Glock 30/30sf/30s Review – The Best .45ACP for Concealed Carry Pistol

Review of: Glock 30/30sf/30s

Glock 30


I think this goes without saying with a Glock.


For all they have going for them, Glocks aren’t exactly notoriously accurate


Depends on who you ask. Some people love the grip, some people hate it.


Glock 30s aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing handgun out there.


Glocks are extremely easy to customize and add aftermarket parts to.

Bang for your Buck

Very high quality handgun, but they are pretty pricey.

The Glock 30 is a good hangun for concealed carry, and has a lot of features that you will like.

In this article, we will review three of Glock’s offerings in .45ACP, the Glock 30, 30SF, and 30S. These hangunds are all built around a subcompact frame, which means that they are smaller and size, and are great options for concealed carry.

If you are looking for an extremely high quality .45ACP pistol that you can comfortably concealed carry, continue reading on for our full review of the Glock 30 pistols. These handguns will be reviewed in terms of their pros, cons, and best uses.

Who Should Use These Handgun?

The Glock 30 pistols are primarily aimed for concealed carry and self defense uses.

However, this does not mean that the pistols aren’t excellent for other uses as well. As you can expect from Glock, these are extremely high quality handguns.

However, due to the fact that they shoot .45ACP but are also small, light, and very durable, these handguns are also commonly used as hunting sidearms. This specific round is very deadly, and the smaller size allows hunters to carry them all day without feeling dragged down.

But, like with most pistols, the uses are not limited. The Glock 30 pistols would be good for home defense, and are also relatively enjoyable to shoot at the range. More on that later.

Glock 30/30sf/30s Review: Breakdown

Next up in our review of the Glock 30 pistols, we will talk about some of the measurable statistics of the handgun.

As we mentioned earlier in the review, there are a few different versions. We will be focused on the Glock 30 Gen 4, the Glock 30SF, and the Glock 30S.

The Glock 30 Gen 4 and Glock 30SF are the exact same size. These pistols measure 6.88 inches long, 4.8 inches tall, and 1.27 inches wide. They have a 3.77 inch barrel, and they weigh 26.3 ounces unloaded. Their magazine capacity is 10+1, with an optional 13+1 magazine available.


The difference between these two handguns is the Short Frame (SF). Basically, what this means is that the Glock 30SF has a smaller, slimmer grip. The part of the handgun that you actually wrap your hand around is smaller. For shooters with smaller hands, this is a huge pro.

The Glock 30S has the same measurable stats as the other two handguns, with one key difference. The Glock 30S is built on a 30SF frame, but it has a smaller slide. This slide reduces the amount of metal in the handgun, which reduces the weight of the handgun to only 22.95 ounces when unloaded. For concealed carry, this is something that you will enjoy.


One of the biggest pros of all Glocks is how easy they are to maintain. The Glock 30 pistols are no different.

To start with, the Glock 30 doesn’t require as much maintenance as some of its competition. Glocks are notoriously durable, and can take a beating. While we certainly don’t recommend being rough on your pistol unnecessarily, it can take it. There’s a reason that they are used by so many police departments and militaries around the world.


Back to the maintenance though, Glocks are extremely easy to maintain. Like we mentioned, this is one of the main reasons that people love them. They are extremely easy to take down, and they have very few internal parts. This makes it a very easy handgun to clean and maintain.

Safety and Reliability

Another huge pro of Glocks is their reliability. We mentioned it earlier when talking about the maintenance of the handgun, but Glocks have almost no internal parts. As such, there is very little internally in the handgun that can go wrong.

It is not heard of for Glocks to last for 60,000 rounds. This is undeniably one of the biggest pros of the handgun. Buying any of the Glock 30s will be an investment that will last for years to come.

Glocks are extremely safe handguns

Safety is somewhat of a point of contention with Glocks, and is one of their biggest concerns to some people. Before getting into the one fact that some don’t like, let us start by saying that Glocks are extremely safe handguns. In fact, Glocks utilize three different safeties. Two of these are internal, and will protect from accidental discharges if you drop the handgun, and the other is a trigger safety.

One complaint that some have against Glocks is they don’t have a manual thumb safety. However, as we just said, these are very safe handgun, so this really shouldn’t be a concern.

Glock 30/30sf/30s Review: Comfort and Shootability

One other con in the eyes of some firearms users is the comfort and ergonomics of Glocks. Not everyone loves the grip and how the handgun feels in your hand.


However, as with many aspects of Glocks, this is kind of a topic of debate. For as many people as there are that dislike the grip, there are others that really like it, and think it feels natural. While we like the way Glocks feel, we recommend that you try it out for yourself to see how it fits you.

For the Glock 30 specifically though, since it is a subcompact handgun built in the classic Glock mold, it may be slightly more difficult to grip, especially if you have larger hands. The smaller size of the handgun will make it slightly more difficult to hold than its larger counterparts.

If you’ve got smaller hands, the Glock 30SF or Glock 30S will be a better fit for you.

In terms of shootability, the Glock 30 is not as enjoyable to shoot as some of the other Glock handguns for one primary reason: you are shooting .45ACP out of a subcompact handgun. The smaller grip makes it harder to control the increased recoil.

Shootability is the worst in the Glock 30S, due to the reduced weight. This will make the recoil even more exaggerated.

If you are looking for a range gun, the Glock 30 pistols will certainly work, but there may be better options to check out. This is one of the cons of the Glock 30 specifically.

Accessories and Upgrades

Another huge pro of Glock handguns is how easy they are to upgrade. There are literally hundreds of aftermarket parts available, both internal and cosmetic. From new slide stop plates to extended mags to upgraded internal parts such as springs and triggers, you are able to find any parts you could possibly want.

With so few internal parts, it is really easy to replace and upgrade them as you go as well.


Hopefully our Glock 30 review has been helpful to you. While this handgun is primarily aimed at concealed carry and self defense, there are a few other uses that this handgun would serve well at. While there are certainly plenty of options out there, we recommend you check out a Glock 30 at some point.

9 thoughts on “Glock 30/30sf/30s Review – The Best .45ACP for Concealed Carry Pistol”

  1. I carry a Glock 30 for my EDC. I am 78 years young. I am 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. I have medium sized hands. The recoil is totally manageable. I can rapid fire all eleven rounds (10+1) and shoot a fist sized group at 7 yards. The longest potential shot distance in my house is 17 feet. For me, this is the perfect handgun.

  2. I have a glock 30 sf as well in my inventory. I can honestly say that of all of my handguns I usually carry the glock more than any other. PS very well put together review.

  3. I believe the glock 30sf is the single best Glock offered. 10 round of 45acp in a concealable package.
    Perfect for home and street defense. The 45 will not over penetrate yet do the job on the through.
    Also the price at around 500-525 is astounding for handgun of the caliber, (no pun intended).

  4. 30s and 30sf have the same size grip? Either way, they rule! I’m tired of posts saying.45 has “too much recoil” , it doesn’t at all , and it is fun to shoot at targets. Plus easy to carry

  5. I discovered the Glock 30 sf in 2013. I have fairly large hands and use a beaver tail from the Glock Store. It is the most accurate Glock I have shot. It has become one of my all time favs, and is my hunting companion with Buffalo Bore 255 gr predator loads. If I had to run out the door with one pistol for ever, it would be my Glock 30.

  6. Is it just me, or (in this pic) does the 30 actually look smaller than the 30s? They have them laid next to each other in a hard to compare angle.

  7. I too have the 30S. Did not know it has the same grip as 30SF. I did know the slide was thinner. Loaded with the extended mag its a lighter package than my G19. I give up a few mag rounds 10 vs 15, but the 30S grip fits better than the 19, and I think it takes fewer .45’s than 9mm’s on target. I keep a couple G21 mags in the night stand and carry the 30S with 10 rd mag. I think the only comparable carry Glock would be the G29, or likw me I have the 10mm conversion barrel for my 30S — 2 guns for the cost of the 30S + the 10mm barrel. The 30S is sweet. You can’t go wrong if your a big bore guy! I love glock.

  8. Ok, if you read my comment above, you’d conclude like me the only 2 factory glocks you actually need are the G27 & G30S. With those two frames you have 0.45 ACP & 0.40 S&W. With conversion barrels you can add 10mm, 357 Sig & 9mm. If you need a little more beef add a Ruger Alaskan 454 Casule, and if you want a something less…well why would you need anything less than this?


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