The Best Glock Triggers: Ultimate Buying Guide

The Glock is one of the most popular pistols in the world, and more so in the USA. It is loved because of its efficiency and performance. Unfortunately, these handguns often times come with some polymer triggers that aren’t just the best. These are triggers that may come with some irritating feel and a reduced performance.

As a result, in most cases, you will really want to replace the Glock trigger at purchase. Alternatively, after use for some time, the factory trigger may fail and you will need a replacement. How do you get to find the best Glock trigger? Read on…

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Factors of Consideration when Choosing Glock Triggers

a) Material of Construction

The entire gun and gun operations are known to undergo some of the most difficult situations. The harsh environments associated with shooting require that the materials used in the gun construction be those that are resistant to stress. Though the barrel and the muzzle may be the most susceptible, the trigger also deals with a lot of resultant impacts. It must, therefore, be constructed using some of the best, durable and shock resistant metal materials. If you learn that the trigger in question is made of steel, do not think twice. Go for it.

b) Flexibility

Though you may not want to keep on changing the parts of a gun such as its trigger, there comes a time when you may be forced to do so. This calls for versatility. It is important for one to go for the products that are compatible with as many Glock pistols as possible.

c) User-Friendliness

Are you a gunsmith? Probably not. And would you want to be calling a gunsmith to come and do any small installation or repair for you? If not, then you need to ensure that the Glock trigger you go for is easy to install. This will make work easier and faster for you. You will end up using fewer efforts and time to achieve that which other Glock triggers won’t allow you to achieve.

d) Design and Construction

The main thing to be considered when it comes to design and construction is the smoothness and feel of the trigger. Some triggers can easily leave you with blisters and bruises because of how serrated they are. One deception that comes with serrations is that the serrated Glock triggers are very elegant thus attracting you to buy them. If you will be making regular shootouts, you will regret the reason why you bought such a trigger. It is highly recommended that you consider the smoother triggers for soft smooth feels.

e) Advanced Technologies

Technological advancements can be in virtually any part of the Glock trigger. The body material can be advanced same as the installation, cleaning and reset. You really want to go for a product that has technologically been advanced to give you an accurate, easy and durable performance. I would better spend a little bit more on something that will make my entire gun life experience easy and enjoyable, rather than spend a few dollars on something that will make my life difficult.

f) Easy Pre Travel Performance

There are some Glock triggers that you can’t travel with, were you to be given just a short travel notice. They are difficult to disassemble and equally difficult to reassemble. The best Glock triggers are however those that don’t make you to think much when it comes to short notice travel. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble, with some also coming with self-cleaning operations thereby further reducing the stresses of cleanup before travelling. This is an important feature to look for especially if you travel a lot

Reviews of the 5 Best Glock Triggers on the Market


Editor Rating

This is one of the best Glock triggers. In fact, it is the best bet for the budget buyer who wants to boost the performance of their pistol with the use of something that would cost them less than $15. The product features a curved stainless steel design and is made within the USA, adhering to all the quality standards and recommendations.

Benefits of the Product

  • Quality Construction: It is made from steel thus guaranteeing you a long-lasting durable performance. Being made in the USA is also another surety that you have quality in this product
  • Versatility: It has been designed to fit a wide range of Glock models which include Model 22, .40 S&W, Model 17, 9mm, model 35, 40 S&W, Model 34, 9mm and Model 31, .357 SIG
  • Aesthetic Construction: The Glock trigger has been designed not only for performance but also for elegance. At last, you have something you will love to look at
  • Universal Uses: It will best be used in competitive shooting, Tactical shooting, Self defense and Target practice etc.
  • No Serrations and Bumps: If you are looking for a smooth Glock trigger that will make you feel smooth and comfortable when you hold it, then this is your trigger of choice. However, there is a bump for the left handed shooters.


  • It is just publicized as a Glock 17 trigger. Few know that it is compatible with other Glock as well

This is one of the best Glock triggers that make campers, target shooters, tactical shooters and competitive shooters etc happy. For the left handed shooters, the product comes with a bump that helps prevent those rare trigger flexing instances that occur when a lot of lateral force is exerted. All in all, it will serve you pretty well.


Editor Rating

This Glock trigger kit is slightly more expensive than the former but is still classed among the cheap Glock triggers. With an average market price of around $40, the product is also made in the USA. It features a stainless steel and an unfinished steel construction thereby boosting on its durability and overall performance. Use this Glock trigger with confidence and the guarantee that it will not let you down.

Benefits of the Product

  • Price: At about $40, this is yet another very affordable Glock Triggers you will get on the market. When you compare the price to performance & durability ratio, it is worth every single cent you spend on it.
  • Fast User-friendly Assembly: It comes with an easy to assemble newly Drop-in kit design that offers self-cleaning trigger connection, which helps in the elimination of bothersome pre-travel nuisances and time
  • Accurate Performance: It is easy and fast to reset thus improving the accuracy together with quick shot recovery
  • Reliability and Dependability: The trigger connector has been constructed with a self-cleaning debris channel, whose design reduces the accumulation of residue and grit thereby reducing friction and extending the life of the trigger. This also improves the reliability of the trigger


  • The connector may need a gunsmith for it to deliver its best.

This is yet another very reliable Glock trigger that comes with among the best Glock technologies for its range. It offers a short pre-travel performance, is fast to reset and comes with self-cleaning technologies thus making it not only durable but also dependable and accurate in whatever it does. I would highly recommend it to a friend.


Editor Rating

This offers a direct perfect replacement of the factory polymer trigger, reducing pre-travel and offering overall trigger reset performance. It will give you a smooth uptake as well as a perfect reset performance with the trigger break delivery being crisp. It is the ultimate trigger solution for all those who want to replace the polymer triggers of their Glock General four gun versions.

Benefits of the Product

  • Flexibility: It is compatible with almost all the Glock Gen 4 versions among other Glock pistols.
  • Smooth Efficient Performance: It comes with an Ultimate Safety Plunger system that offers smooth trigger take-up as compared to the original Glock Gen 4 factory component. This is not at the expense of the factory safety values.
  • Easy Reset: The product provides smooth uptake and is also credited for offering fast & smooth reset to deliver some of the crispiest trigger breaks you will get on the market.
  • Lightweight Force Performance: It comes with an Apex Performance Connector that reduces the overall trigger pull weight by almost a pound. This makes shootouts easier and more efficient.


  • It is damn expensive

Though going for about $130, this is virtually the best Glock trigger you can ever get on the market. It is durable and offers some of the best, smoothest, efficient, reliable and dependable performances. It is the Glock trigger that is mostly preferred for competitions.


Editor Rating

This is a very worthy replacement of the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Kit for Glock as it comes with almost the same performance and durability features as the above-mentioned product but it is almost $50 cheaper. It is thus the best Glock trigger for the buck. Just as in the case of the above, it offers direct perfect replacement of the factory trigger and makes shooting more efficient and enjoyable.

Benefits of the Product

  • Easy Installation: Offering direct drop-in perfect replacement to the heavier and less efficient factory polymer trigger, this trigger can be installed even by the novice
  • Smooth & Efficient Performance: It comes with a smooth uptake performance, while also delivering fast reset thereby improving the accuracy of your shots and hunts in general
  • Maintained Factory Safety Values: This is a fact that is attributed to the product’s center mounted pivoting safety system. You are thus sure that you will not be harmed by the trigger
  • Overall Efficiency: The Glock Trigger has been designed with features that will reduce the pre-travel hassles, the overall travel tribulations, and the reset distance


  • It is not compatible with the Gen 4 trigger bar

This is mainly a Gen 3 stock trigger but also performs well with almost all the other Glock models except the Gen 4. It has been designed for an improved overall performance, starting from the time you are at home preparing to pack it, during travel, reassembly and above all, the performance on the field. It is an investment worth being considered.


Editor Rating

This product features a machined aluminum construction that helps in the elimination of that mushy feel that is characterized by the factory plastic parts. Its design features some closely held tolerance levels that ultimately removes the trigger slop and frees the movement for consistency and smooth trigger let off. Rarely do you hear of its users being dissatisfied with its performance.

Benefits of the Product

  • Improved Overall Feel: The machined aluminum used in the construction is smoothly finished to give this product a smoother and comfortable feel as compared to the feel you get from the factory product.
  • Maintained Safety Precautions: The trigger features a wider area, with some contoured edges making it easier on the finger and as secure as the factory trigger
  • Easy Installation: It comes with a drop-in installation, meaning it doesn’t need any modification or gunsmith works.
  • Retained Factory Performance: Unlike other Glock triggers that come with a more pull weight than the factory’s, this one maintains the same trigger pull weight.


  • Price

This is a well designed and constructed unit that features an all-polished contact parts, thus offering not only a great shooting performance but also a great feel on your hand. If you aren't running on a tight budget, I would highly recommend that you go for it.


There are quite a number of Glock triggers out there. Some of the most reliable triggers are designed and constructed in the USA. As you look for the best Glock trigger to buy, it will be prudent that you first take your time to understand exactly what the best features of a Glock trigger are. You should also understand how to look for these features and where to get the best. With such data and information at your fingertips, you will not go wrong with your choices. Good Luck!

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