Taurus 608 Review: The Ultimate Home Defense Revolver

Taurus 608 Review: Summary

Taurus 608


Revolvers are the most reliable revolvers on the market.



The revolver shoots accurately, assuming you are a good shot.



The grip of this revolver is excellent.



I love the modern look of this revolver.



There’s almost nothing you can add to this revolver.

Bang for your Buck

Bang for your Buck

The revolver is decently priced.

We Like

  • Durability and reliability. The revolver is made of a durable finished stainless steel, and functions extremely reliably. It will last for the foreseeable future.
  • Safety. The revolver has some excellent safety 
  • Shootability. Overall, this is a very fun revolver to shoot. It shoots accurately, and is very easy to use.

We Don't Like

  • Porting. Adds noise and makes the revolver more difficult to clean.
  • Weight. The revolver is very heavy. This isn’t a huge deal, unless you’re looking to carry it for long periods of time, or if you’ve got really small hands.

The Taurus 608 is a quality large revolver. It serves well as a home defense revolver, due to the excellent round it shoots and the superior reliability. However, it also has a few other features that are great for other types of shooting.

If there’s one revolver that I feel like I absolutely must have in my nightstand at all times, it’s my Taurus 608. It’s extremely reliable, got a great magazine capacity for a revolver, and fires a very powerful round. I swear by this specific revolver, and I feel very comfortable with it.

While this is a great home defense revolver, there are quite a few revolvers features that I think you’ll really like about it. This revolver really is one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to share some information about it.

What is the Taurus 608 for?

Like I just said, the Taurus 608 is a great home defense gun. It fires .357 Magnum, which is a great defense round. If you’ve never looked into the terminal performance and ballistics of this round, I would definitely recommend checking it out. The round performs exceptionally well, and is definitely a devastating defense round.

taurus 608 - 5

While this is a great home defense gun, it’s also just a fun to shoot range revolver. I really enjoy shooting revolvers, and I find that they are way more enjoyable to shoot than semiautomatic pistols. I love taking this revolver to the range.

This revolver would also be decent for carrying around your ranch or land, and some people may even consider hunting with it. I’m not a huge handgun hunter, but .357 Magnum is a very lethal round.

Taurus 608 Review: Breakdown

The Taurus 608 is a full size revolver. It’s available with a 4 inch or 6.5 inch barrel, weighing in at 44 ounces and 51 ounces, respectively. It’s got an eight round capacity, which is excellent for a revolver. Like we said, it shoots .357 Magnum, but can also shoot .38 Special +P.

taurus 608 - 2

The first thing that we really liked about this revolver is the adjustable sights. Not all revolvers have adjustable sights, so this is a good thing to see. Obviously, this will make you a better shooter.

The other huge pros will be talked about in their respective sections, but we loved the grip, safety features, and the accuracy.

However, there are a couple cons. We have already mentioned the weight, which is extremely heavy. If you’ve got smaller hands, odds are that you won’t enjoy shooting this revolver. The weight is what it is. It helps reduce the recoil, but it is certainly very heavy.

Next, the revolver has a ported barrel. The ports help to reduce the amount of felt recoil, but not everyone likes this feature. They don’t bother me, but other people have complained that it adds additional noise and makes cleaning the revolver more difficult. While I don’t think it’s a big deal, it’s worth mentioning that not everyone loves this feature.

Safety and Reliability

Like we mentioned earlier, the safety features of this revolver were one of our biggest pros. Revolvers are very easy to begin with. Shooters are able to easily tell whether it’s loaded or not, and whether the revolver is ready to shoot or not.

Taurus takes this to the next level. As with most Taurus revolvers, the Taurus 608 has the Taurus Security System. This is essentially just a lock, located behind the hammer, that will allow you to make the revolver extremely safe for storage. If the lock is engaged, the revolver can’t be cocked or fired, and the manual safety can’t be disengaged.

taurus 608 - 3

The revolver also has a transfer bar. All that this is, is a positive block that prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin unless the trigger is completely pulled. This is just one more safety measure that will ensure the revolver only fires when you want it to.

Reliability is another pro of this revolver that we loved. As with all revolvers, the Taurus 608 is extremely reliable. There are very few internal parts, so there is almost nothing that can go wrong with the revolver. It’s basically impossible for a revolver to jam.

However, some of the external parts leave a little bit to be desired. The cylinder release can be a little loose on some, due to inexpensive manufacturing.

Comfort and Shootability

Another pro that we mentioned before was the ergonomics of the revolver. As with almost every Taurus revolver, the Taurus 608 has an extremely comfortable rubber grip. The grip is molded and formed to fit your hand well, and offers some great grip.

taurus 608 - 4

This grip is necessary, due to how heavy the revolver is. While the recoil isn’t that bad, the sheer weight of the revolver makes this grip necessary. The grip also leads right into the next pro, which is the excellent shootability of the revolver.

The revolver shoots accurately, thanks largely to the comfortable grip and suitable sight. The trigger has a long pull, but will break in over time. It’s not the best trigger, but it certainly works and makes the revolver safer.

Accessories and Upgrades

Simply put, there’s almost nothing on the market to add to this revolver. You could get a holster if you’re going to carry the revolver.



And you could look to add a fiber optic front sight.


SDM Revolver Fiber Optic Super Sight

However, other than the basic stuff, there really isn’t much to add to this revolver.


The Taurus 608 is a quality large revolver. It serves well as a home defense revolver, due to the excellent round it shoots and the superior reliability. However, it also has a few other features that are great for other types of shooting.

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  1. I agreed with you in all the pros… weight is not a problem and potted either. The 608 is the best revolver on the market. I own the 608 4inch barrel SS. By the way…. is true that Taurus discontinued to make the 608?


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