Taurus Model 66 Review: The 7-Shot .357 Magnum Revolver

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Taurus Model 66 Review: Summary Check Price at PalmettoStateArmory at Sportsmans.com at Brownells.com at Cabelas.com ReliabilityRevolvers are the most reliable pistols out there. AccuracyThis pistol shoots very accurately thanks to its longer barrel, great ergonomics, and decent trigger. ErgonomicsThe rubber grips of the Taurus 66 are excellent. LooksIt looks like a modern revolver. Plain and … Read more

PSE Brute X Compound Bow Review

Welcome to my PSE Brute X review. A compound bow known to have the best value for money in the archery market, the PSE Brute looks badass and shoots tough. This big-boy among compound bows offers a range of options and settings that encourage you to get better with each session. Of course, it is … Read more

Taurus Model 44 .44 Mag Revolver Review: For the Big Cartridge Lovers and Handgun Hunters

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Taurus Model 44 Check Price at Brownells.com at Cabelas.com at Basspro.com ReliabilityExtremely reliable pistol. AccuracyThe pistol is extremely accurate, under the right conditions and with the right shooter. ErgonomicsThe grip of the pistol is decent, and will make the recoil manageable. LooksI don’t like the way the porting looks, but the classic silver color of … Read more

Beretta Cheetah 84FS and 85FS Pistol Review: .380 Pistol

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Beretta Cheetah Review: Summary Check Price at Brownells.com at Basspro.com ReliabilityWith the open slide and straight blowback operation, Beretta builds one of the most reliable .380’s on the market today. AccuracyWhile the fixed sights are fine for close quarters combat or self defense, they aren’t target sights. However, the Beretta 84fs and 85fs is still … Read more

A Review Of The Best Climbing Sticks: Ultimate Buying Guide

The same hunting principles used since time immemorial to improve the quality and success of hunting experiences are being used today. The only difference is that there are great technological advancements that make the hunting experiences much easier today. One of such technologies involves the use of climbing sticks during hunting. Whereas some hunters may … Read more