Buying Guide for the Best Rimfire Scope

Rimfire bullets have a great history as they were the very first cartridge ammunitions inventions. Through time, they have remained popular even with the increase of competition. The reason behind their remained popularity is because of production of quality products. One of their most sought for products today is their scope.

There is no question that having a rimfire rifle in your cabinet is a great addition to your assortment. These rifles work best with their best rimfire scopes. Though all their scopes are good, some are just outstanding in deed.

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How to Shop for the Best Rimfire Scope

Understanding a Rimfire’s Range

It is important to understand that different rimfire scopes have got different range of which they can observe. You need to understand the distances you will be shooting using your product so as to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right tool. You don’t want to overspend on something you don’t need or under spend on something that will not serve you the purpose.

Magnification, how much is too much?

There is a great deal of people with the assumption that a powerful scope is always better whereas others think the contrary is right. Which is which? The most important thing is that you tailor the product to your needs. For instance, if you are to use your scope in shooting targets at 100 yards or even less, you really don’t need to spend the extra cost on the 16 power optics. In fact, a 16 power magnification will not only be expensive but also injurious to your accuracy and 100 yards and less.

A standard lower magnification of 3x to 9x is what you need for such short distances. You just need a product with 4x reticle and you will make better shots. Don’t make your image blurry by going for a very powerful scope. The best rimfire scope in this case is the standard magnification power scope.


The best rimfire scope to go for is one that is lightweight, quite handy and kid friendly. If the rimfire weapons themselves have been designed to be quite light in weight, imagine what would happen to the balance of the rifle if you choose to go for a heavy scope? You really want to maintain that nice and lightweight rifle you have. You don’t want the heavy optics that will end up throwing off the weapon’s balance.

If you are however going for the heavier guns, the slightly heavy scopes would emerge as the best rimfire scopes for you. In other words, ensure you factor balancing before you purchase these products.

Parallax / Adjustable Objective

Essentially, parallax is an optical illusion, which causes inaccuracy in numerous cases. It is a feature that makes you have a wrong position of where your target is. To test whether the product has parallax, it’s important for one to sight in on their target in their normal firing positions. Slightly adjust your gaze (angle at which one is looking through the product). If such a small change moves the reticle of your product, then the parallax of the scope isn’t aligned for the distance you were testing.

Different scopes have different parallax settings. It’s always tempting to go for the 3 to 9 power scope. If a scope has a fixed parallax of 100 yards, you will really find it tough shooting objects that are positioned less than 100 yards away. A bull’s eye shooter needs a 100 yard fixed parallax scope because they mostly shoot distances that are more than 100 yards. On the contra wise, the best rimfire scope for a hunter is the fixed 50 yard parallax as they are more likely to shoot shorter distances.

An adjustable objective lens makes it possible for the user to adjust the parallax’s scope. This gives a hunter the most precise accuracy for shooting. Imagine how spot on your accuracy needs to be when you are shooting a squirrel. Any parallax will make you miss the target.


Rimfire reticle adjustments for windage and elevation are present. It is worth noting that though there are some products with adjustments more than a hundred yards, these scopes aren’t necessary.

If your profession or activity involves shooting at long ranges, then going for the mil dot reticle is prudent. Mil dot reticles can at times be simple yet capable of providing windage and elevation calls which can sufficiently be used for those little rimfire rounds.

For the plinkers and hunters, the simple duplex that comes with thin crosshair sets is very essential for a great deal of your shootings. The center thin crosshairs need to be thin enough, allowing you to actually observe the target within different ranges. The rule of the thumb is, small targets are to be taken with small rifles with small reticles and the vice versa.

Additional Points

There are numerous other features that you need to consider when choosing the best rimfire scope, though they are not great necessities. They don’t subtract anything from the optics if you lack them. However, using them will improve your shooting experience a great deal. It’s worth noting that these features can change the price tag of the product on the higher side, if they are included. They include:

  • Massive Objective lenses: It’s worth understanding that objective lenses beyond 40 or 42 mm on the increasing side may just be too unnecessary for you. The weight of the scope will be increased and mounting will need to be done higher.
  • Fingertip Adjustment turrets: Which are excellent hunting tools for long range shooting. They are however quite unnecessary as far as working with a rimfire rifle is concerned. Don’t take them to be negative in any way but they are just unnecessary and expensive for no use in rimfire rifles.
  • Illuminated reticles: The best rimfire scopes may not need to have these illuminated reticles. They are more focused and needed when it comes to tactical applications. The reticles can really be problematic, depending on the illumination quality. They can create wash out due to too much brightness thus making it difficult to see small targets.

These are just some of the very general attributes or rather factors to be considered when choosing the best rimfire scopes. But the features may not be enough to help you make an informed decision. Below are reviews of some of the best rimfire scopes in different categories.

Best Rimfire Scope for The Money with Reviews

Best Rimfire Scope on Budget

Nikon ProStaff Rimfire with BDC Reticle, 3-9 x 40mm

The ProStaff Rimfire rifle does not ride in the popularity of Nikon but comes with great features that have made it emerge as one of the best rimfire scopes in the market. This new series is a perfect optic product for long range guns. It comes with a fully multicoated optic system that ensures a 98% light transmission. This is incredible. With a BDC reticle that has specifically been designed for rimfire, shooters are allowed to compensate for any bullet drop, a common occurrence in extended distance shootings. This feature has been designed with unique ballistic circles that are credited for the long distance shooting advantage while still allowing normal image observance at shorter ranges.

Special Features

  • Handsome 98% light transmission
  • BDC 150 Reticle for confidence and accurate precision
  • Zero-Reset Turrets
  • Features the popular O-ring sealing together with Nitrogen purging for enhanced fog and water proofing
  • ¼ inch at 50-yards precision Hand-turn adjustments
  • Full lifetime warranty
  • Quick focus eyepiece


  • The eye relief is generous and consistent
  • Simplified adjustments, thanks to the zero reset turrents
  • Enhanced performance in all weather thanks to the weatherproof and sun shade adaptability features.
  • The signature no-fault repair/replacement feature attributed to Nikon’s scopes


  • The reticle tends to show lack of consistency in yards extending beyond a PCP. You thus need to separately buy a mount ring for it.
  • It doesn’t contain a battery or cell.

As far as your budget is concerned, it is just the best rimfire scope as it goes for about a hundred dollars. It will offer you great performance for the remaining years of your life, however many they will be.

Best Value Rimfire Scope

Nikon P-RIMFIRE BDC 150 Rifle Scope, Black

This rimfire scope scores high when it comes to optimization and precise accuracy no wonder it can be enlisted among the best rimfire scope and the best valued in that case. Featuring an advanced fully multi-coated optics technology, the product is capable of providing clear images, credits to its superior light gathering and transmission capabilities. Its tactical style zero resettable turrents together with a fixed 50-yard parallax setting makes the product to cut a niche for itself in this market.

Special Features

  • Features an aluminum, polymer construction
  • Makes use of the BDC 150 reticle, a feature that brings an open circle aiming for distance ranging between 5 and 150 yards.
  • Has the precision hand turn ¼” at 50-yard target adjustments
  • Comes with Nikon Eco-Glass lenses that are without arsenic or lead
  • Features multi layers of anti reflective coating compounds.
  • O-ring sealing together with Nitrogen purging for weatherproof applications.


  • Features a high-quality and professional BDC 150 reticle for a unique open circle aiming within 50 and 150 yards
  • Comes with audible precise target-style hand turning adjustments
  • Comes with a multi-coated Nikon Eco-Glass lens system that is lead and arsenic free
  • Comes with eyepiece caps


  • Close range targets when at high magnification levels can result in blurred images.
  • Specifically designed for ramfires and its construction may not be compatible with other rifles.

With a generous and very consistent eye relief of the product, maximum precision is allowed when adjusting magnification settings. Field adjustments can be simplified, thanks to the Zero-Reset turrent technology. And with maximum transmission of light, the product is capable of delivering the same high quality images from dawn to dawn.

Best Quality Rimfire Scope Review

Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Review

The VX-2 just adds value to the popularity and recognition that Leupold scopes already have. Though Leupold has been in business for decades now, their VX-2 scope has been designed, not with the traditional performance and reliability but with modern trends that have come with the changes of time to enhance marksmanship and hunting. The VX-2 line employs advanced optic technology, diverse reticle options, a very formidable lifetime warranty, quality design and simple & intuitive controls to breathe fresh life into hunting with the use of scopes.

Special Features

  • Features a 40mm objective lens diameter and a 3-9x zoom for medium range shooting together with big game hunting applications
  • Index Matched Lens System for excellent 94% light transmission
  • A contrast & resolution feature for minimal diffusion and glare
  • Choice of different reticles such as the Duplex, LR Duplex, Wide duplex, Leupold Dot and the German #4
  • A version that’s supported by the Custom Dial System (CDS) is available though at a higher price.


  • The price is moderate
  • Premium optics guarantee up to 94% of light transmission
  • Durable and high quality construction
  • Spacious eye-box together with a generous eye relief
  • Full Lifetime Guarantee to the Leupold Gold Ring
  • Diverse reticle choices together with color finishes


  • Not a suitable choice for the long range and tactical shooters.

As far as the reticle is concerned, though you have a wide option to choose from, this product works best with the duplex version to provide excellent aiming at any magnification setting. All in all, the VX-2 is the best quality rimfire you can get in the market. A product with a lifetime warranty means it’s a product that stays forever.

Best Seller Rimfire Scope Review

Leupold VX-1 3-9x40 Riflescope

It is not a new thing to the riflescope gurus that Leupold optics has provided the users with quality huntsman accessories in the name of scopes. The VX-1 series just continues this legacy. With a probably clearest, most precise and most accurate sighting amongst the scopes, the product features a construction designed with quality optics. In a nutshell, the accessory guarantees crisp and vivid images at all magnification levels. This is a perfect prerequisite of targeting the game at greater distances.

Special Features

  • Features the Leupold’s lockable eyepiece of class for secure focus
  • ​The (1/4-MOA per click) Finger-adjustable dials allow for quick yet easy zeroing together with adjustments in the field
  • ​Quantum optical system, multi-coat lens coatings, together with a lead-free glass
  • ​Oxygen purging and the nitrogen filling offer decades of fog proof together with water proof performance
  • Features the Leupold’s signature golden circle


  • An incredibly clear glass thus resulting in vivid image magnification with reduced blurring
  • Arguably among the most accurate scopes within the 1.55-in range
  • No color distortion in performance


  • Short eye relief
  • Few extra features
  • Occasionally, lens coatings fall.
  • Repair is expensive

For generations now, Leupold Optics’ accessories have been leading products in the market as far as functionality and durability is concerned. The VX-1 has just rubberstamped this tradition. The scope, at its price range, offers very impressive qualities thus making it to be the best within its price range. There is no other scope that is selling better than it. Thousands of these units are bought within no time.


Buying the best rimfire scope is that easy. As easy as ABC yet without the basics on how to go about it,the whole process can either mess you up if the scope you go for doesn’t end up disappointing you. Now that you have a guide, what are you still waiting for? Make haste and get your scope today. This is the only way you are sure that your shot accuracy will be improved and your overall focusing performance made to scale great heights.