed to the dual-piece body construction. The main reason behind this is because the single piece tube scopes are able to maximize alignment, thus improving the accuracy as well as optimizing on the visual performance of the system. Together with that, this feature makes the waterproof feature of the scope to have more value, as it also boosts on the strength of the product. Scopes with a single-piece tube construction are also generally lightweight and compact in comparison to the dual tube products. This improves their portability thus making them a backpack choice. Its tube measures 30mm in diameter.

Hard Anodized Finish

There are so many scopes out there which have been designed with quality optic performances but the finishing is poor. If you thought that the quality of a scope is all about the optics and the material used in housing, then there is something more that needs to be sunk. Some of the materials used to house the scopes are prone to rust, with others still being susceptible to scratches. These interfere with the durability, aesthetics and general value of the product at hand. The Vortex Strike Eagle comes with a hard anodized finish that is highly durable and low in glare. The low glare is necessary for camouflage so as not to startle the game. The result is a beautiful, durable and quality finish that adds to the overall value of the scope.

Capped Reset Turrets

This is an important adjustment feature that allows for the re-indexing of the turrets back to zero when sighting in this AR riflescope. The turrets can be quite delicate at times hence they need some amounts of protection. The Vortex Strike Eagle has therefore been designed with caps that provide some external protection against the harsh external environment

Size & Weight

It measures 10.5 inches in length and 17.6 ounces in weight. Whereas the length is compact enough, the weight can only be termed as lightweight if the ratio of weight to features is taken, without such a comparison, it is heavy.

Benefits of Buying and Using the Scope


This is not a cheap scope to acquire but you will not regret a single cent you spend on it. This is because the scope comes with all great features. The construction features maximum performance on the field for long-lasting durability. However, it is important to mention that though quite expensive for a newbie, military grade scopes that come with the same specifications or rather capabilities are known to cost much more, up to 3-5 times more.


It has clear glass construction that supplement the performance of the bold reticle. The glasses are fully multicoated to ensure that maximum light collection and transmission is made possible. In conjunction with the reticle, the other side of the equal sign of the equation features a crisp, bright and quality image that comes with precision to detail.

Quick Sighting and Shooting

It is a versatile scope that offers some of the best shooting performances within a wide range of between 15 and 600 yards. It, therefore, comes handy during hunting, self-defense, home defense, competition shooting and law enforcement among others.



This is a rather heavy scope when compared to its other single-piece tube counterparts. The scope alone measures 17.6 ounces and if the 6.7 ounces recommended cantilever is added, we are talking of about 24.3 ounces or rather 1.5 pounds. Though when compared to its capabilities it is light, in general, it is heavier than a good number of scopes on the market


The Vortex Strike Eagle has been set to be parallax free at hundred yards. It doesn’t come with parallax adjustment feature that can enable you to shoot at longer distances. As a result, Vortex emphasizes the need for the user to use a consistent cheek weld if at all they are to minimize the effect

Customer Reviews

There is no product review that can be honest without mentioning what users have to say about a product in question. Most of the Vortex Strike Eagle reviews shows how much impressed the users are with their purchase. They affirm on the durability, versatility and above all, the quality performance that is a characteristic of this scope. But as it will always be the case with any product, a few users complain that the product didn’t serve them as anticipated. However, this is just a small number compared to the number of customers giving it an approval rating. The approval rating stands at over 90%, which is an A.

Vortex Strike Eagle Scope

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle


The Vortex Strike Eagle Review talks of a scope that is extremely versatile, coming with many features that are only a preserve of scopes that cost up to more than $1,000. This is compounded with a market leading warranty, thereby resulting in a very affordable scope. Regardless of whether you are hunting, 3-gunning or just want to improve your capability of making quick, easy and very effective shots, the Vortex Strike Eagle will not disappoint you.

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