PSE Brute X Compound Bow Review

Welcome to my PSE Brute X review. A compound bow known to have the best value for money in the archery market, the PSE Brute looks badass and shoots tough. This big-boy among compound bows offers a range of options and settings that encourage you to get better with each session. Of course, it is great for the beginner as well as a seasoned archer.

PSE Brute X Compound Bow Review

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Core Features – Raw Power & More

Sold in a ready-to-use kit, the box contains all you need to get started on your archery lessons. There is more to the Brute than some beginner archers will realize, like how the PSE Brute can rival compound bows twice its price.

  • The drawing cycle is so smooth that amateurs will enjoy working with the bow rather than feel it is a chore to do so.
  • With little to no vibrations, this is also a surprisingly silent bow.
  • The Valley, based on the Brute’s design, could do with more width.
  • Along with the product package comes a: peep sight, Gemini 3-pin sight, hush kit, nock loop, wrist sling, Whisker biscuit rest, a 6-arrow quiver with quick-detach feature, and a Flextech stabilizer equipped with a string stop.
  • The bow is placed prominently in the package and has the usual components: cables, limbs, cam eccentric system, riser, and string.
  • It comes in one color, Mossy Oak; a rather military collage.

Since it comes fully assembled, you can take the bow out and start shooting, literally. You merely need to sight it in by sending a few arrows out, and you are good to go. Whether it is practice or actual hunting, the bow can be set up accordingly.

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Brutish Elegance – Functions & More

The sheer balance of features on the PSE Brute says a lot about this compound bow. Everything on it is practical. While nothing is reallyt for show, it still leaves the Brute looking beautiful.

  • There is a world’s worth of benefits in one bow and the price is actually cheap compared to other compounds out there.
  • With HushKit dampeners already integrated into the bow, it reduces noise as well as vibration levels.
  • Hand-shock is non-existent. This is because the acceleration of the limbs produces energy that does not come close to the riser. This is because the limbs are parallel, making for an excellent design feature.
  • According to the IBO speed rating (30-inch draw length, 70 lbs. draw weight. 350 grain arrows), the Brute can attain 320 FPS. This is exquisitely fast as arrow speeds go. However, do not be surprised if real-life speeds for the Brute are lower than this; IBO ratings are not known for their exactitude but serve their informational purpose.
  • The comparatively narrow Valley is tricky; the one glaring con in this bow. The wall is steady and reliable for arrow nocking and the Valley is wide enough to acclimate to, whatever its shortcoming.
  • One of the principal features is the draw, which is smooth as butter. However, something has to give, and that is how much energy the limbs are capable of storing; a little less than optimum for smoothness to stay sublime. The balance of power and smoothness, though, are almost one of a kind.
  • The eccentric cams system is the result of Madness Pro’s genius. Essentially a single system, it is made up of a round idler wheel (top) and power-cam (bottom). The system has no synchronization features; result of a single cam design. This is good news where maintenance is concerned.
  • Again, something has to give. Non-synchornization results in a skewed line of draw that affects nock travel. Accuracy is then affected, but no worries, it is negligible.
  • Tuning is made remarkably simple thanks to the cam’s laser-engraved notches.
  • You can reduce vibrations and consequently noise by relying on a cushioned stop.
  • There is a 0.5-inch increment measure to increase the Brute’s draw length from the 25- to 30-inch mark.
  • A machined aluminium riser with a Raptor grip is ideal for small to large palm sizes. Personal preference kicks in when you have excessively large hands, which makes the bow tricky to hold when shooting.

The fact that the PSE Brute is made in the split-limb design has rendered the bow gorgeous; there is no real practical appeal to that as opposed to solid limbs. Together, the limbs and riser are lightweight, durable, and extremely strong. It is going to take a lot of heavy beating to break the Brute.

PSE Brute X Review: Pros and Cons


  • Split-limb design is beautiful and durability-oriented
  • Smoothest draw
  • No hand-shock
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Lightweight yet supremely sturdy
  • Super-fast arrows
  • Eccentric cams system is singular; no maintenance
  • Easy tuning


  • Valley needs more width
  • Unusually big hands will find the grip tricky

In Conclusion

After reading this PSE Brute X review, you can realize that this is one of the top five best compound bow choices for beginners in most lists. Everything about it is balanced and packed to the full.

The Hush kit is a collection of rubber dampeners attached to the limbs. They reduce both vibration and noise, making them crucial for hunting expeditions.

The string stop’s tip is rubberized and prevents vibration once the arrow leaves its roost. This certainly improves shooting experience.

Nearly everything we bulleted so far are pros for the Brute. Its one con is that the Valley is narrower than it needs to be.

In this fashion, the Brute is a study in beauty and balance. The price of $549 is low compared to what this PSE bow brings to archery.

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