Tips for Camping with Kids for the First Time

Camping at a young age can be quite an experience for your kids. It is all about how you prepare for the trip and make it happen. You should take more time to find the best place kids would love and should also have amenities the kids enjoy. We get to give you some of the best tips to always consider when preparing to go for camping with the kids.

1. Before camping

This part is important just as when you are at the camping site. It is important to make sure that you get right at this point or you end up having the worst camping experience.

Pick the camping ground

The camping ground is quite important whether you would be taking the kids or not. You want to get a place where you would the most fun. Most of the time you end up looking to make the kids happy that you end up forgetting about having fun yourself too. It is would great if you find a place that will provide more fun for everyone.

You always have to consider if the place has enough security and childproof features. You would only be comfortable knowing that the kids will have a great time outdoors and still be safe.

Make a reservation

Now that you have found out the best place to camp, you have to make the reservation. Depending on the place, some would require you to make reservation weeks before the attendance. If the place is open for camping, then you can choose the appropriate date and have your location reserved.

Make sure it is a place you both agree with your spouse as a place to camp. You do not want to force it on the kids also.

Create a packing list

With the reservation made, it is now time to come up with a packing list. You might be going for a weekend, but is important that you have the right supplies to enjoy the whole trip. This is where the packing list comes in as an important tool for the process.

If you were packing before for just two adults, now you have to consider what the kids would need for the camping trip. You have to pack clothes, food, toys, the instant tents, and a lot more. It is possible to get some of packing lists on the Internet on how to pack for the kids when going for camping.

Ask for advice from friends

You might have a friend or several who did this before. They should be the best source of advice on how they planned for the camping trip up to the execution of their plans. Learning from others should make it possible to have an easy time packing for the trip.

Invite other families

It is always better to have more people coming on the trip. The hunting would be better if you have more families joining the fun adventure. Make sure that you invite the families with kids familiar to your kids. The kids would find it comfortable hanging out with their regular friends, even on a camping trip. Well, if you do not get another family interested in joining you, it is possible to still have fun without them.

2. Preparing for the camping trip

You must get this part right to enjoy the trip. Most people would fail at this point and end up having a problem making the kids happy when camping.

Get the kids fired-up

If you are going to make the kids comfortable with the camping idea, you have to get them all excited about it. This means that you have to tell them what is so fun about camping. With the kids interested, it should be easy to get them help with the planning for the trip. Kids would be skeptical about leaving their video game consoles just to have some fun time with nature. You have to make the camping trip special for them.

Let the kids help with planning

If the kids are going to be part of the trip, at least let them help with the planning and packing. Ask them what they would want to carry on the trip. Having to debate would help them understand what is and not important for the trip. Since it would only be for the weekend, you do not want to carry a lot of unnecessary stuff even for the kids. Having the kids being part of the planning would also make them feel that their input is important.

Kids to pack their gear

As part of training your kids to be great at camping, you have to let them pack their gear. You should be there just to offer guidance on what would be important and what can be spared the long trip. Having the kids color code their pacing so that it is easy to pick their stuff while at the campsite. They would know that in a certain bag, they have packed their clothes.

Check for fire restrictions

It is possible that at some point you might have to light a fire at the camp. If you like the campfires, then you should make sure the area you choose for camping does not have a lot of restrictions on lighting the fire. If the campfire is allowed, you need to keep an eye on your kids. Make sure that your kids understand the precautions around fire. It can be fun to sit around the fire to catch up, but it could also be a disaster if the kid ends up not being careful around fire.

Do not forget the toys

Do not think that the kids would just find nature so amazing that they forget about their normal life. It is the reason you have to pack toys for the young kids. They would miss them and would find the camping trip great if they can have their toys. You can park the toys for playing outdoors and not the video game consoles. You still want them to keep in touch with nature, even with their toys around them.

Practice camping in your yard

You can set up a simple camp in your backyard to simulate what to expect when at the real camp. Show the kids on how they are supposed to handle themselves when at the camp. From the mock camp, the kids would understand the type of fun they can expect to see at the camping site.

The supplies

You have to keep in might the supplies for the trip. You need to also pack for yourself and spouse for the trip. You need to get everything important for the trip. As part of the supplies, make sure you have enough precooked food for the kids. The kids might be hungry by the time you get to the camping grounds. You can also get the AA flashlight so that you have better illumination. You can pack a lot more based on your packing list.

Have a first aid kit

No one can predict how the camping trip can turn out. It is always better if you are prepared by carrying your first aid kit. Before you can get professional medical help, having a first aid kit could help with stopping the bleeding and other injuries. If your kits is outdated, you might want to change the expired medication or other supplies.

3. At the campground

Now that you are the campground, it is time to enjoy yourself for the weekend and still be safe. You have to keep it entertaining for the kids.

Show a positive vibe

As a parent, you have to show the kids that camping is fun by having them engage in several activities at the camp. Depending on the place you chose for the camping trip, you can always be sure that the kids would have something to do. You must have researched and found that the place has amenities that would be great for the kids.

Be safe always

As much as the kids are supposed to have fun, you still need to keep it clear that safety is important. As much as you may want to have more fun for yourself, you still have to keep an eye on your kids making sure that they are safe at the campground.

Teach the kids survival skills

This could be a perfect chance and a place to teach your kids about survival skills. If you are good at the skills, you can show them how to survive in the wilderness when they are lost. Show them how to filter water in case their drinking water is finished. Give them the important skills they could use for their age.

Layer up the kids in case of cold

Sometimes it can get cold quickly outdoors. The best part is that you would have packed the best clothes to protect the kids from the cold. It is important to keep the kids warm at all times so that they do not get sick easily due to the drop in temperatures.


The list could go on forever with more tips, but some you would have to figure them out yourself. Make sure that you get to keep most of the tips mentioned fulfilled. Since it is the first time you are taking the kids for the trip, you have to make it the best one ever. It will affect if they would always want to go for another camping trip or not.

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