The Anderson Lower Review and Performance Test

This is a fully Mil-Spec lower receiver for semi-auto rifles. It is an ideal choice for custom builds hence can provide you a great performance for your next custom assembly.

In general, the lower is constructed from the high-strength forged aluminum material and finished with a hard anodized coat resulting in maximum durability and strength.

Compounded with a precision machining process, the result is a product that any custom gun builder will want to have. Below is a detailed Anderson Lower review that will help you to make an informed decision as you go around looking for the best lower receiver to buy.


The Body Material


The lower features a high-strength forged aluminum construction, precisely the 7075-T6 type. This is the strongest and most sought after construction material for the best lower receivers among other gun parts.

It is important to understand that the lower receiver doesn’t experience as much stress as the barrel and the muzzle. However, they still undergo a lot of stresses, with the main being strong impact experiences.

This means that you do not need as tough material as that needed for the barrels, but the material still needs to be strong enough to absorb shock.

Steel isn’t the best material for the lower receivers. This is because although durable, steel is very heavy and difficult to be machined. The resultant lower receiver will be a very heavy product.

Because machining is also not easy, it will be a common experience to come across lower receivers, which are rough and without the best finish.

The 7075-T6 forged aluminum on the other side is very lightweight but doesn’t sacrifice strength and durability. This is a piece of material that will serve you a lifetime when used on the lowers. The nice and smooth finishes accompanied by the lower receiver can also be credited to the fact that this type of material is easier to machine.

Hard Anodized Coat Finish

The forged aluminum used on this product is durable indeed. But is this enough? There is no serious manufacturer that will release their product to the market without giving it an attractive finish. Who attractive a finish is, is what matters.

In this Anderson Lower review, we talk about a product that features the MIL-STD hard anodized coat. This is a coat that is credited for boosting the strength and durability of the lower receiver even further.

You also note that though we talk about the product featuring a forged aluminum material construction, some small parts feature other materials that are susceptible to rust. The lower receiver itself is also prone to abuse, especially when used in terrains that can result in scratching. These cases needs that the product be protected with some of the best and most durable coats and Anderson have just done that on its lower receiver.

Precision Machining Construction

The quality of a lower receiver is not all about its material. In fact, there are so many lower receivers out there, which feature the same materials and coats as this Anderson lower.

However, we find that the Anderson lower goes a notch higher than its counterparts in quality and performance. Why would this be the case?

The process of construction is very important. In fact, it is the most important aspect of a lower receiver. This one has been precision machined thereby leading to the production of a lower that makes it easy to install any mil-spec component on it. Easy installation is an important aspect of consideration whenever you are shopping for the best lower receiver for your next custom assembly projects.

Dimensions and Weight

This is a semi-auto lower receiver. Semi-autos are generally small and lightweight. You, therefore, need as small and as a lightweight lower receiver as possible.

The Anderson lower receiver measures 9 x 4 x 3 inches and weighs less than a pound. The dimensions show that the product isn't too big to become a nuisance to carry neither is it too compact to interfere with recoil reduction. And its weight helps you to assemble one of the lightest guns possible.



The Anderson Lower review brings to as a lower receiver that has been marked Multi-Cal. This means that it is compatible with numerous calibers.

These are some of the hassle free features you will be looking for in an already assembled gun, or a lower receiver you want to use in assembling your own gun. This is especially an important feature sought for by those professional shooters who want to hunt the big game today, the small game tomorrow and go for some competitive shooting next week, all these with the same gun. All these undertakings need different calibers. A Multi-Cal receiver will therefore provide you with optimum performance, no matter the caliber you are using at a particular time. In a nutshell, with the Anderson lower, you will be able to use your gun in shooting almost any caliber out there.

In this Anderson Lower review, we also come to realize that the lower receiver is compatible with all the standard AR-15 gun magazines.

Drop-In Installation

This is yet another much sought after feature. To the newbie, installing the other parts of a gun can be a daunting task if the lower hasn’t been properly designed and constructed. This is however not the case with the Anderson Lower.

Having been precision machined, it is credited for providing the user with the easiest installation of mil-spec components. You do not need to have modification tools and equipment for the installation to be possible. All you need are the different parts and they will easily drop-drop in the different available parts of the lower receiver.


Is it true that cheap lower receivers suck? Many people have always made a correlation between performance and price of lowers. Most of their assumption that cheap lower receivers suck can be proven wrong by the Anderson Lower receivers.

The cool brands are known to sell their lowers at up to $200 or even more. This is more than thrice the cost of the Anderson lowers. To know if price matters, making a comparison between Anderson and his expensive brothers is necessary. Upon testing, the finish used on Anderson has no defects, just as is the case with the expensive brands. Both also produce perfect performances with fire control groups and their overall performance on the field was comparable.

In other words, there is nothing that those expensive brands beat the Anderson lower with. I would rather save some hundreds of dollars and buy something that will equally deliver.


The Anderson lower is available in most of the major offline stores and some of the online stores as well. You can also directly contact the manufacturer and place an order with them.


And what is so special About the Anderson Lowers?

These are just some standard lower receivers hence nothing classy, exotic or fancy to expect from it. Only standard performances are guaranteed. Its main special feature is the fact that it will give you the much-desired shooting performance without having to break your bank. It will cost you less than $80, with some after the market products going for up to as low as $40.

Ergonomics and Elegance

The lower receiver features a stripped finish. This is an ergonomic feature that makes it easy and possible for the user to comfortably hold the gun, regardless of the weather and surrounding conditions. It is a common occurrence for smooth guns to slip off the hands of the users during winter weather. Stripes are some of the easiest and best ways to solve this, something that Primary Arms is credited for having done. And though the main reason behind the stripes being incorporated is for easy handling, Anderson comes with some stripes that add to the elegant appeal of the lower receiver and ultimately, the assembled gun.

There is also a Laser engraved punisher logo that appears on the right side of the lower. A regular Anderson logo also appears on the left side. These are not just any other logos that have been engraved to market the brand. They instead have been engraved to produce an elegant statement, and that is exactly what they do.

Pros and Cons


  • Price: There is no other Lower that comes with the price that has been tagged to this lower and ends up producing the same performance as it does. As mentioned earlier, its performance and quality can be compared to those lowers going for $150 and above, yet the Anderson lower costs less than $75. At this price, it comes with great construction material, process, and quality hence worth every single cent you spend on it.
  • Versatility: The product has been marked multi-cal. It means you can use it to customize a gun that you can use in almost all the areas, and activities. The lower has also been designed to be compatible with a number of guns, especially all those in the AR platform among others.
  • Mil-Spec Machined: Mil-spec machining means that it has been designed in such a way that any Mil-spec parts can easily fit in the lower receiver. In fact, you just need to drop them in, and they will fit. The precision machining used in the process of manufacturing can be credited for such a great fit.
  • Durability: It features a heavy duty forged aluminum construction that produces durable long lasting performance without sacrificing the weight of the gun. In addition, a hard anodized coat improves the durability even further.


  • Though the price is great, such a cheap product can’t come with the fancy features and appearances that are characterized with its expensive cousins. It isn’t classy or fancy at all. It’s just a performer.

Customer Reviews

There is a great mistake that most buyers always do. There is no greater mistake you will do when shopping for a product than to listen to the manufacturer of the product in question, without questioning anything they say. The sole reason why a manufacturer is on the market is to sell the product they have made. They will, therefore, convince you that their product is the bests, whether this is true of otherwise. The only person who can be honest with you is a user who has used the product in question before. The previous users honestly inform you whether the product works as advertized or not.

The Anderson Lower reviews are very positive about this product. The satisfaction rate is amazing and is one of the best or rather highest you can find on the market. Primary Arms is being commended for the continued good works they are doing, as can be seen in this lower receiver. The quality is unmatched, while the performance is impeccable.


Build your next custom gun using a truly awesome lower receiver platform. As noted from the Anderson Lower review, every single hardware piece of the product features the most precise deign that has been credited for the precise drop-in installation accuracy. The great quality of the product can be credited to the fact that Anderson employees have the reputation of being shooting experts.

They therefore use their years of experience to know exactly what the market needs as well as that which the majority of users want. They equally understand the importance of reliability and precision, a reason why their lower receiver offered precision and reliability. With all these, there is no doubt that the Stripped Lower Receiver by Anderson is what you really need for your next rifle custom project.

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