Demystifying The Best 1911 Magazines Buying Process

The magazine is an essential accessory as far as the functioning of the 1911 rifle is concerned. The problem is that often too many hunters and other shooters do induce problems in the functionality of their guns by using some faulty or incompatible magazines. The process of choosing the best 1911 magazines is, therefore, one that needs a lot of attention and investment in terms of resources, time inclusive. Below is a guide that will help any newbie to end up with top range products.

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Reviews of the 5 Best 1911 Magazines

Metalform - 1911 9MM Magazines


This is magazine features the traditional design but comes with an increased capacity of 9-rounds. It features a blued carbon natural-finish stainless steel construction and measures approximately 5-inches. You get the option of choosing between the flat steel or the round steel follower options, both of which have been designed to give a resultant positive round feeding no matter the bullet types.

Benefits of the Product

  • Lasting solution, in the accuracy of feeding of all bullets types, the wadcutter inclusive
  • Concave safety orange nylon follower holds an additional round
  • Easy to clean, thanks to the removable steel plate
  • Versatile enough and accepts bumper pads too thus an even more improved versatility
  • Extra Front Ramp Configuration and Welded Base features.


  • Will not perform well with the Kimber

This is the premier American-designed and constructed magazine for the 1911 pistol types. This magazine is specifically designed for the colt and has proven over time to be one of the best 1911 magazines for these types of guns. And with the quality stainless steel construction that is stainless matter finished, the product is not only durable but also appealing to the eye.

COLT - 1911 22LR Magazines

This magazine has been designed for the 22LR caliber. It comes with a capacity of 12 and features a stainless steel finish. The Colt 22LR 1911 magazine is one of the cheapest good quality magazines that I can recommend to you. It has been manufactured with the same materials and to the same tolerance and specifications as those of the magazine that comes with the 1911 Colt tactical rimfire.

Benefits of the Product

  • Durability: It features a stainless steel construction with the follower and floorplate featuring polymer. These enhance the durability of the product.
  • Perfect Performance: You will always want to go back for another day of plinking at the range, thanks to its great performance and accuracy.
  • Varied Options: The product comes in the 10 and 12-round size options thus being able to accommodate your state requirements
  • Pricing: It is the cheapest magazine that I would recommend to a friend.


  • Limited: The magazine can only fit the 1911 Colt rimfire pistols produced by Walther.

For a newbie who is still running on a tight budget, this is your ultimate choice. It is the best 1911 magazine at a cost range of about $20.

Nighthawk custom - 1911 45ACP Magazines


For a magazine type that has been hardened thus making it able to withstand the heavy use in the field, this Nighthawk custom option would highly be recommended. It features a stainless steel construction that has been polished thus allowing for easy dropping of the magazine from the Mag well. And to complement on this durability, the follower features a polymer/fiberglass composite construction.

Benefits of the product

  • Durability: The stainless steel, polymer/fiberglass composite construction makes this magazine to be one of the most durable 1911 magazines in the market.
  • Aesthetics: Its stainless steel finish is not only good for the efficiency of the magazine but also gives the product a much-desired beauty.
  • Performance: It results in accurate shots and will serve you even after you have shot hundreds of rounds.


  • It has a limited capacity of just 7-rounds

The Nighthawk Custom magazine has proven to be a leader in the market and one of the best 1911 magazines as it produces perfect performance just like their custom pistols. The fit is perfect and the reliability superseded the factory specs.

Nighthawk Custom - 1911 Stainless Steel Magazines

This is yet another great magazine by Nighthawk. It also features a stainless steel construction and comes with a standard .45 ACP base pad. This standard thickness ensures sure loading in addition to the extra length for enhanced grip. It comes in the 8(Government) or the 7 (Officer) round capacity options.

Benefits of the Magazine

  • Great Ergonomics: The extra-thick stainless steel construction ensures tight tolerance. The body also features a smooth welded seam which has carefully been polished for the elimination of burrs and rough spots that could otherwise snag the follower.
  • Durability: The body features a stainless steel construction whereas the follower is polymer/fiberglass composite made for increased durability and versatility.
  • 2 Options: You have the description of choosing whether to own the 7 or the 8 capacity magazine.
  • Good Protection: When dropped, the removable 360-inch thick polymer composite base that extends below the Mag body offers added protection


  • Capacity: For users who want higher capacities such as 12-round capacity, this magazine only offers a maximum of 8-round capacity option

This is one of the best molded 1911 magazines, coming with great ergonomics and durability features. It smoothly slides into and out of the gun hence great when it comes to loading and offloading. It great accuracy is its best advantage, though.

Tripp Research, Inc. - 1911 45ACP Cobra Magazines

This product features a stainless steel body that is complemented with a hybrid polymer/steel follower for the best durability in the market. It is arguably the best 1911 magazine that you can lay your hands upon. It comes with a unique steel portion that engages the slide catch to prevent premature wear and tear of the follower.

Benefits of the Product

  • It is made available in the officer and government options hence you won’t miss out on the product that meets your state regulations
  • The 8-round magazine comes with a polymer base pad with the 7-round coming with either the polymer base pad or the welded base options. Both are great in durability
  • It has uniquely been designed to ensure that the follower doesn’t quickly wear hence an even added functional and durability feature.


  • It is one of the most expensive 1911 magazines the in the market

1911 Magazine Categories

Modern 1911 magazine feed lips have been classed into three broad categories:

a) The GI Spec Magazine Feed Lips

These have solely been designed for the FMJ ball ammunition feeding. The lips are tapered toward the rear and are long enough, two features that are primarily responsible for the maintenance of the cartridge’s full control through its feeding and firing cycle. It generally comes in the 7-round capacity and is hard to find aftermarket.

b) The Hybrid Spec Magazine Feed Lips

These allow the rounds to spring free of the control sooner in the feeding cycle thus improving the reliability of the feeding process of non-hardball ammunition which include the wadcutters and hollow points. The lips feature a shorter design but conserve the taper borrowed from the GI derivatives.

c) The Wadcutter Spec Magazine Feed Lips

These feature a parallel and short design and are specifically constructed for the wadcutter problem. They have been designed to help avoid double feeds when shorter rounds in overall lengths are used. This is done through the preservation of the intended feeding angle that comes out of the rifle magazine.

Factors of Consideration When Choosing the Best 1911 Magazines

a) Manufacturer

For the newbie, it will be prudent for you to shop your magazine only from the most reliable and established manufacturers. Leave those less popular companies for those pros who have been buying these products for years now thus being able to identify if they are being duped or not. In any case, these pros also frequently give the less popular companies a back so should you. The good thing with these established companies is the fact that they have a heritage to defend and they will defend it at whatever cost. The only way of defending such a heritage is by producing quality products. Some of the most reliable manufacturers where you are sure of getting some of the best 1911 magazines in the market include Colt, Wilson ETM, Power Mag, Tripp Industries, Metalform and Chip McCormick.

b) Concealment

When you are buying a product for your pistol, you need a magazine that is easy to conceal, lest the pistol loses its meaning. The best 1911 magazines will have flush length tubes hence making them easy to conceal. On the other side, if the magazine you are shopping for would be used on the bigger guns, this subject of concealment should not bother you much.

c) Pressure

Different magazines come with different pressures hence different functions. In rare cases would you need to shop for a magazine that has low release pressure? The best 1911 magazines have high pressures that make them able to lead the lot in terms of performance. It is always almost the case that all the extended magazines have got enough pressure for incredible performances. On the other hand, not all the short magazines have such amounts of pressure. The best 1911 magazines amongst the short categories will have features such as additional springs that are provided to boost these pressures.

d) Craftworks and Finishing

The way a magazine is finished will determine not only its durability but also the aesthetics. Some of the best 1911 magazines, though they are really being avoided, will come with some pleasing reflective finishes on them. On the same subject, ensure that as much as it is thus reflective and aesthetically appealing, neither the grip nor the reloads should be inhibited. Most of the traditional shiny products used to lack a good grip thus affecting the reload hence the reason why they were being avoided. Avoid a magazine not because it is shiny but rather because its shiny finish affects other important functional features.

On the other side, go for a product that comes with a sense of a solid heft and is tight enough. Let it be so solid that upon loading of the rounds, no flimsy roll and shake rattle will be felt.

e) Ease of Use

You definitely know that you will need to keep on inserting and ejecting your magazine from your gun. Unfortunately, when buying these products, most of the people always forget this aspect yet it needs a lot of consideration. The best 1911 magazines are those that are smooth and slick to insert and eject.

f) Budget

It is a common fact that cheaper products are in most cases always also cheap in quality and performance. In other words, it is always almost the case that the more expensive a product is, the better its quality and performance. A quality magazine will in most cases cost $30 and above. If you, therefore, find a product selling for $10, the deal will be too sweet hence you should think twice.

g) New Vs Aftermarket Magazines

Though there are a number f times when you got a deal upon buying an aftermarket product, you are at more risk buying an aftermarket product than going for the new ones. You really want to go for a new product that comes with a manufacturer warranty. The aftermarket products on the other side don’t have warranties and if you get a wrong deal, you will have no choice but to look for another one. This is a loss of resources.


A magazine is one of the most essential accessories in any gun. In fact, this is one of the most important parts as far as the determination of the rifle’s accuracy is concerned. If you get it right with the magazine, your chances of getting it right with the gun are increased a great deal. Unfortunately, most shooters take this subject with less seriousness, an aspect that has really ended up costing them a lot. Through this guide, you will be able to land yourself on the best 1911 magazine that your money and the market have to offer.

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