Factors To Consider When Looking Out For A Reloading Press

Owning and sustaining a gun is an expensive affair due to its constant upkeep and maintenance cost. If you own a gun, you have to constantly keep on purchasing ammunition for it, until and unless you use a reloading press. A reloading press is vital equipment that will enable you to assemble bullets from scratch and also assists you in refilling and reloading your ammunition. There are different types of reloading presses available in the market, so it is important to understand which one is right for you, or else you will end up buying more than one reloading press.

Mentioned below are the factors that you should consider before purchasing a reloading press that is best suited for your needs.

Kinds of Reloading Presses

A reloading press basically comes in three different types, which are single stage reloading press, turret press, and progressive reloading press. The single stage reloading press is the basic form of reloading press, which is cost effective and an ideal choice to consider if your reloading needs are minimal. This is because; it will let you reload only one die at a time.

The turret press will enable you to use more dies at the same time, which saves a great deal of time while reloading multiple bullets. The single stage reloading press and turret press require manual intervention at all times while those who prefer auto-reloading can opt for progressive reloading press. The progressive reloading press is same as turret press; but a major difference is that it works a lot faster than a regular turret press due to its automatic process mechanism.

Batch Size

It refers to the amount of ammunition that you wish to produce in a given period of time. If you visit the shooting range occasionally, then you will require only a small amount of bullet. So, the single stage reloading press will be an ideal choice for you, owing to its small size and relatively low-pricing.

However, if you are a pro-level shooter who practices in shooting range regularly then you will have to produce a comparatively bigger lot. So, in such instances; using turret press or progressive reloading press would be an apt choice, as both are capable of producing around 500 rounds in an hour. Also, at this rate, your production costs are extremely low.


While choosing the best reloading press for your needs, you should keep in mind the type of handling needed for operating it. If you want a machine that is simple to operate and requires low maintenance then you should choose the single stage reloading press. However, remember that it will not be ideal for producing bullets in huge quantities.

On the other hand, if you are anxious to learn about the complex operations of the reloading equipment then the turret press or progressive reloading press should be preferred, as they are capable of mass-producing bullets and that too with greater efficiency.


Most of the times, it becomes difficult for the users to understand their reloading needs, so they end up purchasing a new reloading press whenever they wish to upgrade. If you too are not sure which re-loader to purchase or if there is a possibility that your reloading needs may increase in future then you should go for upgradable reloading press.

The upgradable reloading presses are designed in such as way that you can upgrade or downgrade them by adding or removing attachments. An interesting aspect about using upgrading reloading press is that it saves a good amount of time, which can be spent on purchasing a new re-loader.


The most important factor that needs to be considered before looking for a reloading press is the budget. If you are low on budget, then it is recommended to buy single stage reloading press, because you will also need money for buying additional attachments as well as mounting the press. If you prefer time over money and have ample of space for mounting a large reloading press then the turret press or auto-reloading press would be ideal.

However, remember that no matter which reloading press you choose; you need to purchase additional attachments along with a priming solution for your reloading needs. In order to save some money, you can choose to purchase reloading press kits, which arrive with a required set of attachments.


At the time of purchasing a reloading press, quality plays an important aspect and you should not ignore it. A good quality and branded reloading press should be preferred in comparison to an unbranded one. Another perk of purchasing good quality equipment is that it is sturdy and lasts longer than the local brands. Also, branded reloading presses provide warranty, which will help you in case of emergencies and saves money that is otherwise spent on maintenance.

So, by considering the above mentioned pointers, you will surely be able to buy a reloading press that is best for your usage.

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