Best Compound Bow for the Money : 2018 Reviews and Guide

Before setting out to buy a compound bow, it’s worth understanding that there is nothing as a perfect compound bow. In essence, the best compound bow for one person with certain interests and responsibilities may not be the best for another. Different bows come with different characteristics thus a unit’s appalling nature depends on each archer.

Most of the beginners in the shooting game will seek for lightweight, smooth to draw and super powerful unit that’s relatively shock-proof, small, quiet and easy to tune not forgetting a high let-off. Similarly, those intending to achieve a cheap course with their bows will obviously need a cheap tool. Even the most expensive compound bow won’t have all these above mentioned features thus the need to sacrifice those features that are of much importance to your course.

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As a result of the above, there is need for one to know some of the features that should be considered when you are going for a given bow instead of the other. With the help of compound bow reviews in conjunction with a clear understanding of each specifications & features and what each bow has for you, buying a compound bow will no longer be a tall order.

One of the best ways of getting the best bow is by reading through some of the compound bow reviews. Below are some five bows you can consider going for.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Compound Bow on the Market

PSE Brute X Left Hand Bow, 60-Pound, Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity

PSE Brute X Left Hand Bow, 60-Pound, Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity

Editor Rating

The amazing PSE Brute has been redesigned to incorporate the x-technology. The bow features preloaded split limbs, a new pivoting-limb pocketing feature, a machined riser that’s all new etc. it also comes with posi-lock inner cam that makes it possible for ½-inch adjustments. In addition, multi sight mounting holes, a backstop and the raptor grip are just among the many features that makes this model to be a real standout amongst the crowd. This could well be one of the best compound bow for money 2017.

Special Features

  • An elegant mossy oak color
  • Features a 312 to 320 FPS
  • An Axle length of 31-inches

This has become a leading force as far among the hybrid-cam and high performance category. It has surpassed the single-cam bow that had been a formidable force over the past years.


  • A draw length of 25-inches to 30-inches
  • A let-off setting of 75%
  • A brace height of 7¼-inches


  • Finish options are limited to two only

The compound bow is amazing, versatile, durable and functional to almost everyone. It is therefore worth buying it as it will become one of your most treasured tools.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Editor Rating

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro-Bow is among the best seller bows in the market. Just as its name suggests, its features define a bow that has been packed with accessories, features and specifications which have an edge over all its competitors. With a draw length that has been extended to 31-inches, it can comfortably be used by the longer-draw archers. Its solid back wall has been engineered to add more power together with versatility and the cam system, which has completely been redesigned, provides a smooth draw cycle that’s incredible. All in all, this is one of the most ideal compound bows for new hunters.

Special Features

  • A solid back wall that’s responsible for the added versatility
  • An increased let-off setting of 80%
  • Features a draw length range that’s widely expanded


  • Infinite draw setting
  • An extended draw length that favors longer draw archers
  • A three pin sight together with a quiver and an arrow rest among others
  • It is a multi shooter bow


  • The sight is not the best in low or bad light

You get value for your money with such kind of a bow that features numerous accessories in the package which include: a three-pin tundra sight, the infinite Edge Pro Bow itself, hostage extra large arrow rest, a tube peep sight, a DeadLock lite octane quiver, a comfort wrist sling, a BCY string loop and a five-inch ultra-lite octane stabilizer.

Infinite Edge Bow Package

Infinite Edge Bow Package - best compound bow reviews 2017

Editor Rating

This bow performs well with right handlers. It comes; ready to aim and with maximum adjustability that meets the unlimited value. The tool is very versatile (which it itself has made it one of the best compound bow for money 2016 and may be the ultimate bow you have been looking for thus the last you will ever buy. In real sense, if you are interested in a tool that will offer you dependability throughout your development as an archer, then the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow Package for Right Handers is the tool to go for.

Special Features

  • The accessory is packed with a three pin Apex sight
  • It’s a multi shooter bow
  • An incredible draw length that ranges between 13-30”
  • A draw weight that incredibly ranges from 5 to 70lbs


  • Features an infinite draw settings thus a perfect tool for training sessions
  • 7-inch brace height
  • 31-inch axle to axle
  • Has a Hostage extra large Arrow rest
  • Tube peep sight
  • Features an octane DeadLock Lite Quiver
  • BCY String Loop


  • Not suitable for professionals

With this bow, you will be able to learn shootings as well as using it professionally. Its versatility can’t go unnoticed that can’t go unmentioned. Just give it a try and for sure, you will get value for your money.

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow

Editor Rating

Are you interested in giving yourself shooting lessons that will develop you into a pro shooter with talents in archery? Then you need to by this SAS compound bow and you will have a gear that features durability together with high quality in your store. This is an excellent compound bows for new hunters. Back pivoting limb pockets have been designed to accommodate the limbs while a riser gives the bow a curb appeal. To make the bow to look appealing, there are a number of cutouts within the riser for this purpose.

Special Features

  • Features an outstanding and very attractive autumn camouflage color
  • Has compressed ABS limbs engineered for long life


  • Comes with a maximum speed of 270 FPS
  • Draw weight of between 55 and 70 pounds
  • Draw length of 26-inches to 30-inches
  • 35-inch axle to axle


The compressed ABS limb is responsible for spanning balance, strength and weight thus enabling the tool to have a long life of maximum performance. It features a strong piece limb that has layers and is used for drawing weight up to seventy pounds. Loosening the bolt decreases the draw weight by five pounds and vice versa. It is a bow you will love to use.

Genesis Bow

 Roll over image to zoom in Genesis Original Bow

Editor Rating

The genesis compound bow is one of the bows that can be used by almost anyone as it flexibly adjusts to suit different purposes. Other than just performance, the bow comes in a variety of wonderful cool colors to choose from. In a nutshell, these are designs that feature the “next generation”. Their easy adjustability makes them to be among the best starter bows to use in growing and developing skills. Kids will not outgrow it. The Genesis have great compound bow draw weight adjustments. Special features

Special Features

  • This is an official National Archery compound bow in the schools program
  • It has been machined from the 6061-T6 aluminum with the riser having been engineered and built to offer optimum balance, very lightweight and very durable
  • Features a composite split-limb build
  • Comes with a cable slide, a lower mount cable guard made of stainless steel, a molded competition grip together with an arrow rest that features the NAP flipper-style. A riser has also been drilled & tapped for holding accessories


  • Zero let-off together with a lightweight adjustable from ten to twenty# draw weight.
  • Has a draw stop that’s easy to adjust-an Allen wrench is provided and that’s all you need to change the draw stop from 18.5-inches to 30-inches.
  • Cable guard features stainless steel that’s Teflon coated. It also has one of the better compound bows cable slide
  • Molded competition grips
  • Machined idler wheel together with machined Aluminum Genesis ProCam


  • A myth that it is only suitable for kids

This is a unit that’s truly dynamic and can be used by a wide range of people.

Things to keep in mind while buying a compound bow

Right-hand or left-hand bow?

There is an assumption that a right-handed person will automatically be a right handed shooter thus needing a right-handed bow. This is also the same case with the left-handed persons. Well! This is a thought that has no base and can only be concluded as false. You do not necessarily need to shop for the best compound bow for left-handed archers, a normal one can often prove perfect. It is important that your coach assesses you so as to help you determine the exact bow that will do well with you. This is because when it comes to such activities like bow shooting, it has been common to get a good number of right-handers being left shooters and the vice versa. The type of bow, as far as the right-hand or left-hand is concerned is not determined by the fact that one is left-handed or right-handed. Your fitness is the primary factor that determines your ability to shoot well.

The shooting power of the compound bow

Four elements are essential in determining the power of a bow and these are:

  • the draw weight
  • the arrow’s weight and
  • the brace height
  • the draw length

What draw weight range do you need?

The draw weight of the compound bow equals power. The best bows are those that have heavy draws. One unit that weighs 50 pounds may be capable of performing better than the other with the same draw weight of 50 pounds. However, there is a very miniscule difference. The ability of a bow to accelerate a projectile is only made possible by the ability to release the energy that has been stored in the limbs, energy that got to the limbs after being transferred from the muscles. This therefore means that there are no exceptions when it comes draw weight as a powerful bow is only that with a heavy draw.

What draw length do you need?

When it comes to the draw length, you need to consider the longest possible length which you are able to withstand. For target practice, it is important that you go for the bows with the longest possible draw length because the longer it is, the more accurate the bow will be. Hunters on the other side get better results with shorter lengths. If you are a beginner, the best length to choose from is between 38” and 44”.

What type of arrows do you need?

IBO Speed Tests & FPS

Compound bows are accompanied with a Feet per Second (FPS) rating which is the acceleration reached by the bow right after the bow rest is released. The arrow weight together with the draw weight among other factors determines the speed of the arrow. The International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) has set a standard used for the measurement of speed ratings this making FPS ratings to be relatively more consistent within the industry. As a result of this, all the bows with FPS ratings next to them have been measured as per the IBO standards. These are:

  • 30-inch draw length
  • 350 grain arrow and
  • 70 pound-draw weight.

Buying an arrow that rates 340FPS but weighs 60 pounds means that the bow will be slower as the speed was tested using the 70lbs IBO requirement. The arrows must also not be heavier than the 350 grain even if you use a 70 pound draw weight arrow. This is a useful factor to consider when you are looking for the best compound bow for youth.

What let-off setting to you need or prefer?

Most of the compound bows in the today’s market are designed with a let-off setting of between 75 percent and 80 percent though some models (for professional archer competitions) are made with 65 percent let-off. The let-off setting is an indication of the mechanical relaxation that’s applied when the string is fully drawn. This implies that if it takes sixty pounds to draw your tool, the value will be reduced by 80% if you are using an 80 percent let-off thus making the holding, aiming and fully drawing the bow for extended periods a trivially simple experience. You need to consider these factors when shopping for the compound bow let-off.

How to shoot a Compound Bow


It is an important thing that you ensure due diligence before you make a purchase. Ensure that you have all the considerations in place before you check on the compound bow reviews after, which you can now execute. Buying a compound bow becomes easier when you have mastered all these factors in your finger tips. Other than all these considerations, a shooting coach and a reliable sport equipment store does you a lot of good when it comes to choosing the best compound bow for yourself.

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