Best Rifle Scope Reviews – Ultimate Buyers Guide

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The 5 Best .22-250 Rifles for Varmint Hunting (Written by Bill Bernhardt)

While most long range rifle shooters seem to have a distinct preference for flat shooting rifle cartridges, this feature is especially important to varmint hunters who commonly hunt small sized prey at what most hunters would consider to be exceptionally long ranges.  In addition, because most varmint species are relatively small and, because the purpose … Read more

The 5 Best .234 Rifles for Hunting Both Varmints and Deer

Introduced by Winchester in 1955 for use in the Winchester Model 70 bolt-action rifle, the .243 Winchester cartridge uses the .308 Winchester case as its parent case but is necked down to accept .243 caliber bullets. Nonetheless, this cartridge quickly gained popularity among hunters worldwide and consequently, just about every major firearms manufacturer now offers rifles chambered … Read more

Modern Snipers: The Best .338 Lapua Rifles And Their Amazing Features

In 1983, the U.S. Military began development of a new, long range, sniper cartridge with ballistic performance that exceeded that of the .300 Winchester Mangum but, which fired a smaller diameter bullet with significantly less recoil than the .50 BMG cartridge. Thus, the initial cartridge was developed by Research Armament Industries (RAI) in the United States … Read more

What We Should Know About A Compound Bow

Nowadays, there are a large number of people interested in the compound bow which is one kind of modern weapons used in hunting. You know that hunters are now very intelligent and they will choose the modern tools that can help them defeat the prey more quickly. The compound bow is one of these tools.

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I have been hunted for nearly two years and I also use this bow for almost all my hunting trip. However, before using this weapon, we need to have a deep comprehension about it. With the experiences I have, today, I will give you some details about this tool.


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Genesis Bow Review

Welcome to my Genesis Bow Review. The original bow for archery schools, training, practice, and competition this simple, sleek, and gorgeous device has several features to its credit. Pragmatism and perfection find ideal balance in a Genesis Bow, known also for its rather appealing design. In addition to inspiring skill and precision, the bow is … Read more