CZ Sharptail Shotgun Review – The Sleek Looking Side-by-Side for Skeet and Trap Shooting

CZ Sharptail Review: Summary

CZ Sharptail


To be expected with a shotgun. We didn’t have any problems, and CZ’s customer service is known for being extremely helpful



As accurate as you can shoot it



The stock and grip are extremely comfortable and natural feeling



The silver and engraved receiver paired with the black barrel and Turkish walnut stock is an extremely good look



There isn’t much to add, but there isn’t anything you really need either

Bang for your Buck

Bang for your Buck

This shotgun is available at a great price, dependent on the chambering. It is hard to beat this price and quality crossroads.

This is a good quality shotgun overall. You will not regret the purchase.

In our previous article, we reviewed one of CZ’s over under shotguns, the Redhead Premier. In this article, we will talk about one of their side-by-side shotguns.


Similar to the Redhead Premier, the Sharptail is a high quality shotgun that is available at a reasonable cost. While there are better options available, this shotgun represents a great mix of quality and affordability.

Continue reading for a detailed review of the CZ Sharptail, including some of its best features and biggest fallbacks.

Who Should Use this Weapon?

Simply put, there are hundreds of different uses for shotguns. While they are extremely versatile, there are absolutely some shotguns that are aimed at specific groups of people. There are plenty of shotguns that are great for hunting, but wouldn’t serve you well shooting trap.

So, where does the CZ Sharptail fit into the picture?

Looking at this shotgun, it’s pretty easy to tell that it is meant for skeet and trap shooting.

It is an extremely sleek looking side-by-side, and has an elegant design on the receiver with a beautiful walnut stock to match. While you could certainly bird hunt with this weapon, and be very succesful, it is definitely aimed at shooting clays.

CZ Sharptail Review: Breakdown

Continuing on with our review of the CZ Sharptail, we will talk about all of the measurable options associated with it.


As we have previously mentioned, this is a side-by-side shotgun. It’s available in 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410 bore. All of these have a 28 inch barrel that has a hardened black finish. The shotguns are all about 46 inches long, and weigh around 6.3 pounds.

The shotguns all accept a three inch shell, with the exception of the 16 and 28 gauge variants, which max out at 2 ¾ inch shells. The improved action of the weapons is very smooth, and the extractors are extremely reliable. The independent floating firing pins and the hammers with coil springs are equally smooth and reliable.

One other huge draw of this weapon is that it is made from a one-piece receiver that is CNCed. This makes it an extremely strong receiver, as there will be no weak points from joining multiple pieces. Pairing this with the action and firing mechanisms makes for a very reliable weapon system.


Maintaining this weapon is extremely easy. It is very easy to break down to clean.

Many people don’t like to say this, but it is a shotgun. Shotgun maintenance is literally too easy. We still recommend cleaning it after every time you shoot…. But it isn’t always necessary with a shotgun.

However, let us reiterate, you should still clean it after you shoot it! With the CZ Sharptail, this will be pretty easy.


Safety and Reliability

The shotgun has a manual safety, so it will be as safe as you can handle.

The safety is located on top of the stock, which is where you would expect it on this type of shotgun. It is extremely easy to use. Essentially, if you are safe with handling the weapon, the weapon itself doesn’t add any safety concerns.

We have already talked about the reliability of this shotgun. However, just to reiterate, it is an extremely reliable weapon, as most shotguns are. The reliability is directly related to the strong receiver and the improved action.

CZ Sharptail Review: Comfort and Shootability

In terms of comfort, the ergonomics of this shotgun are more than acceptable. The pistol-style grip in the stock has some added texture to allow for a firmer grip. Aiming and swinging the shotgun is very smooth and comfortable, due to the ergonomics of the weapon.


Aiming down the sights is a breeze, and the shotgun swings naturally. Shooting it is just as nice. The single selectable trigger is easy to use, and is relatively smooth.

However, this single trigger is one of the cons of the weapon.

Some double barrel shotguns will have double triggers, as opposed to just one. A selectable trigger is much slower to show. There are higher quality selectable triggers out here, but, regardless this trigger is more than acceptable.

In terms of recoil, it depends entirely on which version of the weapon you choose. Obviously, the 12 gauge will recoil much worse than the .410 bore shotgun. However, even with the 12 gauge, the recoil is manageable.

Accessories and Upgrades

The shotgun comes with five flush interchangeable chokes, so all of your chokes will be covered. However, what else do you really need to improve this weapon?

There really isn’t much. The standard sights are fine, but adding some improved sights might let you acquire birds or clays faster.

Similarly, a sling may make the weapon more comfortable to carry if you are hunting.

However, neither of these things are truly necessary. The shotgun is ready to go out of the box, and is an enjoyable shot with no other modifications or accessories.

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Hopefully, our review of the CZ Sharptail has been helpful to you. We have identified some of the best features of the weapon, and given an in-depth review based on some of the most important features to consider when looking to buy a weapon.

Happy shooting!

CZ Sharptail

CZ Sharptail

3 thoughts on “CZ Sharptail Shotgun Review – The Sleek Looking Side-by-Side for Skeet and Trap Shooting”

  1. I purchased a Sharptail a while back..12 GA. 3 inch. Why am I reading cautions with respect to the chokes when shooting steel shot. Some are saying “use modified as the tightest choke when shooting steel” as the tighter chokes may result in some damage to the this true?


  2. Please let me know when someone answers this question. I am thinking of buying one for duck hunting myself.


  3. Hopefully, I’m not the first to answer – but, yes it’s true. I have Beretta, Benelli, Browning and CZ shotguns and all of the manufacturers recommend no tighter than Modified for steel shot because steel doesn’t compress like lead as it passes through the more restricted chokes. If you have screw-in chokes, they will be stamped “Steel OK” or “No Steel” for example, Modified -Steel OK, Full – No Steel. If you are going to buy a fixed choke shotgun and you intend to shoot steel, get it in Modified or Improved Cylinder/Modified combo for over-under or sxs. I believe the CZ 12 sxs comes with screw-in chokes so you have versatility. Good luck and enjoy…


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