So many AR 15 lower receivers are being thrown to you but you still aren’t aware of which one to grab. There are some easy to use buyer’s guides that can educate you and guide you to grab the very best AR 15 lower receiver for your money. Imagine all those manufacturers and even more products that have flooded the market. You can’t be able to read the reviews of all of them. Fortunately, with simple guidelines, you will be able to choose wisely and end up with the best product.

>> The Best AR 15 Lower Parts Kit Buyer’s Guide
>> The Anderson Lower Review and Performance Test

​Key Factors to Consider

1. Quality Control

The rifle industry has some of the most stringent manufacturing laws. Quality control needs to be considered and there are guidelines to ensure this happens so. It is therefore the prerogative of the buyer to ensure that they don’t put their hands on products that haven’t been able to adhere by such rules and specifications. What resources have they committed in design, manufacture and shipment process to guarantee the facility will be free of defects.

2. Adherence to Laid Quality Standards by the Company

​Have you ever heard of the term Mil-specs? If you are in the receiver filed, you must have heard of this before. If you are new, Mil-spec is a great feature for marketing. Ensure that the company advertising their product as Mil-spec isn’t saying just half of the truth.

​a) Specifications

There are some most common specifications that you should look for in these products. If a manufacturer is not able to produce high quality products in any of the specifications, you can as well avoid doing business with them.

  • Has the gas key been properly staked
  • Has a magnetic particle (MPI) inspection been done on the barrel and bolt?
  • Has the barrel and bolt undergone high pressure testing (HPT)?
  • What durability features does the product have? The best AR 15 lower receiver will always feature a sturdy construction using durable materials such as aluminum and stainless steel etc. they also have to be lined with chrome, nitride-barrel and such like materials and finishes among others
  • Shot-peened bolt and barrel
  • Is the product Mil-Spec?
  • Does it have a 5.56 chamber?

These are some of the questions, though not exhaustive that when answered, you are so many steps closer to grabbing the best AR 15 lower receiver your money can give you.

b) The Mil-Spec controversy:

If your product isn’t mil-spec, I want to assure you that it will have more faults than you can imagine. The product will have a poor staking on its gas key. It will have a softer 4140 barrel steel or something worse. The bolt will stress you up and you will get no value for your money. You need to think of the mil-spec features as your shopping benchmarks.

Let the manufacture tell you that the product has been chrome lined. If he doesn’t mention this, assume it isn’t chrome lined and move forward. Let them tell you that the bolt and barrel are shot-peened, HPT and MPI. Similarly, if they are silent on this, your assumption should always be they don’t meet those standards. And the material used in the manufacture has to be mentioned as which type of steel. The best AR 15 lower receiver will also always have a 5.56 chamber which implies that it will be capable of safely shooting both the .223 as well as the 5.56 itself. You may alternatively want to go for the .223 Wylde chamber, which is also acceptable.

3. Customer Service

Even with the best possible care, occasionally a product may have some faults. Even without faults, there comes a time when you probably may just need some guidance on how to use the product. Companies that have been credited for having some of the best AR 15 lower receiver will always be there to correct any quality issues if they occur. In other words, the companies have valid warranties and they live by the word of their warranties. What are the former users of the product saying about the customer care in their reviews?

4. 80% Lower or the Stripped Lowers

80% lowers are 80% to completion. They are fast growing in popularity, thanks to the fact that no federal transfer regulations such as AFT Form 4473 filling and the FFL transfer. On the other side, Stripped lowers are 100% complete and can only be shipped upon filling the transfer federal regulatory forms.

5. Billet, Cast or Forged

The best AR 15 lower receivers are not limited to a specific material type. Just ensure that the manufacture presents you with the critical metallurgy test results so you can ascertain that the product is capable of standing up no matter the purpose or operation.

6. Warranty

You need to ensure that you have the best possible warranty in the market. If the product you want to buy is an 80% lower, the warranty must be unlimited and in most cases, lifetime. On the other side, some of the parts of the stripped lower will come with shorter warranty, say 2-years, with other parts coming with extended warranties.

​7. Durability

Other than just the material used in construction, also ensure that the finish on the surfaces of your receivers are those that have been proven to withstand wear, tear and scratch among other factors that would jeopardize the durability of the product. This is of course in addition to the sturdy construction of a lower receiver that you must choose.

​8. Lightweight

Heavy guns can be cumbersome and tiresome to work with. It can also be quite difficult to hide or rather conceal such guns. It is therefore a necessity that you go for lightweight guns. A lightweight lower receiver is a prerequisite of a lightweight gun. As a result, some of the very best AR 15 lower receivers are those that will weigh around 5 ounces but not going beyond 8 ounces.

Reviews of the 5 Best AR 15 Lower Receivers

Editor Rating

The receiver features a 7075 T6 solid billet aluminum construction. It is very versatile and a very easy to assemble lower receiver kit, thanks to its color coded pouches. It fully complies with the multi-spec requirements and is a very versatile lower.

Special Features

  • 7 ounces AR-15 platform lower receiver
  • A2 pistol grip type
  • Single stage fire control group
  • Standard selector
  • Springs
  • Pins needed to complete the lower are all included
  • Color coded pouches for easy assembly
  • Fully mil-specific components


  • Good price to features ration
  • Tight fit and smooth action
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Easy assembly
  • Stripped thus elegant and great for tough terrains
  • Mil-specific and versatile
  • Very sturdy high quality product


  • Some parts are missing

This is one of the best AR 15 lower receivers that have numerous great features for performance, durability and versatility.

Seekins Precision SP223 GEN2 Billet Lower

Seekins Precision SP223 GEN2 Billet Lower

Editor Rating

Another lower receiver worth spending your money on is the SP223 GEN 2 lower. This is a precision machined lower from the 7075 T6 billet aluminum. It does therefore come with great strength and durability. It also comes with a broached and flared magazine release thus making it easy to dump a magazine even when having gloves on. It comes with a hard coat anodized finish and is compatible with almost any mil-spec AR upper receivers.

Special Features

  • Compatible to Mil-spec standards
  • Type III black with Teflon hard anodized coating
  • Oversized winter triggerguards
  • Large front grip
  • Quick access magazine release
  • Durable CNC machined 7075 T6 solid billet aluminum
  • Ambidextrous release and enhanced bolt catch


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Versatile and compatible with many guns
  • Tough durable construction
  • Easy installation
  • No pins
  • Excellent ambidextrous bolt release
  • Very well built, tough and great value


  • It is a pricy lower receiver

The SP223 GEN2 has designed a lower receiver that adheres to all the mil-spec standards. It features an electro-less nickel plating which has been Teflon impregnated for durability and elegance not forgetting corrosion and wear resistance.

Anderson Manufacturing Stripped Lower Receiver

Editor Rating

This is yet another product ranked among the best AR-lower receivers. It features a billet 7075 T6 aluminum construction for durability and versatility and comes with stripes on its finish for aesthetics as well as to make it suitable for the tough field terrain.

Special Features

  • High strength 7075 T6 aluminum built
  • Finish is matte black Mil-spec, hard-anodized for abrasion resistance
  • Multi caliber
  • Compatible with AR-15 magazine and components
  • Stripped AR-15 Lower Receiver
  • Uses ¾-inch grip screw
  • 8.35 ounces


  • Its mil-specific
  • Durable aluminum construction for rugged field use
  • Reliable and versatile performance
  • Awesome deal and excellent appearance


  • Small bit of play when mated with .450 Bushmaster upper
  • A bit lighter and smoother finish than some of the powers

Each of these lowers comes with an integral trigger guard, a reinforced trigger & hammer pin axis and a reinforced front pivot pin points. It is versatile, durable and lightweight, all of which are features much sought for, for a product to be enlisted among the best AR 15 lower receivers.


Editor Rating

Get your AR-15 firearm geared up with this robust DPMS -AR -15 Lower receiver complete with M4 stock assembly. The receiver has an agile design and everything about it has been given special attention. This receiver is a complete product of 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This means that strength and tenacity are two major characteristics that the receiver has.

Special Features

  • DPMS is made from the 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This material is strong and no amount of the external forces will be able to affect its performance.
  • Has mil-spec hard coat anodized which provides an extra protection.
  • The assembler is coated with Teflon giving it total protection against wear, tear and scratch resistance.
  • The M4 lower of the assembler is equipped with 6-position collapsible carbine stock which is made of impact-resistant polymer. These features ensure that you will handle the firearm with much ease even when you feel worn out.


  • Has a sleek and attractive design.
  • Is easy to handle.
  • Is resistant to wear and other aggressive physical forces.
  • Flexible and easy to handle


  • The assembler is quite heavy and this could be because of the dense material that was used to make it.

If you need to give your AR-15 some sense of class and also improve on its functionality, then get the DPMS -AR -15 lower receiver complete with M4 stock assembly. It has features and functionalities that would definitely impress anyone who is passionate with the firearms.

Editor Rating

Battle arms development better known as BAD is known for producing the best weapons and arms accessories for a while now. One of such accessories by Battle Arms is the AR15 BAD lower receiver. And as an arms owner or a person who frequently deals with firearms, you should know that each and every part of a firearm is equally important towards giving you superior performance and that includes the receiver.

​This Battle Arms forged lower receiver is an excellent accessory whose quality and craftsmanship is just out of this world. Designed and built with precision and quality in mind, this BAD forged lower receiver is the best you will get for a receiver.

Special Features

  • This BAD lower receiver is made with quality aerospace 7075-T6 forged aluminum which makes it strong and durable.
  • It features a multi-caliber marking that makes it highly versatile
  • Also, this lower receiver by BAD features a 3D laser cut BAD logo which ultimately exudes the top quality manufacturing in this particular arms accessory.
  • Other features include ultra EDM cut Magwell for dimensional accuracy, consistency, and reliability.


  • The receiver is easy to install on the gun
  • High build quality and finishing
  • Offers dimensional consistency and reliability
  • Offers superior performance


  • This forged lower receiver is priced higher compared to other types in its class.

If you are looking for a reliable lower receiver, high quality and a precise fit for your AR15, then get this amazing forged lower receiver from Battle arms technology. Although its price may be on the higher side, the performance and everything that comes with it is top notch. Excellent value for your money.


The process of choosing best AR-15 lower receivers has never been this easy. The whole idea is for you to look for something durable, that has been constructed using some of the toughest materials, and it is versatile enough to give you excellent performance on the field. Narrowing your search to only the reliable stores is always a plus. Make haste today while the sun still shines!



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