Acquisition of the best 9mm carbine in the market is a great step anyone can make in their quest for home defense. If you are a novice, the time has come for you to ponder upon the rifle subject and wonder which type would be the best for your home defense. If you thought this was a question that bothers just you, then you are wrong. Even some pros that have been in this field for some time now will at one point just start thinking of the same subject as they wonder whether the arm they have in their discretion is the best or not. You want a weapon that has the capacity of stopping an aggressor without the risk of penetrating those walls of your house and neighborhood thus potentially striking your neighbor, family or pet.

​In most cases, people tend to want a lightweight firearm that is accurate, fast, reliable and dependable. They tend to want a rifle that they can easily maneuver with even in the smallest of spaces thus it needs to be short enough. In most cases, for a novice, the gun that comes to their thoughts is the pistol. The question is, is this your best solution. Regardless of whether you are going for a rifle or a pistol, there are some features that you have to put in consideration as you go through the selection process of the best 9mm carbine.

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Factors of Consideration

a) Barrel Length

This is one of the main advantages of a carbine. In general, carbines are associated with long barrel lengths. It is therefore important that you go for the longest barrel possible. The best 9mm carbines come with barrel lengths of around 16 inches. The benefits of long barrels are numerous. First, longer barrels are known to have reduced recoil. Even before you can add a dampener on any type of rifle, as long as there is a long barrel, the recoil is reduced, thus minimalist noise and accuracy interference.

​Secondly the longer barrels are known to capture burning powder with the best possible market efficiency. This in return increases the projectile velocity, a great aspect in not only the guns needed for self defense but also hunting among other activities.​

b) Weight

It is no argument that the lightweight rifles are always the most preferred and this applies to the 9mm carbines as well. The best 9mm carbines come with lightweight construction of less than 6 pounds though around 7 pounds is acceptable. Depending on what you want to do with the carbines, you will have to consider this factor a great deal. If you are interested in a personal defense weapon that can be concealed, then the best 9mm carbines will be those that weigh 5 pounds and below other than being small in size.

​c) Price

The pricing factor is a universal factor that affects not only the gun industry but any other product in the market. It is always almost the case that a 9mm carbine that is double price of another will have twice as much accessories, features, durability, reliability and performance. It is therefore always advisable that if money and experience aren’t issues to you, make your choice from the high range products. The phrase buy once and cry once has never been true than now.

​d) Capacity

There are so many magazines in the market and ideally, you need a magazine that is known to have a big capacity. You really don’t know how long the cat and mouse game will take between you and an intruder hence the need for better defense by being more loaded. Most of the carbines in the market have traditionally had a capacity of 10 and below. Today, we have some with 15 with the best having a capacity of 20 and 32/33. Just juggle around and notice what you want to do with the rifle after which you can choose accordingly from the available magazines.

Reviews of the 5 Best 9mm Carbines

KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Semiautomatic Tactical Rifles

Editor Rating

It is a blowback operated firearm with semiautomatic action, whose operating springs has been located within the tubular stock. Feeding is done from a grip-located magazine and is compatible with most of the magazines designed for pistols. It is an easy to handle rifle, coming with a lightweight 4 pound feature and is one of the best 9mm carbines in the market

Special Features

  • Adjustable and foldable stock
  • Better ergonomics for improved pistol grips
  • New sling attachment points
  • 4 pound lightweight design
  • Fun and functional
  • Blow-back operated semi automatic action
  • 16.1” barrel length
  • 29.5-inch overall open length
  • 16-inch folded length
  • Glock 17 magazine type
  • Matte black finish and black polymer Forend and grip
  • 6 rifle grooves and 1:16-inch twist
  • Accessories include a brass security key, 10-round magazine, sight adjustment tool, lock and a manual


  • Inexpensive among the carbines
  • Foldable and slim thus easy storage and transportation handling
  • Very reliable and better accuracy at longer ranges than most pistols
  • Super lightweight construction
  • Rarely needs cleanup
  • Longer sight radius and more velocity than most 9mm carbines


  • Expensive alternative to the AR-15s among other rifles
  • Demand is higher than supply hence takes you a struggle to get a piece
  • Not ambidextrous

The unique feature of this rifle is its ability to fold into a half thus making transportation and storage much easier. It is also very slim thereby taking very little space when in storage. Worth noting that the gun can be fired when it’s in the folded state. All in all, the rifle qualifies to be ranked tops in the list of the best 9mm carbines the market has to offer.

CMMG MK9 T Semi-Auto Rifle

Editor Rating

The Mk9-T is an excellent choice for those who want something having the feel and look of ARs yet they don’t really want to buy the 5.56 rifles. As far as great looks, comfortable feel and impeccable performance are concerned, the Mk9 T is one of the best 9mm carbines you can ever buy. It comes with a flattop design which readily accepts optic mounts and would give great performance if paired with a hi-tech red dot sight. And with a weight of 6.3 pounds, the rifle is easy to transport and store.

Special Features

  • 6.3 pounds weight and 32-inches long
  • 16” M-4 profile barrel featuring 4140 steel construction
  • Blow-back operation
  • 6-position collapsed telescoping stock
  • 1:10-inch barrel twist
  • 7075 T-6 aluminum forged upper and lower receivers
  • Mil-spec single stage trigger


  • Comes with incredible reliability and accuracy
  • Ergonomically designed for best feel and looks
  • Medium weight. Not very heavy
  • Runs smoothly
  • Nifty and compact design


  • It is an expensive 9mm carbine
  • Doesn’t accepts an array of magazines
  • Comes with no sights
  • No bolt hold open

This is not just any other close to accurate rifle but is a very accurate one having zero recoil. It is one of the best 9mm carbines for many professionals who have successfully used it for home protection over time now.

The Rock River Arms LAR-9 CAR A4

Editor Rating

To begin with, Rock River Arms are credited for the great construction of custom 1911 pistols. Today, they are in the rifle business as well and they came with a bang!!! Their LAR-9 is an A4 model, coming with a 16” barrel, M4-style forend, a fixed front sight, rubber pistol grip, A2 flash hider and a collapsible stock. It comes with a length of 36 inches and a weight of 7.1 pounds, making it one of the largest among the best 9mm carbines.

Special Features

  • 36-inches overall length and 7.1 pounds weight
  • A2 flash hide
  • Straight-blowback operation system
  • Fixed front sight and fixed rear sight
  • 16-ich barrel length
  • Collapsible stock
  • Rubber pistol grip
  • Customizable with various handguards, pistol grips, buttstocks, muzzle brakes, triggerguards. Gas blocks, safety selectors and front sights
  • Double stack ,32-round magazine


  • LAR-9 features the appearance and action of AR-15
  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Soft grip
  • Cost effective and realistic training
  • Good finish
  • Very pleasant accuracy


  • Cheaper 9mm carbines are available

For the best 9mm carbine that will do you a lot of justice in your tactical training, this is a great asset in deed. It is a quality firearm that is capable of delivering those essential fight-stopping accurate shots in a more economical chambering.

Editor Rating

And here is one of the best 9mm carbines for the newbie who has no experience in shooting yet but is much in need of a rifle for home defense. This is an inexpensive construction that features alloy metals and polymers, two materials that are greatly credited for the reduction of the unit’s production cost. The length is 32.5 inches with a 5.75lbs weight thus an average weapon in terms of size.

Special Features

  • 32.5-inches length and 5.75 pounds weight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 10-round standard capacity magazine
  • Scope base, swivels and sling
  • Black all-weather polymer stock
  • Weaver style rails
  • Quick on/off thumb safety
  • Fully adjustable sights


  • Averagely lightweight but still very strong
  • Great pricing
  • Great plinking or home defense gun for casual shooters
  • Compact design and fun to shoot
  • Unbeatable warranty


  • Not good looking and comes with zero fancy features
  • Cheaply made plastics gives it a toy-like look and feel
  • Limited to 15 and 10-shot propriety magazines
  • It is a tall order to disassemble
  • The design of the unit’s safety isn’t the great

The reason for the weapon’s popularity is its great price to performance ratio. With great accuracy, durability, lifetime warranty to even the third owner and great performance, for a product to cost less than $300 means it is the best 9mm carbine in terms of price. The newbie should take advantage of this unit.

Editor Rating

This is the best 9mm carbine for those interested in personal defense, sporting as well as law enforcement. The product was mainly designed for use with the Berretta semi-automatic pistols thus many compatible accessories such as the magazines and sights etc. This carbine comes with a Pica tinny rail which is extendable and collapsible. And for better targeting, the product comes with adjustable iron sights.

Special Features

  • Blowback operated system
  • ​16.6-inch barrel chambered
  • Self loading carbine
  • PX4 14-round detachable pistol magazines
  • All polymer carbine featuring 5.8 lbs weight
  • An accessory rail space
  • Adjustable sights
  • Single action trigger 8”, 10z pull


  • Totally reliable weapon, zero jams
  • Very quiet performance when using subsonic ammunition
  • Availability of different ammo options
  • Very cool looking and great quality


  • 20-round magazines are quite costly
  • Suppressors can’t be fitted
  • Low capacity, less than 20-round magazines
  • 100-yards range is quite reduced

It is quite expensive in the list but who doesn’t know that the weapon you get when you spend a little bit more is inarguably better than the lowly priced weapons. If you want a rifle that will combine as a home defense, personal defense, sporting product and law enforcement arm, then this is the best 9mm carbine for you.


There is no one rifle for all that can be classified as the best 9mm carbine. This is due to the simple reason that what I need my gun for is not what you want to use it for. Someone else will want to use his for hunting while another for self protection and yet another for home protection or target shooting. It all narrows down to exactly what you want to use this rifle for. All in all, the baseline should be accuracy, reliability, durability and great performance in general. Get your unit today!



  1. The article begins with a picture of a CZ Scorpion EVO3 which i am interested in but there is no mention of it in the article. Wondering if it did not make the best carbine list but used the pic because it looks cool or hadn’t reviewed it at the time of article or something? Do you have a review for this particular carbine? Thanks for all of your work!

  2. FYI on the Beretta, you can purchase a 30 round mag in the 92 series. I carry one with my handgun.
    Was not that pricey.

  3. This article must had been written pre the release of the PX4 BY Freedom Munitions 9mm ar carbine taking glock mags . I believe this gem will give the other over priced varients a run for their money . It is sold at this time only at Classic firearms .com

  4. Hi, what about the Colt,Wilson Combat these guns are 9mm in a carbine style.
    Also can you do an article for the AR15 carbine 9mm that accept Glock mags. I am looking to buy one , but I am very new to this market and I have been looking . I’m just afraid to purchase the wrong rifle. I carry everyday 9mm Glock 19 or 26 (depending on the task that day). Almost everyone make Glock mags so getting them in a fair purchase seems easy.
    Thank you very for your time


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