Beretta A300 Outlander Semiautomatic Shotgun Review

Beretta A300 Outlander Review - Featured Image

Beretta A300 Outlander Review: Summary Check Price at at ReliabilityThe A300 Outlander is the definition of reliable. The self regulating and self cleaning gas system allow the gun to work with any number of different loads from mild to wild. AccuracyBeretta does not build inaccurate shotguns. Built to be suitable for sport shooting … Read more

CZ Sharptail Shotgun Review – The Sleek Looking Side-by-Side for Skeet and Trap Shooting


CZ Sharptail Review: Summary See Best Price Reliability To be expected with a shotgun. We didn’t have any problems, and CZ’s customer service is known for being extremely helpfulAccuracy As accurate as you can shoot itErgonomics The stock and grip are extremely comfortable and natural feelingLooks The silver and engraved receiver paired with the black … Read more

CZ Redhead Premier Review – The Best Bang for your Buck in an Over/Under Shotgun


CZ Redhead Premier Over/Under Shotgun Check Price at at Reliability We didn’t have any problems, and those that did have problems had the weapons easily replaced by CZAccuracy It’s an over/under shotgun. It’s as accurate as you can make itErgonomics The stock and grip are comfortably placed for the average shooterLooks There are … Read more