How to Choose the Best Shoes for Outdoor Games

So, you’ve just decided to get yourself a great pair of shoes for outdoor games but you doesn’t know where to start. Don’t you worry we’ve got you covered. Good shoes for outdoor games are meant to fulfill two main purposes. First they should boost your performance and second, they should offer protection from injuries.

Best Shoes for Outdoor Games

Different outdoor games impose varying demands on the player. This is why picking the right type of shoe for you can get a bit challenging. Shoes are specifically designed to cater to the needs of a particular sport. Let’s take a look at a few outdoor games and their proper shoe design.

  • Running

Conventional running shoes provide ample cushioning for optimum shock absorption. However recent years has seen the rise of the minimalist school of thought which suggests that the best running shoes should have a hard outsole to mimic natural running.

Whichever way you go one thing is certain, running shoes need to provide ample protection from tendon injuries, heel, and knee injuries.

  • Tennis

Tennis requires a lot of side-stepping and quick lateral movements. For this reason they need to provide little cushioning. This doesn’t mean that you compromise on comfort. They should also provide excellent traction. A rubber sole is often best with tennis shoes.

  • Baseball shoes

These should offer maximum traction and grip while still being comfortable. The outsole should have spikes made from molded plastic or metal. You could also check for breathability features which go a long way towards ensuring cool dry feet.

  • Football shoes

Football shoes should also come with metal spikes for optimum traction. Together with good cushioning, they should also provide ankle support depending on the position of the player.

  • Soccer

Another type of outdoor game that requires well studded shoes. Check for the insole and find out if it provides the cushioning needed to disperse pressure from the cleats throughout the heel. The shoe upper should also be constructed form a durable material such as leather to withstand the impact of kicking the ball.

How well does the shoe fit?

It doesn’t matter what excellent quality material the shoe is made from, it will not help you perform if it fits wrong. The best shoes for outdoor games not only need to feel comfortable they should wrap around your feet snugly.

Comfort level

This is an important element when selecting the right shoes for outdoor games. They should be comfortable on your feet. If you play with shoes that do not provide the right cushioning, chances are you are not going to perform at your optimum. You are also likely to come out with injuries.

Latest technology

We all have a tendency to hold on to our comfort zones. This may mean old shoes that seem to work alright. However, it’s good to keep pace with improvements in shoe technology. You are likely to get a great fitting shoe that is lightweight and performs better than expected.


You need to check the price of the shoe you are interested in. Normally, high quality shoes also come with a large price tag. If the price is a bit too high, look for the shoe that is within your budget but also has the features of more expensive shoes such a Phylon midsole and foam. You simply need to understand what you are looking for.

Before making a purchase you need to be sure that you know what you are doing. This can only be possible if you are equipped with the right kind of information. Let’s take look at a few awesome tips on what to look for in outdoor game shoes.

A few buying tips

  • When you go to the store you want to purchase your shoes from, pick a time when you are from playing a game, running or intense walking. This is because your feet will have expanded. The right shoe for outdoor games should fit perfectly during this time.
  • When you finally put on the shoe, there should be enough room to move and wiggle the toes. This will mean that they are neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Remember to carry the socks you wear when participating in your type of sport. Whether football or running. You will go a long way towards ensuring you pick the right sized shoes.
  • A retail store has benefits that you will not find in an online store. For one, you will find quality staff who you can engage for much needed advice. If however you so choose to buy online, make sure you go through the customer reviews of the product.
  • When you wear the shoes for the first time, they should be straight out comfortable. Do not pick a pair that requires breaking-in. you might get injuries before you can even enjoy the game.
  • The right fitting shoes hold on to your heel firmly and securely. They do not allow for slipping during walking. This is why it is advisable to walk a few paces before making a buying decision.


As you can tell, quite a few considerations need to be made before getting the best shoes for outdoor games. By following the tips above, you can be certain to walk out of the retail store with a great pair that not only serves your type of sport but allows you to perform at your best.

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