Varmint hunting, or rather predator hunting is a great necessity to those who are having problems with sneaky animals such as birds, snakes, mice and hares among others in their farms. Predators can cause much damage to your farm investments hence the need to be controlled. On the other side, if you are a professional deer hunter and the deer season is over, engaging in varmint hunting can be a great pastime hence the reason for one to acquire the best varmint rifle the market has to offer. You don’t want those coyotes to wreak havoc in your land and to your livestock.

​In other words, varmint hunting is the hunting of small animals for other purposes other than consumption as meat food. Depending on your locality, the most common predatory animals hunted in varmint hunting are: weasels, snakes, coyotes, badgers, wolverine, raccoons, bobcats and opossum among others.

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What are the Most Important Varmint Rifle Features?

So many varmint rifles will be thrown to you but should you catch any that comes your way? Not all the varmint rifles in the market are there for grabs. Some of them will really be disappointing. There are some factors, features and characteristics that should be considered. This is because such features are ideal for the efficiency of your hunting.

Typically, the animals you want to hunt will greatly determine the kind of rifle you are to go for. If you are up against those very fast animals that take off quickly or swiftly, it will be best if you go for the long range rifles. All in all, below are the major factors to consider:


The rifle caliber is essentially the most important factor of consideration. In most cases, the varmint rifles will use small calibers as the target is usually small. The .22 caliber long guns are some of the best sizes of varmint guns. It is the most common among the varmint rifles. However, if the size of animal you are targeting is bigger, go for bigger or rather longer caliber rifles. You don’t want to be in such a dangerous situation where you have a wounded animal within a close range. You want it dead.

​Fast Trajectory

Vermin are fast with some breeds being able to disappear underground within no time, thus leaving you no opportunity of killing them. A flat trajectory is a great characteristic to seek for in a varmint gun. This implies that the bullet you shoot will follow the actual physical path of projection. Such flat trajectory guns do produce shells that are expelled at supersonic speed thus being able to catch the vermin before they disappear.


Almost the same principal or rather reasons for trajectory, you need a gun that shoots with strength thus resulting in supersonic speeds. The best varmint rifles are those that can shoot as speeds that exceed 910 meters per second or rather 3000-Ft per second. Some rifles are able to shoot at speeds of up to 1220 meters per second such as the .220 Swift rifles. This speed makes such rifles to be awesome options to be owned by varmint hunters.

​Ease of Use

There are four types of varmint rifles in the market. These are the pre-charged pneumatic, the spring piston types, the CO2-powered guns and the gas piston air.

The spring piston is characterized with strong recoil for every single shot. This means the gun can become too noisy and cumbersome to hunt with. Their strong side is that they are cheap to acquire and very durable.

The Pre-charged Pneumatic on the other side is characterized with accuracy as well as silence when it comes to making shots. Commonly just referred to as PCP, the rifles can prove to be inconvenient during reloading, not forgetting that they are a little more expensive than the spring piston types.

The gas piston guns employ the use of gas in pumping out the pellets. It is characterized with a considerable noise reduction and much lesser torque as compared with the spring piston guns. These rifles are also higher power generating and simpler to cock.

The CO2 powered on the other hand is capable of semi-automatically firing pellets. It is the easiest to use, with the hunter being able to fire multiple pellet shots with just a single cartridge.

On ease to use, also remember to consider the weight. Don’t go for too heavy products.

​Know Your Caliber

The choice of varmint rifle may also depend on the easily available caliber. Though it’s rare for one or two of these calibers not to be easily available, it is possible in some places. You should therefore consider a product that uses calibers that you can easily get in the local stores. The mostly used calibers in varmint hunting are the .22, .20 and .177 with the later being the smallest and the cheapest.

However, if only the small options are available in your locality and you want to hunt bigger animals go for a longer caliber rifle and order for your calibers online. On the global market, there is nothing you can’t get. However, if the longer calibers aren’t necessary, go for the small ones as the big ones burn more powder thus leading to higher expenses.

​Other Accessories

There are other accessories that when installed, will improve the overall rifle experience and accuracy. With such add-ons, hunting becomes possible and easy both at night and during the day.

Such accessories include the scope for easy and accurate focusing. Installing a scope that has laser point illumination makes hunting at night as easy as during the day.

Installation of silencer on the other hand helps you to kill a great deal of varmints since they won’t be scared with loud shots anymore.

A shoot rest also comes handy, especially when you are waiting for the varmint to make an appearance. You won’t easily get tired of waiting.

​Top Varmint Rifles the Market Offers Today

​Below is a selected list of some of the best varmint rifle one can buy. These are products that are credited for their features as far as varmint hunting is concerned. Read on…

Gamo Varmint HP Air Rifle

Gamo Varmint HP Air Rifle

Editor Rating

The Gamo Varmint Air Rifle is an incredible pest hunting accessory and package in the market for varmint hunters to go and grab. An ideal accessory for both day and night hunting, the rifle features a synthetic stock which makes it easier for the hunter to concentrate on hunting task at hand rather than being worried about the wear & dings characterized with wood stocks.

Special Features

  • Second stage adjustable trigger
  •  Automatic Single cocking break barrel system
  • Raised rail scope ramp
  • Tough and all weather synthetic molded stock
  • Fluted polymer insulated steel barrel
  • 30 pounds of cocking effort
  • Ventilated rubber pad butt plate for absorption of recoil
  • Ergonomic, non slip grip and forearm design
  • Comes with a 4x32 scope having rings for easy mounting, a flash light and a laser sight.
  • Cheek pad construction on both sides for ambidexterity


  • Good construction
  • Great target and accuracy
  • Sturdy construction
  • A single cock for leading and shooting
  • Great power


  • Way too loud when alloy pellets are shot
  • A little heavy and harder to cock

The Gamo Varmint Air Rifle guarantees high velocity after accurate focusing; no wonder it is just the best varmint rifle you must never miss to have. Ideal for mice, birds, snakes and rats among other nuisance animals, the rifle can also be used in the farm for recreational shooting.

Benjamin Varmint , 0.22-Calibre Power Pack Air Rifle

Benjamin Varmint , 0.22-Calibre Power Pack Air Rifle

Editor Rating

The Varmint Power Pack is a name not without a purpose. The manufacturer of this rifle ensured that in this name is a product that is true to service when it comes to bringing your property back to sanity. You are sure of eliminating those sneaky critters with lots of ease, as long as you have one of the best varmint rifles such as this.

Special Features

  • .22 caliber Pellet gun/up to 950 FPS
  • Nitro-Piston Break Barrel
  • Center Point rifle scope (4x32mm) inclusive
  • Red, Class III laser featuring fast acquisition & remote tape switch or a push on/off
  • Incredible for target shooting and varmint hunting
  • 90 lumen LED flashlight that features a red flip-up filter


  • Impressive design with great craftsmanship
  • Sturdy feel
  • High velocity with extreme accuracy and power
  • Quiet & recoilless
  • Great optic combo inclusive


  • It’s not easily modifiable or serviceable

This is one of the most reasonable prices for a varmint rifle. With such a great construction, modern technology, quality craftsmanship, fantastic power and above all, pinpoint accuracy, the product does not only deserve its name but also the tag of the best varmint rifle within its range.

Benjamin Titan XS , 0.177-Calibre NitroPiston Air Rifle


Editor Rating

This product comes with the word “Titan” in its name that infers the robustness and power associated with this rifle. It’s fortunate that the product hasn’t been misnamed. In one statement, the Titan XS is a nasty beast which has been the best varmint rifle for many varmint hunters for years.

Special Features

  • Nitro Piston Break Barrel
  • Great target shooting and varmint hunting rifle
  • .177 Caliber Pellet/Up to 1200 FPS rifle
  • Thumbhole stock for enhanced ambidexterity and all weather use
  • A 4x32 riflescope for improved focusing and accuracy in shooting
  • Two-stage adjustable rifle trigger
  • Rifled steel barrel


  • Great nitro piston system
  • Outstanding supersonic velocity
  • Incredible scope
  • Quick-lock scope mounting system
  • Highly accurate and robust shock absorption


  • If alloy pellet is used, the rifle becomes quite loud. Its quiet though, when lead pellets are used

The Benjamin Titan XS scores high as not just one of the best varmint rifle but it’s a remarkable rifle for any varmint hunter’s money. It is supersonic and powerful, with robustness and integration of incredible technology. If you are a varmint shooter seeking to get rid of those destructive pests within your properties or you are a target shooter interested in acquiring a rifle that make target shooting a real thrill, then go for this rifle.

Gamo Whisper G2 .177 6110094154 Caliber Air Rifle

Gamo 6110094154 Whisper G2 .177 Caliber Air Rifle

Editor Rating

The Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle is a second generation of the whisper air rifle and comes with the latest Gamo technology features. The main unique feature it comes with is the Turbo Stabilizing System, which has been designed specifically for the control of a firing cycle’s aggressiveness. The system controls the spring to a stop within the gun’s chamber. This is done by addition of more velocity and decrease of vibration hence reduced recoil velocity. It also comes with the Whisper Technology thus producing almost undetectable shots.

Special Features

  • Comes with a 4x32 air-rifle scope having rings for mounting
  • Turbo Stabilizing System
  • Shock Wave Absorber
  • Smooth Action Trigger or rather Whisper technology
  • .177 Caliber
  • Adjustable cheek rest


  • It’s a quiet varmint rifle
  • Less vibrations and reduced recoil hence reducing shock during firing
  • Comes with a scope for easy focus and bloodshot accuracy
  • Sturdy body construction
  • Uniform distribution of weight


  • There are varmint rifles that are still cheaper than this product

The Gamo Whisper G2 air rifle comes with great features such as the SAT (Smooth Action Trigger), the SWA (Shock Wave Absorber), the adjustable cheek rest as well as the Turbo Stabilizing System, all of which are great second generation features of the Whisper rifles that make this rifle a must have for all those serious professional varmint hunters.

Umarex .22 Walther LGU Varmint Underlever Pellet Rifle

 Click to open expanded view Umarex .22 Walther LGU Varmint Underlever Pellet Rifle

Editor Rating

Though not the best when compared with other types, if you are in search of a spring piston type of vermin killer, then the Walther LGU is the best varmint rifle for you. Featuring the quality German designs and workmanship, the product’s design is centered towards the maximization of precision. With a vibration reduction feature which ensures the gun is easier to shoot as compared with the other spring piston types, precision and comfort during shooting is guaranteed when you are using this rifle.

Special Features

  • Vibration reduction system
  • Spring piston
  • Speed of 950-ft per second
  • Adjustable match trigger
  • 37 pound cocking effort
  • Ambidexterity in synthetic thumbhole stock
  • Features a Lothar Walther barrel
  • Super silent mechanical technology feature
  • Durable with limited lifetime warranty


  • A very accurate rifle
  • Low noise
  • Germany quality product
  • Comfortable stock to use
  • Top quality construction with excellent finish


  • Heavy product
  • Slightly more expensive than the wood stock counterparts
  • Quite difficult to pull the trigger

The rifle comes with an adjustable match trigger, a synthetic thumbhole stock and a rubber recoil pad that ensures the LGU is a premium quality type of a rifle. These together with its super silent technology that’s rare in the spring piston types, the gun is a must have for any farm owner


The Gamo Varmint Air Rifle is the best while these other products are great. Choosing the bet varmint rifle has never been these easy. With the knowledge of the most important features, and the important accompanying accessories to be installed, vermin will never cause havoc in your field or to your livestock anymore.