What You Need to Know Before Buying a Gun Safe

If you keep guns, a safe is not an accessory, but a necessity. You need a safe to keep your guns hidden away and secure, as they will be very attractive to burglars should you have a break-in. Perhaps even more important is ensuring your guns are kept out of reach – and preferably out of sight – of kids around the house, as the consequences should they get hold of them are unthinkable. As with many such items, the trick is to buy the best one you can afford, but what are the features to look for, and how do you know you are buying the right gun safe?

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Choosing the Right Safe

There are many factors you need to consider when looking for the best gun safe; we will come to the cost later – needless to say, although it does have an influence on choice, this is a necessary purchase – but first, let’s consider the most important factor – security.

How secure your safe is depends on the type and level of lock you invest in; remember, the aim is to make sure that you, and only you, have access to your guns at any time, so it is worth learning more about the different types of security locks on gun safes. Let’s have a look at a few of the best types of security for gun safes:

  • Biometric Security – this is fast becoming a very popular access method, and has many benefits. It works by using a scan of your fingerprint, which you press against a panel for access. This means that only your print will provide access to the safe. It’s clear from this that biometric access is a simple yet effective method of securing your guns, so it is certainly worthy of consideration.
  • Twin Locks – if you prefer conventional key locks, you need to invest not only in the best standard of lock, but also to make sure you have a safe that requires two different keys to open separate locks. This is a very secure option, especially if the keys are kept in separate locations, so only one can be discovered at a time. There are many such safes on the market, so consider their various attributes carefully.
  • Password Protection – this is also a practical and popular method of providing security for gun safes, and the pass code can be letters or via a numerical keypad. Even more security is offered when password protection is used alongside a high quality, conventional lock.

The above are just a few of the many different types of security lock on gun safes, and there are many more possible options. In addition to the type of lock, you also need to consider some other factors, such as:

  • Steel Construction – make sure you choose a safe that is made to the highest quality standards, and that features strong steel construction. This makes it more difficult to get into by way of most methods, and is a very wise investment.
  • Separate Ammunition Section – in the unlikely event someone should break into your gun safe, incorporating a secure, locking ammo section – with a different key – means they can’t get to your ammo, too. This features is present on most quality gun safes, and should be considered a worthy investment.
  • A Full and Long Warranty – if a manufacturer is serious about their product, they will offer you a long, full warranty. This is important in a product such as a gun safe, and it also adds to your peace of mind that the manufacturer has such confidence in the security provided by their safe.

Of course, these are not all of the features you need to consider, but merely some of the most important. We mentioned cost earlier; it’s a cliché, again, but for such an important item as a gun safe, you really do need to buy the mist expensive and highest-ranking one you can afford. This is not a purchase to take lightly, but one to consider very carefully indeed.

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