Beretta A300 Outlander Semiautomatic Shotgun Review

Beretta A300 Outlander Review: Summary

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The A300 Outlander is the definition of reliable. The self regulating and self cleaning gas system allow the gun to work with any number of different loads from mild to wild.



Beretta does not build inaccurate shotguns. Built to be suitable for sport shooting and hunting, the A300 Outlander is an extremely accurate shotgun that will not let you down. Add the wide variety of choke tubes available, and you are sure to have a gun that is more accurate than you are.



With the ability to adjust the drop of the stock, and an already well designed, and easy pointing gun, this is one of the most ergonomic shotguns of its class on the market.



I don’t like the looks of a vent rib barrel, but that’s just me. Beyond that, an easy handling shotgun is also a good looking shotgun. Beretta spared no effort to make this gun as attractive as it is useful. Of course the camo one isn’t much to look at, but then again, that is kind of the point of camouflage isn’t it?



Beretta sells everything you need to modify this gun to your particular needs. Grab an extra barrel, some choke tubes, and you are set!

Bang for your Buck

Bang for your Buck

An all American made Italian designed semi auto sporting shotgun for under a thousand bucks? Sign me up!

With multiple options for wood, synthetic and camouflage stocks, adjustable drop, self cleaning and regulating gas system, and fine Beretta craftsmanship, the A300 Outlander is something that belongs in the cabinet of every shotgunner.

When many people think of semi auto shotguns, they might think some sort of cheap American made gun for shooting clays, or tactical shotguns, or high end Italian sporting guns.

But what if you could have a high quality, American made sporting shotgun that is based on a respected Italian design? Well, then keep reading our Beretta A300 Outlander review and experience this amazing shotgun for yourself!

Who is it for?

No review of the Beretta A300 Outlander could be complete without looking at what makes this a truly great shotgun.

Instead of building a one size fits all shotgun suitable for home defense and hunting, Beretta focused on building a premium gas operated semi automatic shotgun that is suitable for hunting and sport shooting above all else.

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This isn’t a shotgun to keep by the door, or shove behind the seat of your truck. It is a shotgun for people who spend a day shooting clay pigeons or bird hunting, and you’ll see in the features why it excels at these specialized tasks.

Beretta A300 Outlander Features

Want Beretta Italian quality, but made 100% in the US? Then keep reading!

Semi automatic shotguns can be really tricky. They have to be built to handle everything from really light bird hunting loads, to stout slug and buckshot loads. If you build a gun geared more towards one end of the load spectrum or the other, you run the risk of alienating consumers who want to be able to reliably shoot any ammo. Of course, there are various ways to compensate for this- mostly using adjustable gas devices of various types.

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But the A300 Outlander does something entirely different. Beretta uses a unique, and patented self cleaning, self regulating piston, that cycles the gun with the lightest bird loads and the heaviest 3” magnum slugs with equal reliability. 

In addition to the cutting edge self cleaning system, our Beretta A300 Outlander review discovered this gun can be quickly broken down for cleaning and storage without tools. In fact, the A300 Outlander takes down into four major components, and if that isn’t enough, you can even adjust the drop and fit of the stock with factory provided spacers to ensure an ideal fit to your body. In addition, it ships with various chokes, and can take more.

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Beretta A300 Outlander Review: Breakdown

Nothing could be simpler than taking apart a Beretta A300 Outlander. While your user’s manual will offer the most detailed instruction, removing the barrel to access the gas system is the easiest part. After locking back the bolt, unscrew the fore end cap, and slide the barrel out. Afterwards, you may also follow the instructions to remove the bolt and carrier.

While the Outlander may be taken down in just a couple minutes, and put back together just as quick, it is important to follow the particular instructions with the gun.

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Beretta A300 Outlander Maintenance

The Beretta A300 Outlander is crazy easy to maintain. The self cleaning gas system reduces carbon buildup, which reduces the need to do more than casually wipe down moving parts now and then. It is a good idea to clean your gun regularly, and when you take it down, it is very easy to clean the gas system, bolt and carrier, and trigger group. With any gun, lightly lubricate the moving parts, wipe down excess oil, clean after every shooting session.

Properly maintained per the user’s manual, your Beretta A300 Outlander will function through even the longest shooting session, and offer many years of fine service.

Safety and Reliability

Modern semi automatic shotguns are extremely safe and reliable. The push button safety on the trigger group can be quickly changed from left to right hand configuration without gunsmithng, which enhances the safety factor of this gun.

Due to the patented self cleaning gas system and self regulating pressure system, this is also an extremely reliable shotgun, and can handle light birdshot to heavy three inch magnum slugs or buckshot loads.

All in all, this is a very safe, and extremely reliable shotgun.

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Comfort and Recoil

We keep coming back to the self regulating pressure system, and self cleaning gas piston, but those are two very important parts of what makes the A300 Outlander so comfortable. While stout loads will have stout recoil, the gas system really reduces the impact, making it easy to shoot even heavy loads without much felt recoil.

Because it is possible to adjust the drop of the stock with special shims, the Outlander is also extremely comfortable to shoot, and can be quickly modified to fit your body without expensive gunsmithing services.

What’s in the Starter Kit?

The A300 Outlander ships with three choke tubes, a choke tube tool, trigger lock, and shims for adjusting the drop of the stock.

Accessories and Upgrades?

There is little reason to upgrade the Outlander, however if you want to get different chokes, or add a sling, that is very easy. Beretta sells a number of replacement stocks, barrels, choke tubes and other suitable accessories, making it possible to readily modify your gun to your particular needs.


Semi auto sporting shotguns can be expensive, delicate, riddled with problems, or simply overpriced junk imported from some third world gun factory nobody has ever heard of, and won’t hear of again after the initial production run sells out. The Beretta A300 Outlander is none of those things.

Instead, it is a high quality, American made and Beretta designed shotgun that is a true working man’s shotgun. Sure, it’s nice to dream of a multi thousand dollar sporting gun, but most of us can’t afford it. This is the next best thing.

Beretta A300 Outlander

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Thanks for reading and I hope you found this Beretta A300 Outlander review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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