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Where should you target your shot the next time you’re deer hunting? With this handy infographic you’ll know where the prime target area is and become a more savvy hunter.

Sharpshooters may be able to place a bullet in the brain or neck. However, the dangers of severely wounding the deer but not bringing him down with a jaw or nose shot – or missing entirely – is not recommended for most ethical hunters.

A “boiler room” shot in and around the vital organs of the chest – the heart, lungs, and liver – or targeting the spinal cord and nervous system in the shoulders gives a wider range of kill shots.

PATIENCE IS KEY! Wait until a clear shot of your moving target is visible.


The large cluster of organs in the chest cavity right above the front legs, gives hunters a good target.

PROS: Large target. Hemorrhaging eaves a good blood trail.

CONS: Vitals are protected by rib bones and may deflect light bullets and arrows. Instant kills are rare.

A shoulder snot can break the spine, dropping the deer where he stands.

PROS: Good for quick kills

CONS: Smaller target than the vital organs. Meat damage.

Source: Basspro