The Expert Vortex StrikeFire 2 Review

The Vortex StrikeFire is a super lightweight rifle scope that features multicoated lenses, weather resistance and easy to use performance. It can be used in almost in rifle activity; anywhere the shooter wants to use it from and at any time of the day or night.

Coming with the green dot sight or the red dot option for you to choose from, the riflescope does not only offer great sighting performance but is also capable of withstanding incredible amounts of recoil. This is a detailed Vortex StrikeFire review that will allow you to make informed decisions whenever you contemplate buying this product.

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Vortex StrikeFire 2 Specifications

  • Magnification: 1 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 30 mm
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Adjustment Graduation: 1/2 MOA
  • Travel per Rotation: 25 MOA
  • Max Elevation Adjustment: 100 MOA
  • Max Windage Adjustment: 100 MOA
  • Parallax Setting: Parallax Free
  • Length: 5.6 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces

Features that Make the Vortex StrikeFire a Standout

Before making the decision to buy any product, it is worth going through the generic features of the product in question as this is one of the surest ways of guaranteeing that you will not go wrong. Below are some of the features Vortex has stored for us in the Vortex StrikeFire.

1. Optical Construction

The Lenses

This riflescope features multi-coated lenses among other anti-reflective properties associated with glass coatings. This means that all the air-to-glass surfaces feature some layers of super coats which ensure that maximum light collection and subsequent transmission is necessitated. The result of such a technology is the production of a crisp, bright and clear image that gives attention to the finest details.


In this Vortex StrikeFire review, you discover that Vortex offers the users the option of choosing between the red and the green dot. The reticle has been designed with a 4 MOA dual color application, which is ideal for those shooting needs that require a twinkle of an eye target acquisition.

There are those animals like the coyote, which can move very fast thus denying you the opportunity of making the bloodshot were you to use your bare eyes for target acquisition.

Still, the same, other scopes can really take some time to acquire the target. Such scopes come in handy when you are sighting elephants and mountains. But riflescopes such as the Vortex StrikeFire are what you need when a split-second targeting may make a difference.

The 4 MOA red/green dot is ideal for situations that demand split-second target acquisition.

The reticle of this scope is also favorable in the sense that the user has been given the provision of adjusting the dot intensity to their needs, tastes, and requirements. It provides a total of ten illumination settings, with one of the settings being night vision compatible.

Eye Relief

The need for a long eye relief for a scope is much more demanding than for the case of binoculars and other optic accessories. In fact, in the case of binoculars, only glass wearers may need long eye reliefs. This is not the case when it comes to riflescopes. The position where the scope is mounted on your gun may be in such a position as to render accurate shooting impossible if you were to place your eye just an inch from the eyepiece.

The good news is that this rifle scope comes with an infinity eye relief. This means that the rifle scope is very much suitable for use in rapid target acquisition situations.


The scope offers two levels of magnification, with the first level being a constant 1x magnification rate. A screw has also been provided for the 2x magnifier thereby improves the flexibility and versatility of the scope even further. The only downside is that an increase in magnification reduced the field of view. But there are times when you may be in need of an enlarged zoom level as a prerequisite of effective targeting, especially for long distances. Under such circumstances, the 2x comes in handy.

2. Body Construction

Cantilever Ring Mount

This is one of the most revolutionary mounting designs as far as versatility and compatibility with other rifle accessories are concerned. The cantilever feature puts the scope bore center about 40 mm above the scope base, hence making it possible for the riflescope to fit on the gun without the sights having to be removed.

Housing Construction

The riflescope features a single piece 30 mm tube housing construction. The single tube housings are becoming more and more popular today for two main reasons. First of all, because of obvious reasons, a single tube riflescope is more compact thus more portable than the double piece tubes. Secondly, these single tubes are able to offer better overall performances with a waterproof feature being boosted to an all-time high. The single tube features a hardened aluminum material. This hardened material has been machined to develop the durable rugged Vortex StrikeFire body


The Vortex StrikeFire review reveals to us a riflescope that is an all round weatherproof device, which can be used in any weather situations.

  • Waterproof: It features the O-ring, whose primary function is to protect the internal parts of the scope from being damaged by water. Water is therefore not allowed anywhere beyond the casing. Though the primary reason for this is to keep water away, the optics do benefit a lot as they are shielded from dust and debris, which can scratch the glass, or even cause some other performance and accuracy concerns
  • Fogproof: Yes, fog can be formed in the inner parts of your riflescope very frequently. It is common knowledge that fogging can happen under weather extremities. Under too much heat, fogging can develop. But the menace becomes a more concern during extremely cold temperatures. It will be very annoying for some other external factors to deny you the privilege of using a product you invested so heavily to acquire. This is the reason why Vortex found it fit, to incorporate the nitrogen purging feature in the design so as to keep the scope fog-free.

Riflescope Powering

This is one of the double edged points when it comes to this riflescope. I say double-edged because it is an advantage to all but a disadvantage to some. To begin with, the scope uses the CR2 battery. This is disadvantageous in the sense that these batteries may not be easily accessible in some areas, especially in the developing countries. In countries such as the USA, you can get these batteries both online as well as in the on-site shops.

The main advantage of the CR2 battery type, as opposed to the common AA series, is the fact that they offer long lasting durable performance. For instance, when on an auto-shutdown feature, it provides a 6-hour battery life. You can thus use it for extended periods without having to worry about disruptions.

Dot Sight

Maximum Brightness

Minimum Brightness

Red/Green Dot

300 Hours

6,000 Hours

Bright Red Dot

400 Hours

7,000 Hours

Pricing and Availability

If a pro reads about the features and performance of this riflescope, they can easily be deceived to think that the product costs over $500. It is surprising that with all these qualities, it costs less than $200. This price is pretty affordable. Learning that its value far much exceeds the price you will spend on it makes it even a more valuable asset to own.

The riflescope is available in almost any major gun sight accessory shop you will walk in to. More still, you can make a purchase at the comfort of your home from the leading online shops, Amazon being the leader.

Rifle Platform Compatibility

The riflescope has mainly been designed for mounting on the AR rifle platform. However, it can also be used with some other platforms and gun brands such as the Ruger .22 and the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 among others.


Between the beginners, intermediates and the experts, who will the riflescope, serve best? The product is the best beginner riflescope, but with one condition. If you are using an amateur rifle and are planning to advance to the more high-tech rifles, then this will probably be your best bet. But if at the beginner’s level you have acquired a high-tech gun, you may want to consider going for the more durable and expensive riflescopes.

It’s important to mention that though beginners have mostly preferred to go for this product, personal preference has also played a role when it comes to the choice by intermediaries and the advanced shooters. Some two features that make it be considered by the professionals too include its Green color provision that comes in to play when there is an extremely bright light reflection. Though such occurrences are rare, when these happens, the green light will be an important necessity

The other issue is the battery life. Depending on your frequency of use, you can get up to ½ year performance with the StrikeFire battery. This is much more extended durability as compared to the battery life of some other products.


When a compatible gun such as the .308 Colt is used, the resulting mount is firm and nicely held. With such guns, it has been credited for being easily set to Zero. It will also hold its zero for long, even after a couple of rounds are shot.

Weight and Size

With a 30 mm riflescope, it is not common to find a product that weighs just 7.2 ounces and about 6-inches in length, especially within the Vortex StrikeFire’s price range. The product can therefore really produce a lightweight performance, especially when merged with the right, lightweight mounts. Hunters and other people who move or travel a lot with their scopes will thus benefit from it a great deal.

The benefits and drawbacks

Benefits of Using the Riflescope

  • Portability: One of the greatest selling points of the riflescope is its lightweight as well as the compact design. In fact, it is a very super lightweight riflescope that any hunter or shooter who moves around with their gun should consider buying.
  • Day/Night Use: Unlike most of the riflescope out there, which have been designed for daytime or night use, this one has been designed to be used any time of the day, regardless of the light or darkness amounts. Upon turning the power to the lowest setting, the riflescope will instantly convert to night vision compatibility.
  • Easy to Use: The product comes with one of the easiest to use features out there. No wonder, it is associated with super-fast target acquisition. And due to the fact that there is almost no parallax experience that is accompanied with its use, no continuous adjustments will be necessary. This is an aspect that makes it top the list of the best riflescopes for beginners.


The scope comes with a 2x magnification capability which has its pros but is disadvantageous when it comes to the Field of View. When you up it to the 2x magnification, the Field of View becomes smaller.

Customer Reviews

There is no doubt that the customer reviews and ratings, especially on Amazon are what have made more and more users go for it. The most important part of the Vortex StrikeFire reviews is the fact that it works exactly as advertized. Though it may not offer you some of the features you probably are looking for, Vortex has been very sincere concerning what the riflescope can offer and it will offer you exactly that. Out of every ten users, only one isn't content with the product. This translates to a 90% approval rating which is very encouraging and commendable. It means that there is only a 10% likelihood that you won't get satisfied with its performance.


Are you looking for a quality riflescope that will deliver just the way you would want it to do, but without draining your pockets too much? Then your best choice will be to go for the Vortex StrikeFire.

I believe that this review should have given you an insight of what you should expect. The price factor is far much below what the features and performance attributes are attached to the collar of the product.

At the first glance, you will classify this product as a beginner scope. However, upon going down to the fine details, some of the hidden benefits unravel themselves. Under some situations, it offers the best performance, making even the advanced shooters to prefer it under such situations and circumstances. Good Luck as you make an informed decision.

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