Hunt Like A Pro: 7 Hunting Tips For Beginners

Whether you’re 15 or 50, there’s nothing more exciting than the anticipation of your first hunt! And, that’s absolutely true. 

All novice hunters, gear up! Because hunting isn’t a cakewalk. 

However, a little preparation can make it one of the most memorable first-time experiences. So, abide by these hunting tips and be rest assured that you are on the right track. 

Always carry your license when you go hunting

While those of you who thought of hunting as some sort of playfield, let me stop you right there. You cannot simply just grab a gun and set off for the woods. 

Disheartened, are you?

hunting license

Isn’t it better to have a license and pass safety certification classes based on the requirements for the state you’ll be hunting? Yeah, we think so too. It’s obviously much better. 

In order to obtain a license, you need to visit your state’s Department of Natural Resources website and sign up for a hunter safety course. After you get your license, make sure to step out only WITH IT. 

Besides, you must also know the rules and regulations for the state you’re hunting in so much so that you’re aware of any limits or restrictions. For instance, there are some “draw states” where hunters are required to state the specific area of their potential hunt. 

Knowing your equipment is essential 

Gun or bow and arrow, whatever be your equipment, make sure you are well-versed with it. Just knowing about it won’t work. You need to have used it before or in other words, you MUST have hands-on practice with it prior to going out there. 

According to a professional hunter, 

“You’re going to need to have practiced with that rifle prior to going out there, so that the rifle is sighted in by you, by the person shooting it.”

Although using your weapon is a complex task, even more than taking kids on their first hunt, you anyhow need to DO it. That being said, the hunter further adds: 

“Take a kid to the range a couple of times, let them shoot out of that gun so they can get used to the trigger pull, get used to looking through the scope, shooting at a target, focusing in on an object and learning how to squeeze the trigger,” he said. “A lot of people jerk the trigger instead of squeezing it. It can make a difference, so you want to teach them the proper way to shoot a gun prior to going into the woods.”

Understand the concept of scents


Animals have a keen sense of smell. They pick up scents that are in the air. And, your slightest scent might be carried in the air for over a mile and you won’t realize. Don’t be shocked if you come home empty-handed in that case! 

To prevent this from happening, invest in some scent control products available in the market. These make your scent much harder to detect by animals. 

P.S. If you’re a smoker, it goes without saying that you must refrain from smoking while hunting. The cigarette smoke is sure to drive away animals from your surroundings. 

Ignore those advertisements and limit your gear and supplies 

How often have you come across advertisements for hunting gear? 

We too feel bombarded and can clearly relate with you.

Although having knowledge of the latest hunting gear available in the market is important, what’s even more essential is to understand the ones that are actually needed. 

That being said, you need not break the bank buying all sorts of hunting equipment and go overboard. Rather, understand your requirements and invest in a few important ones in the beginning. And if need be, you can always upgrade them. 

Such is the case with food and supplies. It’s best when they are limited.

Scouting is a vital part of hunting

Scouting is becoming familiar with the area you are planning to hunt in. And, it is undoubtedly a vital part of the entire process. 

You cannot hunt animals even you don’t spend enough time scouting the potential area and being aware of the signs. 

This not only ensures easy access to prey but also decreases the chances of any accidents or you getting lost in the woods. 


A lot of novice hunters are so enthusiastic about getting in the woods and hunting their prey that they skip on the most important step, i.e. having a post-shot plan. 

After the shot, it happens that either the animals run (yes, even after being shot) or hunters might slip from the tree stands and fall. Other times, they don’t even pay attention to their surroundings or the area where they’re headed to. And, that is extremely dangerous. 

In addition to safety, you need to take accountability. 

FACT:  Hunting down an animal without having a clear plan of what to do next with it is not only impractical but also illegal in certain areas. 

Practice and patience are keys to a great hunting experience

It’s important to get your hands dirty before actually getting down the trail. You obviously wouldn’t want to blow off any chance of hunting your prey only because you’ve not practiced enough. 

On the other hand, one cannot guarantee anything while hunting. Despite your best gear, Rocky military boots, dress, or land you are not guaranteed success and chances are that you return home empty-handed. In such a situation, don’t lose hope. Instead, prepare yourself for the next time.    

Final Word

Hope this was helpful. 

Now that you’re aware of the things to be taken care of when going for hunting for the first time ever, make sure to abide by them. Also, don’t forget to keep track of the weather too. If you sense anything bad, please stay indoors and postpone your hunt for some other day.  

Wish you a safe and great hunting experience!

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