CZ Redhead Premier Review – The Best Bang for your Buck in an Over/Under Shotgun

CZ Redhead Premier Over/Under Shotgun

CZ Redhead Premier


We didn’t have any problems, and those that did have problems had the weapons easily replaced by CZ


It’s an over/under shotgun. It’s as accurate as you can make it


The stock and grip are comfortably placed for the average shooter


There are flashier over/under shotguns available, but this has that classic look


There isn’t much to add.. but do you really need to add anything at all?

Bang for your Buck

Great value for the price, and it would excel in almost any use

This is a great shotgun, and will be a good purchase. If you’re short on time, what you need to know about the shotgun is this: It is a high quality shotgun that offers great bang for your buck. It is very sleek looking, and feels natural shooting it. It is strong and durable, and CZ has great customer service. This is an excellent shotgun for hunting, and basic skeet and trap shooting.

Looking for that classic over under shotgun? If you’ve done any research at all, you know how difficult it can be to choose between the various over under shotguns available on the market. In this article, we will review one great option for you, the CZ Redhead Premier.

About CZ

In case you’re not familiar with CZ, we will give you a brief overview of the company. They are a Czech company, and have been around for about a century. Originally, they were started by members of the Austro-Hungarian army.

As the world changed throughout the years, CZ changed as well. Their headquarters moved a couple times, but they are now located in the Czech Republic. Their most well-known development is the Skorpion submachine gun, but they actually have created a few new innovations in the market.

While they don’t offer a huge variety of weapons, what they do offer is very high quality. If you are worried about customer service, they have a CZ-USA subsidiary, and their customer service in the US is phenomenal. If you aren’t familiar with them, be sure to check them out next time you’re shopping around for a new firearm!

CZ Redhead Premier Review – Features

Now, onto our CZ Redhead Premier review. This shotgun is very sleek looking, and features classic over under styling. It has a Turkish walnut stock and grip, and the receiver has a satin chrome finish. As for the barrel, it has a black, glossy chrome finish.

The shotgun is available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge. In both gauges, you can choose between a 26 and a 28 inch barrel. The receivers are meant for up to three inch shotgun shells.

When it comes to shooting, these shotguns are very smooth and reliable.

The size and weight are absolutely manageable, and the shotgun swings very smoothly. Tracking clays couldn’t be any easier, especially with the large white front bead.

One thing that you will notice about this shotgun is how strong it is. This starts with the receiver, which is CNCed from one piece of solid metal to begin with. The next feature that adds into this are the independent auto-ejectors. This makes the shotgun very smooth and reliable, over and over again.


The biggest pro of this shotgun is the strength. We already talked about this, but the receiver, ejectors, and overall construction give this shotgun a very sturdy feel. When you shoot this, you know that you are shooting a solid piece of weaponry.

With this strength comes durability. All of these solid pieces will make sure that this weapon will last for a long time. There is no reason not to believe that this shotgun will last for thousands upon thousands of rounds.

CZ Redhead Premier Maintenance

Maintaining this shotgun couldn’t be any easier. It is very easy to break down and clean.

While we recommend doing this after every time you shoot it, at the end of the day, it is a shotgun. They are very reliable and can withstand a little bit more abuse than rifles and handguns.


If you ever do run into any issues with it though, CZ’s customer service is excellent, as we mentioned earlier. A simple call to CZ-USA will resolve nearly any problem. They will work with you, and will replace the entire weapon if need be. You can have peace of mind with this purchase, knowing that CZ will support you.


CZ Redhead Premier Review: Safety and Reliability

This shotgun has a manual tang safety that is very easy to use.

The shotgun will be as safe as you are with it. As far as reliability is concerned, it is a very durable and reliable weapon, as we mentioned before.


The reliability of this shotgun is one of our favorite features. This will work for years, over and over again.

Accessories and Upgrades

When you buy this shotgun, you are getting a great bang for your buck. However, it really doesn’t come with anything other than the weapon itself. In terms of upgrades, there’s nothing internal to the weapon that we would recommend upgrading, but a sling would be an accessory worth looking into, especially if you are going to hunt with the weapon.

Buying Recommendations

This is a great shotgun for the money, like we’ve said. However, that doesn’t mean that it is a home run for every type of use.

In our opinion, this is a great all-purpose shotgun.

It would serve well for hunting and shooting clay pigeons alike. However, if you are going to focus heavily on just one of those things, you can probably find a better shotgun for you.

For example, if you are a big time hunter, you may want a lighter shotgun to carry around with you all day.

If you are a very competitive skeet and trap shooter, you may want a shotgun that is aimed more specifically at competition shooting.

However, with that said, this shotgun does perform very well at both of these things. Many people shoot competitions with CZ Redhead Premiers, and succeed in doing so. Similarly, this shotgun has taken many birds on hunting trips. If this is at the top of your budget, it is a great value for the price.

While there are better shotguns available, this is a more than ready weapon for any type of shooting. You will not regret the purchase. We hope our CZ Redhead Premier review was helpful!

CZ Redhead Premier

CZ Redhead Premier

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