According to ammunition manufacturer’s sales statistics, the .22 Long Rifle cartridge is the single most popular rifle cartridge available due to the fact that it is relatively inexpensive and has very little recoil.

Therefore, it is the metallic cartridge of choice for both informal target shooting and small game hunting.

However, air rifles have been around far longer than metallic cartridges since the first air guns were developed as early as the 1500s and they have been used for sport, hunting, and even warfare over the intervening years.

In fact, Lewis and Clark carried an air rifle with them on their famous journey of exploration specifically for the purpose of hunting in hostile Indian territory!

However, unlike metallic cartridge rifles, an air gun is defined as any type of small arm that propels a projectile by means of compressing air or other gases via mechanical methods and which involves with no chemical reactions in contrast to a metallic cartridge firearm which uses combustible propellants to create an exothermic chemical reaction.

Therefore, modern air guns incorporate one of three types of power plants consisting of spring-pistons, gas pistons, or pre-charged pneumatics and many models of both air rifles and air handguns fire metallic pellets of various types as well as spherical BBs.

However, even air rifles can generate a significant amount of noise because they depend upon compressed air to propel a projectile and, some models are even capable of achieving supersonic muzzle velocities which exceed the sound barrier of 1,125 fps (768 mph) which some shooters find unacceptable.

Thus, below you will find a list of some of the quietest air rifles on the market.

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Reviews of 5 Quietest Air Rifles in the Market

• Beeman R7 •

Beeman R7

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With a point blank decibel rating of only 88 decibels, the Beeman R7 air rifle in .177 caliber is not only compact in size it is one of the quietest high powered air rifles on the market!

In fact, the R7 is often called the "little R1" because it is 5 inches shorter and 2.5 pounds lighter than its larger brother the R7 yet, it is not shy on performance since it has the ability to fire a lead pellet at a maximum velocity of 700 fps.

In addition, it also features a satin finish Beech wood stock with a rubber butt pad and a double-jointed cocking lever that provides a reduced cocking effort that is almost half that of the R7 and thus, it is the perfect air rifle for smaller shooters, women, or anyone who wants an easy-cocking spring-piston air rifle.

However, it is important to note that it does not have sights and thus, it must be mounted with an air rifle scope.

But, to facilitate this, R1 features 11mm dovetail grooves on the receiver and, it includes a pair of 1 inch, medium profile, scope rings with a vertical scope stop in one ring with 2 screws per base and 4 screws per ring cap.

Plus, like the Beeman R1, the R7 also features the famous, adjustable, Rekord trigger mechanism which provides a crisp, predictable trigger break that contributes to its superior accuracy.

A Complete Guide Of The Quietest Air Rifle
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  1. These are not the best guns. I have a few of them on the list but they all fall short in many areas.
    – Weight – any gun over 8 pounds gets heavy hunting with Under 7 is best
    – Break Barrels – won’t hold zero because they jolt the scopes so much. Always have to tighten screws
    – Underlever springers – heavy

    The best I have found for looks, hunting, loudness, balance and weight, accuracy and power is

    DayState Regal XL.
    It looks like a normal 22 rim fire yet its an air gun.
    weight 6.5 pounds
    accuracy – hole within hole at 30 yards
    finicky? – no messying around with screws loosening. Any scope works, and once sighten in it shoots straight. No goofy break in period. Its good to go right out of the box.
    Power – 30 foot pounds. Shoots .22 at 950 fps all day.
    Can get 40 shots per PCP fill, better than maurader.
    Walnut wood stock and still only 6.5 pounds.

    My second on the list would be a Brocock s6 elite, similar but cheaper than the Daystate.

    The guns listed above are all junk in comparison


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