For the newbie hunters, it would be wise for you to consider the 22LR rifles and not just any 22LR rifle but the best 22LR Rifle in the market. The 22LR (Long Rifle) is always an attractive rifle to novice shooters and the varmint hunters due to their simplicity for practice together with hunting before one can consider graduating to other forms of rifles. The lightweight feature together with the cheap rounds for these products can be other reasons why many people are really going for them today.

​So many practical uses of these rifles have been explored with both the enthusiastic professionals as well as novices finding it an excellent tool in one way or the other. Though professionals may not need this gun on a regular basis, the 22LR rifle is the best bet for beginners and kids.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best 22LR Rifles

1. Semi Auto or Bolt-Action

Both the two types are able to deliver great results hence should not be a major concern when you are looking for the best 22LR rifles. However, by practice, the bolt –action rifles always deliver better results than their semi auto counterparts.

a) Price

The rule of the thumb is that you will always get what you pay for. It is thus recommended that you consider saving as much as possible for your rifles. The cheaper ones go for less than $200 and have very basic features. On the other hand, the best 22LR Rifles will go for up to over $400 but come with better performance and durability features. The cheapest bolt-action types go for around $220.

​b) Magazines

A standard feature in these products is the detachable magazine. Semi autos would at times come with two magazines, with one being inbuilt. The semi-automatics will generally feature faster loading and reloading.

​c) Speed

Semi autos are obviously faster than the bolt-action types hence if you are really interested in a rifle that you can fire faster, your best bet would outright be the semi autos. This doesn’t however mean that the semi autos are the best 22LR Rifles, due to the simple fact that there comes activities that may need slower but more accurate shots.

​d) Accuracy

On the subject of accuracy, the semi autos will give the bolt-action thumbs high. Bolt-action types are very accurate, giving the semi autos a run for the money.

e) Ballistics​

For years, if not decades now, bolt-action rifles have proven to be the best 22LR Rifles when it comes to long range ballistics. This is an advantageous feature if at all you are looking for a gun that you will use to hunt animals at long distances.

​As a whole, the bolt action would be the best 22LR Rifles. This is due to accuracy and its ability to take less ammunition as when compared with the semi autos. Remember there is scarcity of ammunition today.

2. Rifle Style & Type

There are a number of 22LR rifles, which may include pistols. Of course each person has a style of preference and as long as the rifles of choice offers you the best accuracy, grip and comes with more features that you love, don’t bother with it is a long gun or a short gun.

3. Sights and Scopes

For your hunting expeditions to come out successful, you need the best sighting aids as a priority. Most of the 22LR rifles today come with sights and scopes but take time to ensure that your choice of rifle has the best possible scopes and sights with higher magnification. Also ensure that you keep off the heavy center fire as these would throw off the balance of your accessory.

​4. Accuracy

You will not be able to control your shot once the bullet has left the barrel. It is therefore important you ensure the gun is as accurate as possible to send the projectile in the same trajectory as you shot lest you end up with blind shots. A rifle having reduced recoil will absolutely be recommendable.

​5. Reliability

Ensure that as you got for a hunting gun, the best 22LR Rifles will have to be reliable. Checking for reviews and ratings of the gun in question would be one of the best ways of gauging reliability.

Reviews of the 5 Best 22lr Rifles

The Legendary Ruger 1022-best 22lr rifle

Editor Rating

This product could easily pass as the best 22LR Rifles, courtesy of it being an American icon. Having been in production since 1964, the quality of product and performance has enabled it to stand the test of time, gaining popularity in each generation. Its reliability, ease in maintenance, beautifully made construction and great performance are what makes this product to be loved the most by the vast lot of shooters.

Special Features

  • Semi automatic action rifle
  • Rimfire 22LR rifle
  • 5.0 pounds unloaded weight
  • 18½ barrel length
  • 10-round rotary standard block magazine
  • Gold Bead Front and adjustable rear sights
  • 2-position thumb system for safety
  • Cross-button safety feature
  • Brushed aluminum receiver
  • Utilizes a hammer-forged 20-inch heavy stainless steel barrel
  • Synthetic stock 18.5” barrel for the Sporter version, 16.12” for compact and Tactical types


  • Reliable rifle and perfect for small game hunting, plinking and target shooting
  • Scoping it is like ABC
  • Great recoil reduction and accuracy boost
  • Several aftermarket parts
  • Fair rifle price
  • Fast and easy disassembly


  • The trigger can a times be quite very rough
  • Slightly less accurate that other bolt action semi autos
  • Mounting screws of scopes can easily be stripped

Few guns claim the achievement of legendary status like this product does. It is a once-in-a-generation fit for an arm to attain such distinction. And for it to get such reputation, it absolutely has to be one of the best 22LR Rifles of its kind.

Editor Rating

For over 60 years now, Marlin has kept producing the model 60. This is because the sales of this product are never low, thanks to its reliability. If you are looking for an affordable product that doesn’t compromise its performance, then this is your best 22LR Rifle. It features an impressive robust and accurate design for hunting.

Special Features

  • 15-rounds capacity
  • Brass made magazine tube
  • 5.5 pounds
  • Wood stock construction and a 19-inch barrel with patented micro-groove rifling
  • 37.5” overall length
  • .22 caliber
  • Open adjustable rear sights for windage and elevation and ramp front sights. Receiver grooved for enhanced scope mounting
  • Black coated receiver and a blued steel barrel


  • Anti-corrosion brass made magazine tube
  • Lightweight compared to most rifle in higher calibers
  • Great balance
  • Accuracy in performance
  • Great range and good for hunting small animals
  • Great iron sights performance
  • Fast, low recoil and enhanced stability
  • Low noise performance
  • Low pricing , great value


  • Less aftermarket options
  • Less customizable options
  • Limited lethality when it comes to self defense
  • Restriction to your tube magazine hence reduced speed of reloading

This is one of the best 22LR Rifles and the most ideal for hunting small game. It is a semi-automatic rifle with a capacity of 15 rounds, with some of the old models that are now out of production featuring 18-round capacity. It would be a great addition in your safe.

Editor Rating

If you are familiar with the Czech firm Brno, then you can see the resemblance between the two. The Czech firm Brno’s design was used to come up with this upgraded rifle. This long-run bolt gun type features a redesign that meets the tastes of the hunting crazy Americans. It incorporates an impressive receiver design, together with a quick barrel change system making it one of the most versatile rifles, a feature that makes many to love it.

Special Features

  • 5-round magazine
  • Tapped & grooved receiver for 11” CZ scope mounting
  • Leatherwood sniper USMC 8x scope
  • Interchangeable barrel
  • Heavy, cold-hammer-forged non-tapering barrel
  • 20” total length with 1:16 friendly twist rate
  • Elegant Turkish walnut stock
  • 1.7” wide and flat stock forehead great for bench-rest shooting style
  • 7 pound weight and 38.75” overall length


  • Consistent performance and out of the box accuracy
  • Consistency in grouping
  • Great stock sights for open sights
  • Modest pricing
  • A classy, vintage firearm feel and look
  • Stout and well built
  • Easy scope installation


  • 5-round magazine has a little too small capacity and would be only great when hunting small animals
  • The trigger pull is quite too long, and quite rough though manageable
  • Bolts can at times smooth out
  • Doesn’t come with scope rings

With all these features, it won’t be an over statement to say that this is one of the best 22LR Rifles in the market. It features high-quality material construction and an easily adjustable trigger, among other features that enhances is performance and durability.


Editor Rating

This is a fairly new product, having been on sale since just recently in 2011, thus featuring some of the best 22LR Rifles’ features. It comes with different design variations for one to choose the design that would best suit them. It is commonly a high seller, coming with a seven-round magazine and is conventional reliable bolt gun that doesn’t disappoint.

Special Features

  • 7-shot clip magazine capacity
  • 22” blued sporter barrel
  • Pro-fire adjustable trigger
  • 41” overall length and 6 lb weight
  • 1:16-inch twist rate
  • Monte Carlo walnut stock finish with swivel studs, tough Mar-Shield finish on the full pistol grip
  • Blued bolt action with red cocking indicator and thumb safety


  • This is a great gun with good construction design
  • Great stock and barrel construction and finish
  • Best gun in shooting varmint within 25 yards
  • Rugged, reliable and affordable construction
  • Accurate for target shooting
  • A dovetailed receiver for easy scope mounting
  • Many aftermarket parts with easy and cheap repair


  • Some guns have better accuracy that this especially beyond 30yards
  • The magazine isn’t so comfortable when carried on the back
  • The finish and fit aren’t very great thus less elegant
  • Drilling and tapping would have been better than the dovetail provision

This is a best 22LR Rifle, coming with great performance features and a receiver that makes scope mounting an easy task. Its groove micro rifling on the other side improves the accuracy of this product in hunting squirrels.

Editor Rating

This is one of the best 22LR Rifles with a modern look and great performance. It is quite expensive as compared to its counterparts but it is worth the price. It is one of the most accurate weapons that have driven many people crazy with many choosing to hunt the varmint and the small game with it. With the look of an M16 rifle, the rifle may confuse you for the latter.

Special Features

  • 18” barrel length with 5.3 pounds total unloaded weight
  • 10.5-14.25” length of pull
  • 10 or 25-round magazine capacity
  • A2 style plastic front sights with adjustable rear sight
  • Carry handle with adjustable stock


  • Reliable and accurate ammunition
  • Very elegant edgy style
  • Military style rifle
  • Study and solid construction
  • Vast aftermarket accessories
  • Easy management and cleanup
  • Great ergonomics
  • Good versatility
  • Front sight is further from the rear
  • Less distance specific scope


  • A little bit pricy

If you are seeking for just a boost of confidence when hunting, this is a nice choice of a rifle that comes with a military style that would just intimidate other people looking to go hunting with you. features such as the military design, great iron sights and an easy to carry handle among others, are what qualifies this gun as the very best 22LR Rifle.



Using the 22LR rifles is always fun but most of the fun is realized when you land on the best 22LR Rifle. If you hadn’t imagined owning one, then the information above should be enough resource to challenge you to own one. The weapons mentioned above have the outstanding performance records as far as deliver of best shots during hunting is concerned. The 22LR rifles are still credited for being among the best guns to use in shooting in the jungle. They are reliable and very accurate when compared to some of the entry level rifles. Get your best 22LR Rifle today and experience the best hunting ever.



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