What is the Best Deer Attractant for Hunting

Deer attractants are products and substances used to lure deer into a bait. As we all know, deer’s are one of the most elusive animals ever. Hunting deer’s or even luring them into the open is not an easy task. These animals have the best smell and sight senses, especially for human beings.

As you target to hunt/ lure deer’s into the open, understand that this won’t be easy. There are different types of deer, for example, big bucks, doe's, etc., and the bigger these animals get, the wiser they also become which makes it even harder to lure them. For this reason, it is important that you familiarize yourself with all the basics surrounding deer and deer hunting.

On deer attractants, there are several varieties of these in the market today. While you can choose to make your homemade deer attractants, you can also opt to buy commercial based ones. All these if used well can help you to lure deer into your territory hence reducing the time you spend on hunting. However, if you choose the wrong attractant or use it the wrong way, you could end up spending a lot of time out there trying to get deer. So as I said, learn all the basics choose the best deer attractants, and get ready to enjoy for great game meat or capture some clear deer pictures.


What you should know before buying a deer attractant

As it is clearly depicted in the introduction, deer hunting is not an easy task, and especially when you use the wrong attractant and in the wrong way. Therefore, here are a few things that you should know before you set out to buy or use a deer attractant.

  • ​Type of the deer

Before setting out to hunt deer, you need to identify the type of deer you will be luring into a bait. Whether it is for a camera shoot, video, or meat hunting, you should at least have a particular type in mind. Also, specific type of deer’s are found in specific regions, or rather some types dominate other areas, so carefully figure out which types of deer are present in the area and what type of attractant will work for them. Remember what will work for a whitetail deer won’t work similarly for a black tail deer.

  • ​Consider seasons

There are four known types of deer hunting seasons namely, Rut, pre-rut, post-rut and early stage. You need to know what season it is and choose a deer attractant that is meant for that particular season. For example in the heat of rut, mating is at its peak and so is the searching for mates, using a strong, sensuous scent attractant will bring in more ducks.

  • The area you will be hunting in

Sometimes hunters fail to study their specific area of interest. They, therefore, end up buying attractants that are already present in the area which tends to reduce your chances of attracting dear. For this reason, ensure that you conduct adequate research and know what is and what is not available in that area.

  • Be conversant with brands

​Familiarizing yourself with the available deer attractant brands helps to know which brands provide effective attractants and which ones don’t. Some are in the market to confuse and entice the market into buying them when in the real sense they are very ineffective.

​Things to consider when using attractants to lure deer

  • ​Do not hunt/deploy in your neighborsarea

​Not everyone likes when their space is infringed, similarly, in countries that allow the use of attractants to lure deer, people are usually advised to stay within their perimeters and not infringe into someone else’s area. So ensure that the area you use your deer attractant on is not anywhere near your neighbors.

  • ​Ensure you are within the law

​Not every state or country legalizes the use of deer hunting let alone the use of attractants to lure deer into a bait. For this reason, you need to be conversant with the laws governing deer hunting and adhere to them. For example the legal and illegal attractants, the legality of deer hunting all together and so on.

  • ​Use the right attractant

Deer hunting is tedious, the animals themselves are very elusive. You need to be wise in your choice of attractant. Consider the seasons and what works best for the deer’s in that area, also consider the benefits and effects the attractant will have on your prey.

​Types of deer attractants

​Deer attractants are available in different forms and types. This variety enables hunters to choose which type of attractants is suitable for their need and time of need. These attractants are categorized into five; these are scents, liquids, minerals, food, and powder.

  • ​Deer attractants in the form of food

​These involve baiting deer by using foods that they like to eat. You can use this by planting foods like kales in a strategic place where deer will be coming to eat. Food attractants can also be bought commercially. These are ready made for deer consumption. Just read the labels and buy what is suitable for your needs.

  • Deer attractants in the form of liquids

Liquids deer attractants are usually deployed with the help of a wick. Here, the hunter uses a wick to spread the liquid attractant. You can just drag the wick on the ground to lure the deer into following you.

  • ​Deer attractants in the form of scents

​These are the most common type of attractants used by a majority of hunters. Although most scents are specific to deer type, they are the most effective attractants a hunter can use to lure a deer to bait. Scents are unusually deployed by spraying on food that the deer eats.

  • ​Deer attractants in the form of minerals

Mineral are very effective when you want to catch deer. They come in the form of blocks or solid form. Minerals may be salts which you deploy for the deer to lick. They are especially very easy to deploy, all you need to do is buy your mineral of choice in whatever form and place it in a strategic position where deer will flock to lick.

  • ​Deer attractants in the form of powder

​Powder deer attractants are usually super fine. This may also include minerals that have been crashed into super fine particles to create a powder which you can use on deer. When deploying powered attractants, you can choose to mix it with the food that the deer eats or mix with loose soil in a specified area. This will attract deer to keep coming there trying to paw in the soil to get the powder.

Deer attractants brands

Here are a few brands of the best deer attractants you can try

  • ​Conquests scents ever calm deer herd scent stick

This liquid deer attractant scent does not leak or spill which means it can be deployed in motion. Unlike most scents that can only be used during certain seasons, this specific attractant is one of the few that are is all seasoned. You can use it throughout the year as it is not season specific.

Also, the scent named above is quietly effective in luring deer into following your direction. Therefore, a good choice for use to create deer patterns, take pictures or shoot at close range.

  • Evolved Habitats Deer cane block

​This mineral supplement is equally effective for luring the big bucks into your territory. The evolved habitats cane block is effective as it releases vapor into the air. Just place it in a strategic position and let it vaporize into the air. This will make deer gather around it allowing you to hunt freely and effectively.

  • ​C’mere deer corn super fine powder

​This deer attractant credited for being super effective in luring and hunting deer. This corn powder can be used to treat corn, different types of proteins or grains that you intend to use to lure deer into your territory. This powder is very affordable and can be used for long as only a small amount of the powder is needed to mix with a substantial amount of grains.

Additionally, you have learned the various categories of deer attractants from the powdered ones to liquid deer attractants and a few examples given for some good attractants you can buy. Evidently, using deer attractants can be very helpful to lure deer into your territory. It also helps to save time and energy used to chase deer, which are not catchable.


As you can see, this guide was only meant to help you learn the basics of deer hunting and deer attractants. With the above information, you can effectively choose the best deer attractants in the market for your needs. You will be able to distinguish and correctly identify attractants based on the seasons, type of deer and needs.

At this point, getting the best attractant shouldn’t be a difficult task. Just keep in mind the factors and tips given above when shopping for a deer attractant. Remember, to ultimately catch deer, you do not just need to lure it to bait, you need to use the right attractant and also deploy it the right way. If you fail to do so, the results might be disastrous.

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