Ruger American Ranch Review – The Modernized Bolt Action Rifle

Ruger American Ranch Review

Ruger American Ranch Review: Summary ReliabilityTo be expected from a bolt action rifle, but the Power Bedding improves this as well. AccuracyAs long as you’re using the correct ammunition and shooting techniques, this weapon is extremely accurate out of the box. It isn’t quite a precision rifle, but it could feasibly get there. ErgonomicsThe stock … Read more

Glock 17L Review – The Best Entry Level Competition Shooting Pistol

Glock 17L Review - Pistol for Competitive Shooting

Glock 17L Review: Summary ReliabilityThis is to be expected from a Glock. AccuracyOut of the box accurate, but easy to make even more accurate. ErgonomicsThe grip is excellent, which directly leads to the accuracy. LooksWhat can you say. It’s a blocky, normal Glock. CustomizationExtremely easy to upgrade, and make into a very accurate weapon. Bang … Read more

CZ Sharptail Review – The Sleek Looking Side-by-Side for Skeet and Trap Shooting


Reliability To be expected with a shotgun. We didn’t have any problems, and CZ’s customer service is known for being extremely helpfulAccuracy As accurate as you can shoot itErgonomics The stock and grip are extremely comfortable and natural feelingLooks The silver and engraved receiver paired with the black barrel and Turkish walnut stock is an … Read more

CZ Redhead Premier Review – The Best Bang for your Buck in an Over/Under Shotgun


Reliability We didn’t have any problems, and those that did have problems had the weapons easily replaced by CZAccuracy It’s an over/under shotgun. It’s as accurate as you can make itErgonomics The stock and grip are comfortably placed for the average shooterLooks There are flashier over/under shotguns available, but this has that classic lookCustomization There … Read more

Glock 30/30sf/30s Review – The Best .45ACP for Concealed Carry


Review of: Glock 30/30sf/30sReliability I think this goes without saying with a Glock.Accuracy For all they have going for them, Glocks aren’t exactly notoriously accurateErgonomics Depends on who you ask. Some people love the grip, some people hate it.Looks Glock 30s aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing weapons out there.Customization Glocks are extremely easy to customize and … Read more