The Best Places to Buy Ammo Online – Where Should You Shop?

It makes more sense to buy ammo online than from on-site stores. This is especially the case if you are sure of delivery within the time you will need the ammo. Ammo vendors are located all over, especially in countries such as the USA. This has resulted in a competition that has made ammo prices to be good indeed. The question that lingers in your mind is who is the best place to buy ammo online? Below are some of the vendors you can do business with and what they have to offer.

Why Buy Your Ammo Online

Before going to the nitty gritty's, you probably don’t understand the reason why you should buy ammo online. A survey conducted in 2012 by NSSF found out that 53% of ammo buyers get their rounds from online shops. 86% of these cited quantity discounts as well as lower prices as their main driving force to online buying. One reason why you may end up saving, even more, is the fact that some of the online stores may not have physical shop locations within your state, an aspect that saves you some taxes.

There is also the aspect of variety. It is clear that the variety of ammo found online can’t be matched with the variety found in the on-site stores. No ammo is missing online. The same can’t be said with the offline stores. Your gun is thus guaranteed of being fed with the ammo it likes the most.

Where to Buy Ammo Online

So many online ammo stores are available. However, most of them are quick to take your money but the delivery of service may be disappointing at times. There are three main things that are common with most of the less reputable online ammo stores. These include:

  • The duration of shipping may be quite too long. When placing your ammo order, you probably need to use it during the weekend hence you need it delivered days before Sunday. I promise you disappointment with most of the online ammo stores as it can take them a week or two to deliver your order.
  • Secondly, reliability is a serious concern. Some stores will charge your credit card upon you placing a great priced order only for them to email you a number of days later informing you that your specific order is out of stock. A refund will end up tying your card for a week, something that can really be inconveniencing.
  • The process of shopping and even following up with the orders as well as checking on the shipping costs can be cumbersome and lengthy.

Lucky Gunner

Lucky Gunner is the place to go when you are looking for the best place to buy ammo online. Though there are a number of other sites that deal in ammo, Lucky Gunner offers the fastest shipping, real-time inventory, an array of ammo selection as well as a responsive shipping estimator that never lies.

Lucky Gunner is one online store that solves all the three above mentioned problems. Their live inventory is found next to each of their products. And without creating a login, as is the case with other sites, you will be able to calculate your shipping. The 100% guarantee that your order will be shipped the next day makes it even more interesting to shop with them.


Brownells is yet another site you can trust for not only gun ammo but also rifle specialty tools as well as gun parts. The unparalleled customer service, their good ammo deals together with their reasonable shipping services are the driving forces that make many to hold the store dearly.

The website in itself has made the buying process to be as easy as pie and very enjoyable. This is because Brownells has incorporated all the website technologies in its design. This makes it easy to add all the ammo orders you want to your cart, followed by zip-code input and ultimately, you can see the shipping. All these make it easier for one to do a comparison across a number of websites.

Brownells stand with their products as can be witnessed in the easy tools and gun parts return clause. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, you may not be able to return ammo. The good news is that you will rarely go wrong with their ammo.


The Sportsman’s Guide

It is credited for stocking diverse merchandise from the military & law enforcement surplus all the way to strange and even interesting deals. On the ammo section, you are provided with an array of methods you can use to shop for the ammo. You can choose to go to the caliber listing where they are listed from .17 all the way to .50. The other option is to shop by a vendor such as Hornady or Winchester etc. The other option is that of the most popular ammo at the time. The Sportsman’s Guide is mainly liked for its variety, ease use and the fact that its shipping charges are very reasonable and without any hidden charges.

Ammunition to Go

This is yet another best place to buy ammo online. In their stock are huge selections of all the imaginable ammo types around. It is very surprising that though there are such a large number of ammo selection options, the site is very customer friendly as they can easily find whatever they are looking for. One of the reasons behind the easy selection is the ammunition taxonomy rooting. Select your gun’s category, the types of ammo specialty and corresponding accessories such as gun cases, magazines, and ammo cans etc. And depending on your Zip code, the shipping prices are very reasonable indeed.

Rob the Ammo Man is yet another good option but doesn’t come as equipped as The Sportsman’s Guide and the Ammunition to Go. The main selling point of this site is the price factor as it is cheaper than the two. Natchez Shooters Supplies is also a store where you can get all types of firearm parts, tools, and accessories, ammo inclusive. Ammo selection is done by caliber and weapon type or by top sellers at the time. Your main worry is that availability is never guaranteed. It mainly gets its credit for the variety and price factors.

Just knowing where to buy ammo is never enough. For the newbie, it is also important to know the exact brand to buy. The main factor of consideration is how the ammo works in your gun. Others are the price together with ammo availability. Below are great choices you can consider.

  • Federal/American Eagle: These are affordable and very plentiful USA made rounds. The USA takes its products through quality standards before being released for the market and the Federal ammo brands are credited for upholding the standards
  • PMC: They are also cheap and plentiful, coming in almost all the calibers you may be looking for. Made in South Korea, PMC ammo brands are also quality, dependable and reliable.
  • Tula: They are super affordable ammo brands for the AK platform. The feature polymer coated steel cases and are also pretty reliable
  • Blazer: It is yet another ammo brand for the budget buyer, with qualities that appear to be too good to be true. They come in a number of designs. You should beware of the cheap ones as they may be the aluminum cased rather than the regular brass cased. Aluminum casing limits those who would want to reload their rounds.

Some other great ammo brands you can depend upon include the Fiocchi and the Sellier & Bellot among others. Though these are a bit pricier than the former, their quality and availability are sure

22LR Ammo

  • The Federal Automach 40 grain Target
  • The CCI 40 grain ammo, which will most likely be out of stock
  • Sellier & Bellot 38 grain ammo

9mm Luger Ammo

  • Blazer Brass 115/124 grain ammo which in most cases is the cheapest brass option
  • PMC 115/124 grain ammo

Self Defense 9mm

  • Speer Gold Dot 124 grain JHP
  • Federal Hydra Shok 124 JHP

.45 ACP Ammo

  • Blazer 230-grain FMJ ammo
  • PMC 230 grain FMJ ammo
  • American Eagle 230 grain FMJ

Self-Defense .45 ACP

  • Speer Gold Dot 230 grain JHP
  • Federal Hydra Shok 230 grain JHP

AR-15 223/5.56 Ammo

5.56 Ammo

  • Federal Gold Match 69 grain ammo: For accuracy and precision shooting
  • Assorted PMC X-TAC 62 grain 855: For extreme penetration
  • Assorted PMC X-TAC 55 grain M193: Best priced ammo close to mil-spec
  • Assorted American Eagle 55 grain XM193

.223 Ammo

PMC Bronze 55 grain FMJ ammo is the best .223 option


There are many other recommended brands but all in all, the most important thing is for you to discover the ammo that responds best with your gun. What you can’t go wrong with is the decision to use Lucky Gunner or Brownell's as your best place to buy ammo online.

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