Buyers Guide And Reviews Of The Best Laser Bore Sighter

Naturally, after the installation of a scope on a gun, bore sighting comes next. Bore sighting is a method of sight alignment adjustment with the bore’s axis. There are a number of bore sighters in the market but the most recent and the best in that case being the laser bore sighter. When shopping for the best laser bore sighter, there are a number of factors to consider. Below is guide that will lead you to land on the best product in the market.

Before we get moving, it is important we understand how these laser bore sighters work. The laser bore sighter is placed in the rifle’s chamber. These sighters then emit some laser beams from the barrel, projecting onto the target. Laser beams need a reflective target for the laser beam to reflect. You will need to make adjustments to the crosshairs of the scope so that they become centered towards the dot of the laser before making a shot.

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Safety Measures

It is important to mention to the newbie that shots are not made when these sighters are in the barrel. After sighting, the sighter has to be removed from the barrel before a shot is made. This is an important safety measure worth noting.

​Choosing the Best Laser Bore Sighter

After you have already installed a rifle scope, it is a high time you need to boost the scope’s sighting by adding a laser bore sighter. Below are the factors that will help you get the best product for your gun and needs.

1. Performance

It is a common fact that the more expensive products always come with better features and incredible performance. Yes it is true. But it is also worth noting that not all the expensive products perform better than their cheaper counterparts. Still within the expensive brothers, there is need to wade through and choose only the best in terms of performance. It is also important to note that there are times that expensive bore sighters may come with expensive features that may not need anyway.

The most important performance feature to look for in a laser bore sighter includes its versatility to fit in a wide range of gun barrels. It is almost impossible to find a universal set up capable of handling the .17. However, be sure of finding some dedicated laser bore sighted for such a caliber. It is a standard that most of the laser bore sighter be compatible with calibers starting with the .22 and running to either the .45 caliber or the .50 option. With a product with such range of versatility, almost everything or rather any can be used with such.

2. Laser Quality

This is all about beam color and intensity. The most commonly used colors are red and green, with each having their own pros and cons. The beam intensity on the other had has close correlations with the battery life.

Red laser beams happen to be the most common as well as the relatively cheaper options. Their visibility under low light conditions is also quite pleasing. However, their performance under daylight is a bit poor as they aren’t visible when light conditions are relatively higher.

​Green lasers on the other side will give the best performance when the sun is up. The beams are very visible up to just some medium distances. The downside is that they are highly priced thus making the green laser bore sighters a little more expensive.

3. Battery Life

Most of the laser bore sighters are battery powered. Considering the battery life is therefore an important aspect of consideration. Obviously, the best laser bore sighters have longer lives. You don’t want to keep on being bothered by warnings at a time when you are busy sighting and in need of no distractions.

4. Durability

Products featuring aluminum construction are the most recommended. This is because aluminum is not only able to resist impact upon falling but the aesthetics of aluminum material products is also always tops. Let the product you are going for also be weather proof so that it can be able to last for extended periods.

Reviews of the 5 Best Laser Bore Sighters

The SiteLite LS-100 Mag Laser BoreSighter

SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighter

Editor Rating

Are you a military fan? Then probably you already know about this ore sighter. If not, This is s SiteLite series that features high-tech construction that assures accuracy together with superior bore sighting through computer program assistance. It is the best laser bore sighter for long distances. Its ease of use together with the straightforward sighting is the strongest points of this product. The program can easily be downloaded using a Smartphone or a PC after which you can create your own custom laser bore sight target.

Benefits of the LS-100 Mag Laser

  • Software: This product features software that has specifically been incorporated in the sighter to make long distance sighting easy in deed. This makes work easier than never before
  • Versatility: The product has been designed with the capability of fitting a wide range of muzzleloaders and rifles. It fits all calibers ranging from 12 ga and plus 20 shotguns, to the .22 to .50 cal. This is unlike a number of other sighters in the market which are rifle specific.
  • Alignment and Accuracy: The product has been designed to level the crosshairs of the scopes before bore sighting
  • Superior Performance and Durability: The product comes with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee of superior performance.


  • It is an expensive product
  • Its plastic switch feature can at times become finicky

The product fits a great deal of muzzleloaders and rifles through the O-rings and the adapters. The accuracy offered by this product far surpasses that provided by bullet-shaped bore sighters, thanks to the O-rings and adapter features that help in the stabilization of the attachment to the barrel.

Wheeler Professional BoreSighter

Professional Best Laser Bore Sighter

Editor Rating

The Wheeler Professional Boresighter is the editor’s top pick thus the best laser bore sighter in the market. It is a high end product that comes, packed with a number of features that truly gives you value for you money. The product features both the red laser beams and the green laser variations and unlike its other counterparts, this unit doesn’t need insertion into the muzzle of the rifle for it to deliver. The product features an integrated magnet on the back for attachment to the barrel of the rifle hence great versatility.


  • Easy of Use: The product features easy performance. Sighting anything beyond 25 yards has never been easier as it is with this product
  • Powerful Variable Laser Beam: This product comes with the red laser and green laser variables. In addition, the laser beam emitted by the product is very powerful even during the day.
  • Versatility: The magnetic feature of the gun makes it to be very versatile, thus being able to be mounted on any gun in the market. It is also very easy to mount it on the barrel.


  • Its switch may at times be finicky
  • It is very expensive

This product comes with a body construction that only knows durability and versatility. It features an aluminum material with the laser module being housed in a soft rubber. And powered by lithium battery, owning this product is akin to owning the best laser bore sighter in the market.

TruGlo TFX Pro Tritium/Fiber-Optic Day/Night Sights

Editor Rating

For those who are more into handguns as compared to how they are to rifles, then this is the best laser bore sighter for them. This product is just the most appealing to the handguns, thanks to its proper alignments with such. It is excellent for use at night but can also yield incredible results during the day. It features a unique U-notch design that is credited for improving front-sight acquisition. Between the U-notch is an orange focus ring that improves the accuracy and increases speed and target acquisition.


  • Easy and Cheap to Run: It is a plus to have a laser bore sighter that doesn’t need batteries to function. You won’t run at a crisis when you are deep at the heart of the hunting.
  • Durability and Extended Warranty: Where else do you find a 12-year warranty in the laser bore sighters. This is the most durable and one of the best lasers bore sighters in the market.
  • Great Optic Performance: It features fiber-optic tubes that make it to glow in the dark
  • Protection: The product is well protected from cleaning solvents, oils and ultra-sonic cleaning. It is 100% impervious to these conditions.


  • The visibility is lesser in low light
  • Expensive

The product features an external CNC-machined steel external construction thar features a sustproof Fortress Finish coating. On the other side, TFO technology is used to capsulate the illuminating elements thus making the product to be impervious to shock and chemicals.

Bushnell Professional BoreSighter

Bushnell Professional Boresighter Kit with Case and .17-.45 Caliber Expandable Arbors

Editor Rating

Bushnell, a powerhouse in the firearm equipment field, produces such a great product for the middle-price range. This professional sighter has been designed to cater for the .22 to .45 caliber bores. It is compatible with a wide range of guns ranging from the handguns, through the muzzleloaders to the rifles. Zeroing is perfect at 100 yards with this sighter that has proven to consistently save ammo and time.


  • Comes with great accuracy up to the 100-yard mark
  • Features a graduated grid sighting reticle for better efficiency
  • No batteries are needed hence easy perfect performance
  • It comes with quality optics that offer stunning clarity and its materials have been tested for durability
  • The product features an aesthetic design and a construction meant to last.


  • Doesn’t work with the AR models

This product features the bore sighter, a carrying case and three arbors in the package. It is the best laser bore sighter within the middle-price range. However, for the best product in the market, you need to almost double the money you would spend on this product.

Aimshot KT-Rifle Laser Bore Sight Review

Aimshot KT-RIFLE Laser Bore Sight Kit for Major Calibers, Brass

Editor Rating

This product has been designed for compatibility with all 16 Aimshot gun arbors. It uses red laser and has been constructed to find a balance between a classic quality product and a good price. In the kit is a 223 laser bore sight and an external batter pack. The product features a tough brass construction thus ensuring that scratches are minimized and tolerance levels maintained.


  • The product is easy to use. It uses bright red laser beams that offer maximum sighting efficiency.
  • The product does not only do the job well but it also does it fast.
  • It features cartridge arbors that have been constructed with great craftsmanship.
  • Five year limited warranty for the product and less expensive AAA replacement batteries makes you sure of cheaply using this product for at least half a decade.


  • It is not as versatile as when compared to other models
  • It is not a great product for range sighting

For the amount of money you pay for this product, there may be no other bore laser sighter that offers the performance that this one does. It is the best laser bore sighter for the budget shopper.


If you have already bought a scope and you thought that the scope is enough for your sighting, wait a minute! You need to install a laser bore sighter before you make your shots. This will ensure you save a lot of ammo and time. Remember that for accuracy, the crosshairs of the scope have to be adjusted. There is no better way of making these adjustments than by the use of the best laser bore sighter the market has to offer. In the case of our reviews and user guide, the Wheeler Professional BoreSighter is far much the best laser bore sighter in the market. For better shooting experiences, get one of these products.

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