There are those nuisance animals that are really bothering you in your farm with coyotes being the main ones. You therefore need the best coyote gun to clear this varmint from your borders. Remember varmint control is very essential for the health of your crops, livestock as well as in the prevention of disease outbreaks. Before setting out to choose the best Coyote gun, there are some factors that you need to consider. Of course coyotes are varmints and your selection should be from varmint rifles.

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​Factors of Consideration while buying a best coyote gun

1. Coyote Rifle Attributes

There are some rifles that will prove effective, efficient and ethical killers of the coyotes. It is important to know that coyote, just like any other vermin, are fast and thus it’s difficult to get a close range targeting. You therefore require a fast and very accurate long-range gun to hunt them. This tells you that varmint rifles are probably the best and most accurate guns in almost all the respects.

a) Velocity & Trajectory

The best coyote rifles will have the most appropriate external ballistics implying that the physical path of the pellets produced has to be flat with the bullet being expelled with very high velocity. If you have ever encountered coyotes, of which I believe you have, you will know that any slight interference of accuracy as well as a delay by just a spot of time is enough to make the coyotes to miss your target.

​b) Minimized Projectile Penetration

Coyote hunting ambitions may be different from your ambitions of self defense from the big game. Whereas in the big game you really want the bullet to tear the animal apart, the best coyote guns on the other side are those that do not penetrate these varmints so deeply. Just some lightweight bullets targeted on the right spot will kill the animal on the spot.

c) Acidized Attributes

The best coyote guns are those that provide impressive easy of hitting small targets with unmatched accuracy. Whether you are at close range or not, the effectiveness of your gun to hit these targets needs to be one worth qualifying to be a talk of the town.

2. About the Caliber

The best coyote guns for all purpose and intents serve as a rifle for use with small calibers. The rifle has to be high powered with the sole use for varmint control. In comparison with other rifles, the best coyote guns act as a bridge between the .22 caliber rimfire firearms and the more powerful game firearms, with the .22 long rifles also being some of the most commonly used in hunting these pests.

3. Weight and Speed

You are not going to need heavy ammo as you hunt the coyote as this can interfere with your accuracy. The gun you need has to be as lightweight as possible and one that delivers accurate precise shots. Since these coyotes can dodge a shot at long ranges of even 100 meters when they someone is in pursuit, the bullet has to be fast and the rifle to release such bullets need to be very accurate. The best coyote guns that are capable of making some of the best hunts will have speeds that are faster than 910m/s.

4. Do your Research

Even if you are sure of the features you are looking for in a coyote gun, the most sure way of landing on the best product is researching to know what other users, professionals and colleagues have to say about the guns you want to choose. Remember that some manufacturers may advertise the sun but offer the bottomless pit. At least, through reading of reviews, you can be able to ascertain whether the gun you want to go for works as advertised.

​Your colleagues and neighbors who have been hunting coyotes of years, even decades are also able to advice you on the best coyote guns in the market. Experience is the best teacher hence it is important that you consider seeking for the testimonials and recommendations of the experienced coyote hunters.

5. Budget

I always prefer someone’s budget to come last. The reason for this is you should buy as expensive gun as you can. You will always get what you pay for and the higher end coyote guns are always just the best, thanks to the many accessories, durability and performance features that are always included. However, within the range of your budget, the best coyote guns and the bad ones are found in equal numbers. You must therefore look for the best within your budget range.

Reviews of the 5 Best Coyote Guns

Benjamin Varmint Power Pack Air Rifle with 4x 32mm Scope, 0.22-Calibre

Benjamin Varmint Power Pack Air Rifle - best coyote gun

Editor Rating

If you are in need of just the best coyote gun that has been tested and proven on more than just varmints over a wide span of time, then this is your ultimate destination. This is a real power plant that has been designed to shoot with great strength, precision and speed thus catching up with even the cheekiest swift coyotes. It is the editors best coyote gun of all the guns reviewed.

Special Features

  • Weaver optics rail with no open sights
  • Twin raised cheek pieces
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Nitro piston break barrel
  • Crossman Gas Nitro piston
  • Rifled and shrouded bull barrel
  • 70% less noise as in comparison with the spring-piston guns
  • Textured grip and forearm with ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Comes with a red class III fast-acquisition laser having a remote tape switch or the push on/off, a scope, mounts and a 90-lumen flashlight


  • Smoother cocking and shooting
  • No spring torque and lasts longer than the metal spring
  • No spring fatigue even when left in cocked position for hours
  • Perfect functionality under cold weathers
  • Solid feel, good quality and powerful performance
  • Accurate after upgrades


  • The accompanying scope doesn’t last for long
  • Sloppy but workable trigger
  • It isn’t accurate out of the box
  • Heavy and terrible hardware

The Benjamin Varmint Power is a reliable gun to perform any high precision hit tasks. It does its work quieter than most of those guns you have used before and is always precise, accurate, reliable and durable in whatever it does best: varmint hunting. It is arguably the best coyote gun you can trust.

Mossberg® MVP™ Series Varmint Bolt-Action Rifle

Editor Rating

This rifle is better known as the Mossberg MVP and is a rifle with great history of hunting. Having been in existence for quite some time now, the product has proven all the tests of time that it is a dependable, accurate and an always ready hunting accessory. The product accepts a great deal of the most popular AR-style magazines and became an instant hit among the varmint hunters thus can be classified among the best coyote guns.

Special Features

  • Patented lighting LBA adjustable bolt-action trigger (adjustments between 3 and 7 pounds)
  • 7.62mm MVP NATO bolt designs that feed from M1A/M14 and LR308/SR25 AR-10 style magazines
  • Patented 7.62 MVP dual push bolt construction
  • 5.56 Drop Push Patented bolt design
  • 5.56mm NATO 2470 caliber
  • 13.25 inches length
  • 1:92470 twist
  • 2470Weaver style base sights
  • 24-inch 2470 Med bull fluted barrel
  • Laminate –bench rest stock with matte blue finish


  • Bolt-action type hence accurate and fast
  • Great sights for better sighting and targeting
  • Reliable repeating rifle
  • Strong and durable construction


  • A bit costly.

Coupling the flexibility and capacity of the most common American magazines with the confidence and accuracy that is only associated with bolt-action rifles, this product is capable of delivering the best hunts, thanks to the fact that it is near-perfect choice for any day home necessities on the long range.

Editor Rating

This is the best coyote gun among the bolt-action rifles. Proudly designed and constructed in the USA, there is no other bolt-action model that has been sold more than this one. The firearm comes with a legendary strength courtesy of its three-rings-of-steel receiver that has been combined with a hammer-forged barrel thus yielding the most popular bolt-action gun in the gun history.

Special Features

  • X-Mark Pro trigger
  • Heavy-contours barrel
  • SPS Varmint synthetic stock having ventilated beavertail forend
  • Classic, reliable model
  • .22-250 caliber but also comes in the .223 Rem, .308 Win and .243 Win
  • 26” barrel
  • Matt black oxide metal finish
  • 8.5 pounds in weight
  • 4+1 internal box magazine capacity
  • Dual point pillar stock bedding
  • The barrel has laser engraved tactical after caliber designation
  • X-Mark Pro trademark trigger


  • Unfailing reliability
  • Remarkable accuracy
  • The most popular bolt-action gun ever
  • Average pricing and durable
  • Good grip
  • The barrel length is great for reduced recoil
  • Good ergonomic for comfortable feel


  • Poor magazine loading
  • Inconsistent trigger pull
  • Flimsy stock and stiff action

This model is a top choice of the elite military snipers. It is only because its performance is unequalled that it is able to gain such a formidable fit. Whether you are pursuing the coyote, or you are defending your freedom, this is one of the best rifles with unmatched accuracy.

Editor Rating

This is yet another great name and player in the game. It is more budget friendly than the first two and a great recommendation to the entry level players. This product doesn’t only brag of innovation but is also proud of beating dead horses. Being budget friendly, Smith & Wesson shaved the products costs to the much they could but not to the extent of skimping on the important stuff.

Special Features

  • Black rifle
  • Magpul 30-round magazine
  • Semi-regulator forays for durability
  • Dust cover & forward assist can be included at an extra cost
  • Black matte anodized hard coat finish
  • Adjustable rear & front sights
  • 6 position telescopic stock
  • .223/5.56 NATO compliant caliber
  • 32” when collapsed and 35 when extended
  • 6.45 lbs unloaded


  • The best Coyote gun for the entry level players
  • Functions without hiccups
  • It is reliable
  • A rifle of good quality


  • The forward assist and dust cover have been done away with
  • Too much time and energy needed to install

Since it is very unlikely for the product’s target market to intend to fight terrorists in extreme weather and sandstorms, most of the features that they won’t need for such encounters have been sacrificed to cut costs. Ultimately, the entry level player gets exactly what they need to the fullest out of this product branded as the best Coyote gun for the newbie.

Editor Rating

This is one of the best Coyote guns for the beginners and entry level. As you begin your shooting expeditions, you can just get this 16-inch carbine gas product and upgrade later according to the desires of your heart. The ammo choices or mounting options are virtually unlimited with this product. This product was developed in collaboration between Magpul and Colt, thus including some of the best and popular furniture within the AR-15 platform

Special Features

  • The barrel is M4 chrome lined with 1:7 twist rate
  • Muzzle compensator for reducing muzzle raise effect
  • Aluminum coyote gun construction
  • 6 position adjustable stock
  • Semi-automated action type
  • Single stage trigger
  • Magpul MOE grip, MOE hand guard, vertical for grip and MOE butt stock
  • Extended overall length of 35.5-inches
  • MBUS Magpul flip-up rear windage sight adjusts
  • Direct-gas-system featuring bolt for reliability in feeding
  • 30-round PMAG magazine
  • Basic running gear of 16.1-inches


  • Features a muzzle compensator that improves accuracy by reducing muzzle raise feel and effect
  • Sturdy and durable construction


  • The rail is quite too short for some users
  • Barrel nuts are difficult to unbolt whenever you want to change a barrel.

The product has been created for use by the USA military. The US military only use the best of products thus automatically qualifying the LE6920 Colt as one of the very best Coyote guns in the market.



The review has really gone over a lot of aspects and factors, and your long awaited journey of laying your hands on the best Coyote gun has just begun. It is now upon you to consider all the criteria, price inclusive and make your choice today. Remember that you will always get what you pay for. And upon getting yours, maybe you may want to recommend it to your friends or even review it on this site.



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