Buyer’s Guide of the Best Ankle Holsters

Your weapon needs to be safe while at the same time allowing for your free movement while you are on duty. The best way of ensuring this is by the use of holsters, with an ankle holster being a reasonable choice. Though there are many types and brands of holsters, this article dedicates its efforts in helping you to choose the best ankle holsters on the market. To begin with, let us consider some of the top picks.

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My Rating

Uncle Mike's Ankle Holster

It is very comfortable and secure with really good sizing chart

Galco Ankle Glove / Ankle Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33

One of the most popular products in this category

Pro-Tech's Ankle Holster

Best ankle holsters for the budget buyer

DeSantis Glock 26/27/33 Apache Ankle Holster

This ankle holster provides one of the best fits you may probably be looking for

Ootbags Nylon Neoprene Ankle Holster

It is an ankle holster that is suitable for a wide range of firearms

Factors of Consideration When Choosing an Ankle Holster

Now you know some of the best ankle holsters on the market. But what is it that we considered for as to enlist these products as among the best on the market. Below are points that we followed and you should also follow to land on the best ankle holsters you can lay your hands on.


This would probably be the most crucial factor as far as a holster is concerned. If a gun holster hasn’t been properly designed, ammunition may be fired without your consent. You can imagine what the repercussions may be if the holster was around your ankle. The best ankle holsters are designed in such a way that such eventualities are totally eliminated. This should not be at the expense of easy drawing and re-holstering. Below are some of the things to look at/for:

  • The holster should prevent any accidental trigger movement
  • The holster should prevent the gun from sudden safety mechanism disengagement
  • The holster should be able to stop forward and rearward hammer movement.

These are must-have features of any holster. Without proper safety measure, your life may be in danger.


This is now not a safety factor but a security feature that makes it difficult for another person to try and remove the weapon from the holster. There are several hidden retention technologies that are being designed in the modern holsters. Many people who aren't able to get the gun through the legal channel are looking for unorthodox means of getting their hands on guns and yours is equally at risk. Ensure you secure it well.


This is, in fact, the main reason why you are shopping for a holster in the first place. As a law enforcement officer, especially in plain clothes, you don’t want to alert your potential target that you are around. It is also featured in the law of many states that handguns should be concealed even by the private gun owners. The best ankle holsters must, therefore, be those that are able to perfectly be hidden under the garments. They, therefore, have to be as small and as slim as possible.


This product will be around your ankle for long hours. Ensure that it doesn’t compromise your comfort as this may discourage you from carrying it in the first place.


It needs to be well designed and finished so that it can have an aesthetic appeal even if it will always be underneath. The most important aspect of holster finish, though, is its smoothness. It should be so smooth that it will not scratch your gun or prove difficult to draw and re-holster the gun


It should be so durable that it can stand the harsh mechanical disturbances. Let it be one that can't lose its flexibility easily or get torn easily. A well-stitched leather holster or tough nylon products should be preferred.

Also consider adjustability, ease of drawing, easy re-holstering and the price of the ankle holster you choose.

Top 5 Best Ankle Holster Picks

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Kodra Nylon Ankle Holster with Retention Strap

Editor Rating

This is one of a universal ankle holster as it comes with a number of sizes for you to choose from. It is also versatile in the sense that it is suitable for the military, law enforcement department as well as for the civilians. Its main greatness point is its hook & loop adjustment feature that makes the holster appropriate for what it ought to do.

Benefits of the Product

  • Universal Fit: It offers the best fit to all the concealment guns, namely: the medium sized and the small sized guns. This is because it comes in as many sizes.
  • Retention and Concealment: It comes with a retention strap that features a thumb-break making it easy and quick to draw the gun whenever need be. Its concealment is also incredible
  • Law Enforcement Construction & Versatility: It comes with the right hand as well as the left-hand orientation placements. And being a holster that is very much preferred by law enforcement officers and the military should tell you something
  • Quality Comfortable Construction: It features a fabric that is reasonably soft but very durable to ensure the user enjoys comfort and durable performance respectively


  • Some users have reported that the material near the Velcro strap may start fraying after some extended regular use
  • For maximum comfort and tightness, you need to wear it with a pair of sock

When making a comparison between the quality of material & construction with the price of this holster, you find it to be very cheap, a great reason why it is considered one of the very best ankle holsters on the market.

Galco Ankle Glove / Ankle Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33

Editor Rating

Being the most expensive ankle holster on this list let its price not make you shun away. If you can spend some few extra dollars, this would be your best ankle holster ever. It is one of the most popular products in this category and is very much preferred by the law enforcement officers and the military alike. Most of the Glock products do well with this very durable ankle holster.

Benefits of the Product

  • Classy and Edgy: If you truly like being characterized with class, then this would be your best bet for an ankle holster. Though concealed, there is no doubt that the contentment you get increases your style statement
  • Perfect Fit: No one wants a holster that doesn’t fit properly. In addition, one of the main factors that make a holster to have maximum concealment is how well they fit. The Velcro attachment of this product features a neoprene ankle band that necessitates maximum fits without any discomfort.
  • Comfort: A sheepskin padding situated on the inner side added to the already present comfort of the product
  • Durability: It has been tested and proven to be durable, thanks to the quality material and construction employed in the design


  • It is not best worn with a sock unless there is an extra calf strap added
  • Some Glock may fit too tightly thus presenting drawing challenges.

This is arguably the best ankle holster you can ever find, especially if it fits your firearm. It has some of the best features and specifications on the market, with concealment, comfort, and durability coming tops. However, like any other product on the market, it also has its downsides, which aren't as many and as major as they are in other products.

Ankle concealed Holster Fits The S&W Bodyguard 380 with Laser

Editor Rating

It is one of the best ankle holsters for the budget buyer. If you are running on a tight budget, you have all the reason to buy this holster as it competes with more expensive holsters in terms of quality, concealment, fit, durability and comfort. In fact, many professionals prefer going for this holster rather than its more expensive brothers.

Benefits of the Product

  • Price: It can't be compared with those products found within its price range. The holster comes with one of the best quality to price ratios.
  • Perfect Fit: It features an elastic Velcro strap together with a closure that is designed to perfectly fit any user’s ankle without compromising their comfort. These Velcro straps are also adjustable to allow for easy adjustment
  • Durable Construction: It comes with a Cordura ballistic nylon that has been incorporated to improve the durability of the holster. This is one of the important features that have made this holster to be a one time or rather lifetime investment for users
  • Aesthetics: Though the double stitching is done with durability in mind, the finishing is such that the holster is not only durable but also comes with some antique classy design


  • It is not ambidextrous as it is only suitable for the right-handed users
  • The strap lacks padding thus can cause discomfort to some users.

In a nutshell, this is a relatively average priced ankle holster that outperforms the more expensive products. It is worth the price you will spend on it. Whether you are running on a tight budget or not, you have all the reason to consider going for this product.

DeSantis Glock 26/27/33 Apache Ankle Holster

Editor Rating

This is a black, wide, elastic ankle holster that comes with a band that is credited for largely eliminating any unwanted rocking motion. In other words, the ankle holster provides one of the best fits you may probably be looking for. It is one of the best ankle holsters for the large, medium as well as the small frame small semi-automatic pistols as well as the small frame revolvers.

Benefits of the Product

  • Perfect Fit: This is one of its main selling points. The product features an elasticized leg band that ensures the product perfectly fits thus eliminating those unwanted motions characterized with ankle holsters.
  • Versatility and Flexibility: It is capable of use in the concealing of a wide range of pistols, starting from the small semi frame revolvers and semi-auto pistols all the way to the large frame semi-autos.
  • Quality Construction: It features a black leather design which makes the product to be durable and elegant, as it gives you that leather class that everyone is seeking for today.
  • Comfort: It comes with s sheepskin lining, is elastic and has a snap thumb break feature all of which guarantee your comfort and ease of drawing and re-holstering the pistol


  • It’s a little bit bulky as compared to its other brothers
  • It can only be used by the right-hand shooters.

Other than just a bit of added comfort and the ambidextrous use that the manufacturer should consider to improve this product, it has served many people well; hence it will serve you well too. Thought you should give it a try.

OUTBAGS USA OB-31ANK Nylon Neoprene Ankle Holster

Editor Rating

This is a new OUTBAGS holster that came into the market with a bang! It is an ankle holster that is suitable for a wide range of firearms. Featuring a premium nylon material with its origin being Southern California, the holster comes with a safe, comfortable and fitting construction. Though not the most durable, when you compare the durability in respect to its price, it is one of the best ankle holsters for the buck.

Benefits of the Product

  • Comfort: The holster features a soft nylon padding that is credited for the maximum comfort felt when putting on this ankle holster
  • Safety: It features a safety strap that is completely adjustable thereby making it effective for use by any user.
  • Universal Use: It is cheap, easy to use, durable and great for use by amateurs and professionals alike.
  • Durability: Among the nylon ankle holsters, it may be among the most durable, thanks to the fact that it features s durable 600 Denier Nylon materials


  • It can only be used for 12-hour shifts as extended use beyond 12 hours leads to some discomfort
  • Over time, the Velcro may stretch thus losing its elasticity and fit

This ankle holster can be found at a very reasonable cost. It can be mounted on any leg, thus making it an ambidextrous ankle holster. All in all, this is an ankle holster I would highly recommend to a friend.


As from our introduction, the whole purpose of a gun holster is to conceal the weapon while allowing you to have a free movement. In other words, the best ankle holsters must fit properly, be comfortable, be less bulky and allow for easy drawing and re-holstering. Durability and price, among other factors are just added advantages. The main point should be to keep your weapon safe without sacrificing your comfort.

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