A Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Hunting Knife

A hunting knife is best used by none other than the hunters themselves. They are out hunting most of the time and hence a good Perkin knife is a must. They aren’t fully equipped without a proper knife. Be it skinning animals or cutting up animal meat, a hunter’s knife is the crucial pieces of safety gear to be carried out in the wilderness.

What are hunting knives used for

There is no denying that knives are the oldest tools ever designed after the stone hammer. During the Stone Age, the blades were made using stones, bones or shells to make the strongest weapon to fight against danger during hunts. The modern hunting knives are designed keeping the distinct requirements of hunters in mind. Some of the best uses of hunting knives are as follows.

what are hunting knives used for


Field dressing is one of the functions performed by a hunting knife. It is a process wherein the organs of a game are removed to store meat. To dress an animal such as a deer, gutting is the primary activity you must perform. A hunting knife effectively cut opens the animal to take out its organ. The process is simplified with a gut hook knife.


This is yet another feature that helps you cut through the skin of the animals with precision. It ensures that there is no tearing of abdominal tissues or muscles during the process. Consequently, there are skinning knives designed with a thin and short blade. The blade is slightly curved to help you do the skinning activity effortlessly.


Once the gutting and skinning of a deer are complete, the meat needs to be taken off. To remove the bone from the meat, whether it is a fish or a big game, a hunting knife is used to do the job perfectly.


Cutting up the meat is the next step for field dressing. There are several techniques one can use to butcher meat and an appropriate knife helps to make clean cuts. One of the best examples is the bowie knives as they help to butcher meat in no time.


As far as caping is concerned, it involves skinning the neck and head of a deer, bear or a turkey. It is mostly done to create a trophy for hunting. When an animal is caped, the skin around the neck, chest, and shoulders are cut away through a hunting knife.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Hunting Knife

The hunting knives are being used for centuries now and anything which exists for a long period indeed comes with a wide range of choices, patterns and functionalities. However, with endless options made available, choosing the best one is indeed a tedious task. There are different types of knives with several benefits that help you decide which one meets your requirements to the fullest. If you love hunting outdoors, and unsure which knife to choose, here are some of the factors to consider.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Hunting Knife


The first and foremost thing to do is set a budget. The price of blades differs depending on the type and quality of the knife and blade. It is important to figure out how much you are planning to shell out on a blade. The knife you choose should come in best use especially during critical times. Therefore, fix your budget accordingly to ensure there is no compromise of the quality of the knife.

Fixed vs. Folder Blade

After the budget has been set, consider some of the options which mostly falls under 2 categories, folding and fixed blades.

Fixed Blade Knife

This type of knife is one of the popular choices amongst hunters. The prime benefit of a fixed blade knife is its durability. It is also sturdy, versatile and the overall process of cleaning is simpler. A hunter often does rugged activities and reliability is of utmost importance. The knife you choose to buy should have the ability to do skinning as well as cutting tasks. The knife should be effective enough to chop bones as well as cartilage. A hunter should bear in mind that a bigger knife does not mean it’s the best. It largely depends on the animal you wish to hunt. The knife may be smaller in size but it has to be sharp enough to attack animals. A 4 inch fixed blade knife serves the purpose of most hunters. Perkin fixed blade knives can be utilised to hunt fearlessly.

Types of Fixed Blades

Full tang pattern comes with a blade and a handle which are made using a single piece of steel. It is one of the most durable blade hunters can rely on.

Stainless steel and carbon are the types of materials used to design a good blade. However, there are pros and cons to both. Stainless steel is a good option but it is costly compared to carbon. But, carbon easily gets rusted.

To avoid rust, a mixture of carbon steel can be used for carbon blades. It uses silicon wax or oil to prevent rusting.The handle should be tested to make sure it fits your hand perfectly. Avoid handles that become wet and slippery especially during extreme weather conditions. Synthetic fiber is the best option for the knife handle.

Folding Knives

A folding knife is a yet another type that meets your requirements. Choose a lock-back knife as it’s stronger and has a good grip handle with a sturdy blade. There are folding knives available at a lower cost, but they are not durable enough.

A good hunting knife when chosen wisely can last long. However, it needs regular cleaning and sharpening after use. If properly maintained they last for a lifetime. These are some of the points that help you buy the best hunting knife. You can go hunting alone or with friends when you have the best weapon handy. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and hunting is your hobby, choose the best knife made of the best quality and design.

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