The Best Glock Pistols that Pros Use

The Glock pistol is the most popular pistol brand for police service in the USA. In fact, it has a market dominance of about 65%. In the commercial market, the Glock is not just the best seller among the handguns but it is the best seller firearm amongst most gun dealers. This is a great self-defense tool in addition to offering great results when used as an accompanying hunting weapon, a target shooting gun or even for home defense. But the question that disturbs many is on how they can choose the best Glock pistols.

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when shopping for these guns. As much as it may be a tall order to land on the best product, with the steps below, the process is made to be much easier.

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Factors of Consideration

a) Different Sizes for Different Shooter’s Needs

There are different Glock sizes, each suiting different shooters needs. If you need something for maximum concealment capabilities, go for the subcompact “Baby” Glock pistols having around 3.5-inch barrel lengths. On the other hand, if you are interested in a full-size service pistol, go for the 6-inch longer barrel types such as the Glock 17 among others. These “long-slide” Glock pistols were the originally intended Glock types, with their main aim having been recreational use.

b) Consider the Trigger

This is one of the most important parts of these guns. The best Glock pistols come with a trigger that is neither too heavy, nor too long, neither sloppy nor gritty. In other words, a perfect fitting trigger improves the overall performance of the gun. Any imbalance and you will start fighting with the gun instead of shooting. Yes, it is possible to overcome a mediocre trigger through extensive practice but you will never reach your potential accuracy levels with such. A trigger ranging around 3.5 pounds will be good enough. Get beyond 5.5 pounds and you will end up needing more practice time than hunting time. In a nutshell, for the best possible accuracy, let the trigger of the Glock you are going for have a perfect balance.

c) Night Sights

It beats the logics that someone would sell a self-defense weapon without sights. Remember that most of the time that you will need this gun if at all it was bought for the self-defense reasons is at night. This is the time when the most intrusions and aggressions are registered. You, therefore, need an arm that you can comfortably and efficiently use under low light conditions. The best Glock pistols, therefore, come with great front and rear sights. If it doesn’t have sights but you like the other features, go shopping for one great optic device and install on to your gun.

d) Comfort & Controllability

This is one of the trickiest parts that you will come across when choosing your best Glock pistols. I say tricky because the subject of firearm comfort and the fit is always highly personal. What may be great to me may end up proving to be the contrary to you. However, some standard installations such as the grip having a palm swell placement will generally prove comfortable to many thus most likely prove to be comfortable to you as well. Consider your most comfortable grip angle and go for just that. Most shooters will also prefer to have a gun that comes with grip finger ridges. Just understand that as far as this finger ridges issues are concerned, your hand size will determine whether you will feel comfortable or not.

e) Concealability

In general, most of the Glock pistols are larger than their purpose-made concealed pistols for carrying. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get products that are concealable. The best Glock pistols can comfortably be concealed in the IWB concealments without any obstacles. Unless you want to use your gun just for home defense and not self-defense, you will need to consider going for a concealable Glock.

f) Capacity

This is yet another important factor that one has to put into consideration before buying a gun. In normal circumstances, you want a gun that carries as many rounds as possible. The best Glock pistols will obviously offer a capacity of around 10 rounds and above with the best of the best having the 15+1 option.

g) Materials & Components

The quality of a product is important for the purposes of durability. Aluminum and steel frames have been the most common in the past with polymer claiming its share in the near past. One advantage of polymer is the fact that in addition to its durability, it isn’t as heavy as steel.

h) Controls

Any gun comes with its own controls and this also applies to the Glock pistols. The Glock pistols have however been greatly accused of having their aesthetics compromised by the many controls on the guns. Some of the best Glock pistols today do feature controls that have been internalized. It is also important that you ensure that the slide top’s takedown tabs, as well as the slide lock lever, get into your way. In other words, when buying a Glock, you are not only looking at performance during shootouts but also during storage and when on transit.

i) Reliability

This may be the most important feature of the best Glock pistols and all the features above direct you to this. You want a gun that doesn’t have a reputation of easy jamming. It must be a gun that can shoot thousands or even tens of thousands of rounds without any problem. As much as durability factor may have been considered, a durable gun that jams when you need it most is as useless as the less durable product. It needs to have proper accuracy especially for your target distance of use. When you are looking for a gun that you would use for self-defense, maximum accuracy should be within 25 yards range.

j) Customization

Glock pistols have mainly been designed to be customized. In fact, to get the best out of these guns, you must customize them. That said the best Glock pistols have a wide range of aftermarket design, add-on prosthetics, and component design alternatives. It is efficient and fun to modify these pistols.

k) Finishing

This is yet another very important aspect that must be considered of at all you are to end up with the best Glock pistols in the market. It is important to understand that the gun undergoes a lot of stresses during shootouts. These stresses are very corrosive due to friction and the gunpowder used. For a long lasting performance, ensure that the gun you go for features a special coating film to improve the tolerance together with the friction coefficient of the gun.

Reviews of the 5 Best Glock Pistols

Glock G43 Pistols

Glock G43 Pistols

Editor Rating

This is a Glock pistol that should have been made long ago as it answers the prayers of many. The product features a subcompact, slimline design that is accommodative to all hand sizes. No matter your hand size, be sure of not being disappointed by this pistol on that subject. And its ultra concealable feature makes it one of the best Glock pistols for self-defense. Its grip is designed with a built-in beaver-tail construction for high and tight grip acquisition.

Benefits of the Product

  • Accommodative to All: At last, there is a Glock pistol that will accommodate all the people regardless of their hand sizes, thanks to the built-in beaver-tail design which necessitates for high tight grip
  • Easy to Use: The gun comes with an aggressive grip texture that makes operation easy and accurate even when limited time is needed to react. Its large magazine catch also makes the removal of its magazine easy.
  • Great Sighting: The G43 TFX-Pro 9mm model come with a Tritium Fiber-Optic TRUGLO TFX Sight that improves brightness and visibility


  • It comes with 6-round magazine which is a little too limited to some people

With a 3.39-inch barrel, in this gun, you get the best possible concealable gun for the self-defense of everyone licensed to hold a gun.

Glock Standard-Frame Fixed-Sight Pistols

Glock Standard-Frame Fixed-Sight Pistols

Editor Rating

This Glock design comes in different models namely model 17, 20, 21 and 22. The design features a polymer-frame together with fixed sights for durability & lightweight and great sighting performance.

Benefits of the Product

  • Customization Options: The product is compatible with a plethora of aftermarket sights, whatnot, and holsters among others
  • Durability: It features s durable rugged polymer frame boosting the reliability of the product
  • Lightweight: It is one of the lightest Glock pistols and comes with impeccable performance
  • Quality Construction: Multiple quality features have been integrated. In addition, it comes with quality performance and durable slides


  • Comes with poor quality factory sights
  • If you need something for totting, this one is a little too big

For the best Glock pistols for security, law-enforcement and military duty, then this is your ultimate destination.

Glock Gen 4 Sub-Compact Pistols

Glock Gen 4 Sub-Compact Pistols

Editor Rating

All the famous features that Glock is famous of will undoubtedly be found in this series. The only difference you get in this gun is that it comes with upgrades for enhanced shooting and performance. Its main selling factors are the polymer frames that are more durable than steel and its great and durable performance.

Benefits of the Product

  • In the package are included three magazines.
  • Comes with a rough textured frame design that ensures maximum possible durability
  • It is a very reliable product as far as performance is concerned and the three back straps that have been included increases the customization options
  • Ease Use and Performance: This product comes with a unique grip angle that lacks in most of the other pistols. The angle of the Glock Gen 4 makes it easy to shoot thus better overall performance


  • Takes quite some time to learn how to aim properly
Glock Gen 4 Full-Size Pistols

Editor Rating

These series come with a number of great features, most of which have been credited for giving the Glock pistols a formidable name in the market. In addition to its great durability and shooting performance, some select products in the series come with Modular Optics System which includes 4 mounting plates that make it easy to attach the reflex sights to the slide.

Benefits of the Product

  • Wide range of customization options
  • Greatly reduced recoil, thanks to the dual recoil spring assemblies and the long length of the pistol
  • It offers reliable and durable performance, a characteristic of all the other Glock pistols.
  • The easiest detail stripping


  • If your aim is concealment, then you need to look elsewhere.

All in all, this is one of the very best Glock pistols you will come across in the market. The durability is great and accuracy gets thumbs high from everyone who has ever used it before.

Glock 19 Gen 4 Review

Glock Generation 4 Pistols

Editor Rating

This is one of the best Glock pistols in the market, offering the perfect size, perfect efficiency, perfect capacity and perfect dimensions. This is a pistol that offered perfect performance out-of-the-box and upon customization, it becomes a bomb. The gun’s reliability is inarguably the first as well as the last reason why you need to consider this Glock pistol. Tens of thousands of shots and there is no malfunction means the gun is truly reliable. It comes with a 4.02-inch barrel that features s black Melonite finish and weighs 5.5 lbs.

Benefits of the Product

  • Comfort: The product comes with grip finger ridges that offer a great comfort feature for most of the shooters. It also features some replaceable varied-size back straps for a wide range of personal fitting choices.
  • Concealability: The product is one of the best when it comes to the ability to conceal among the Glock pistols
  • Good Capacity: The product features a 15+1 magazine capacity, which is one of the highest in the market
  • Customization: There is no other pistol in the market that has a wider range of customization options than the Glock 19 Gen 4


  • It comes with a comparatively short & light slide when compared to that of most of the fill-sized duty pistols
  • It comes with plastic sights that really need replacement

The product comes with zero unnecessary external controls. Since the Glock guns have often been accused of having an unadorned blocky appearance, the design of the Glock 19 Gen 4 internalizes most of the controls thus resulting in something excellent and efficient.


The Glock pistols derive their name for the company that manufactures them, the Glock Ges.m.b.H., in Austria. There company generally produces a series of polymer framed semi auto pistols that are short recoil operated. Due to their popularity, finding the best Glock pistols is akin to finding the best firearm in the market. Buy one today and prove for yourself.

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