Beretta A350 review

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Are you in the market for an Italian made semi auto shotgun that can take 2 3/4” to 3 1/2” magnum shells, has a self cleaning and self regulating gas system, features a premium steel alloy barrel, and is tough enough for hunting in the worst conditions, while still being affordable? Then keep reading, because … Read more

Beretta 96A1 review

Beretta 96A1 Review - Featured Image

Did you know Beretta makes a .40 S&W version of their famous Model 92 pistol? This Beretta Model 96A1 review digs deep into this amazing handgun, and lays bare the truth about this hard hitting, classic design. It was only logical that Beretta would build a .40 S&W version of the Model 92. After all, it … Read more

Colt LE6940 Review

Colt LE6940 Review - Featured Image

The Colt LE6940 is Colt’s answer to the popularity of an M4 style carbine, and the demand from both law enforcement and skilled private citizens for a top quality AR-15 carbine from a leading manufacturer. Colt has spared no expense in creating this rifle, and you’ll see that even though it is marketed towards law enforcement, … Read more

Colt AR15A4 Review

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Colt AR15A4 Review: Summary ReliabilityThis is a mil-spec AR style rifle made by the company who first introduced the AR-15 to the consumer market. Outside of special custom match guns, you will get no better reliability. AccuracyExpect a minimum 3-4 MOA from this rifle, however with good ammo it should be capable of far better … Read more

Colt Defender Review

Colt Defender Review

Colt Defender Review: Summary ReliabilityColt made 1911’s are the gold standard of reliability, and the Colt Defender is no exception. When properly maintained, this gun should be reliable in all but the most radically extreme settings AccuracyExtremely accurate within typical combat distances of 15 yards or so. With quality ammo, you will consistently achieve tight … Read more

Ruger Single Six Review – The Classically Styled Wheelgun Built for the Modern Day

Ruger Single Six Review

Ruger Single Six Review: Summary ReliabilityThis goes without saying with revolvers. AccuracyIt is an accurate weapon, but just remember that it is shooting .22LR. Rimfire cartridges can only be so accurate. ErgonomicsNot everyone loves the ergonomics of these classic pistols. LooksYou’ve got to love the classic look of this revolver. CustomizationOne downfall of revolvers is … Read more