When shopping for the best 5.56 suppressors, you will need to know exactly what to look for. Buying a gun suppressor is one of the easiest things as there are just a handful of features to consider and a simple procedure to follow. Below is a list of the 5 best 5.56 suppressors followed and a choosing guide.

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Factors of Consideration while selecting best 5.56 suppressor

a) Value for Money

You get real value for money if the product you go for will serve you perfectly and for the longest possible periods of time. One of the best ways of ensuring you get real value for your money is by going for the multi-caliber products. Imagine a scenario where you have half a dozen firearms, each of different calibers and none of them is used concurrently with the other. On average, you will spend $800 for each which translates to almost $5000. This is quite a fortune. Instead of single caliber suppressors, the best 5.56 suppressors you can go for are those that can be used on multiple caliber firearms.

b) Durability

The durability of a suppressor will definitely play an important role on whether you will go for it or not. If you can understand how harsh the suppressing job is, you will know that not just any material can withstand such harsh conditions. The material used to construct a suppressor definitely determines its durability. The best 5.56 suppressors are made from stainless steel or titanium among other such-like materials. If the product isn’t fully stainless steel or titanium, at least let the interiors and the baffles be.

c) Lightweight

Balancing between lightweight and durability is needed. This is especially the case if steel the main durability focus material. Stainless steel is a very durable material yet very heavy. On the other hand, aluminum isn’t as durable as steel but is very lightweight. Going for a product that features interior stainless steel and exterior aluminum will result in a great durability to lightweight ratio. Just ensure that the aluminum is a 7075-T6 grade or something similar. Titanium, on the other hand, is hard and lightweight hence can be singly be used in the construction of a suppressor without compromising on weight and durability.

d) Performance

The main reason why you want to buy any product isn’t because of its durability but because of a specific function. It is the purpose of the product that drives you first then other factors come in second. The best 5.56 suppressors must be able to offer some of the quietest performance. After all, your reason for looking around is because your gun probably produces too much noise that isn’t hearing-friendly. Some of the suppressors may not reduce the noise as such but a resultant “pleasing” noise is produced. And in addition to noise reduction, let it also do a good job in flash hiding.

e) Size

Although on average, longer suppressors are always more efficient in recoil and sound reduction, let the product you go for not be too long that your range buddies will laugh at you. It is important to note that the size is mostly preferential and not performance based. If you do not mind what your buddies will say, go for the longest possible 5.56 suppressors as this is where you will get improved performance.

f) Easy Mounting and Quick Detach

You may not need the suppressor to always be on your gun. There are times when you may probably want to store the gun without the suppressor or transfer it from firearm A to firearm B. if it isn’t easy to detach it and re-attach it from and on a different gun whenever you want to, the suppressor will really frustrate you. In addition, the best 5.56 suppressors are also easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble the suppressor.

The 5 Best 5.56 Suppressor Reviews


Editor Rating

The Specwar 556 has been designed mainly for the 5.56 caliber firearms. Its performance and durability are so great, making it worth every user’s recommendation. It is the best bet for those who are interested in something that will deliver quiet performance at the same time allowing them easy cleaning and maintenance.

Benefits of the Product

  • Easy Mounting: The Specwar 556 comes with an Active Spring Retention mounting system, a design that ensures solid and trouble- free lockup
  • Quick Detach: The installation and removal of the suppressor onto a firearm takes just a matter of seconds and is as easy as ABC
  • Accuracy: The product makes good use of the proprietary TruBore manufacturing procedure that is credited for ensuring precision in bore-alignment together with the minimal point of impact shift.
  • Durability: It comes with a durable Baffle stack system that has been designed for suppressor reliability regardless of how harsh the conditions will be.


This product comes with a small diameter that makes just a slight addition to the overall diameter of your gun. It has some of the best durability and performance features to price ratio, something that makes it one of the best 5.56 suppressors for money.


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This is yet another silencer that delivers more than what other market players can deliver. The product features some a unique MAAD cap that allows shooters to easily adapt the suppressor to their needs especially when it comes to optional accessory compatibility. It is one of the easiest suppressors to use and among the most versatile product thus among the very best 5.56 suppressors.

Benefits of the Product

  • Improved Technology: Its unique MAAD technology makes it easy for this product to easily work with other accessories such as the gun mounts among others.
  • Easy Mounting: It also has a unique Trifecta MAAD mount provision that allows for easy single hand operation within just a matter of seconds
  • Construction: The baffles feature a Stellite construction which improves the durability and ease of baffle cleaning
  • Performance: When it comes to sound reduction and flash hiding among other great performance needs, the suppressor has been designed to come with a Trifecta flash hider and Trifecta muzzle brakes that take its performance to a new high


  • It is a bit expensive compared to some other great performance suppressors

When I get out searching for a product, one of the important features that will help me consider a product over other equally great products is if it has an improved technology. In the case of the best 5.56 suppressors, the Sake 556 carries the day, thanks to its unique MAAD technology.


Editor Rating

The Helix IFM6 Suppressor is one of the best 5.56 suppressors, coming with 132 dB rating. It features a matte black finish and comes with a direct thread style for easy modern mounting. Made in the USA, IFMS 5.56 is an integrated flush mount suppressor system which highly regulates backpressure as it also reduces flash signature and sound. If you want a reliable product you can bank on for years, go for this product.

Benefits of the Product

  • Quality Built: the careful design and use of titanium, stainless steel, cobalt, and aluminum ensures that you have one of the best quality suppressors on the market especially when it comes to strength to weight performance
  • Versatility: It comes with the option of buying some additional STS-Muzzle Brakes that makes it easy to quickly switch the suppressor between guns.
  • Easy Installation and Detachment: By just threading and hand tightening the STS-Muzzle brake, you are ready to get out and start shooting. And its self-tightening design makes it impossible for the product to loosen when you are firing
  • Price: If you are in search for a single modular suppressor that will really save you money, then this is probably one of the best. It is hearing safe and can be used on a number of firearm platforms


  • The 22.80 ounces it weighs isn’t lightweight enough

The IFM6 is the perfect choice of a suppressor for the shooter looking for something economical and efficient. The product has been designed to be hearing safe and hassle free as it is not characterized with the toxic blowback that is a characteristic of most of the other suppressors on the market. The constant need for adjustment and gun cleaning that is often found with the baffle suppressors, has been eliminated here.


Editor Rating

The manufacturer of this suppressor has made use of advanced high-temperature alloys together with stainless steel to come up with a high-quality product. And like all the Surefire models, the SOCOM556 RC2 produces consistent and minimal shift impact point as compared with the unsuppressed weapons.

Benefits of the Product

  • Durable Construction: The use of stainless steel and the careful incorporation of high-temperature alloys ensure there is an advanced internal venting that reduces back pressure thereby reducing the gas blowback and suppressed cyclic rate. The integrated blast shield incorporated in the back section is also great in boosting the durability further
  • Improved Technology: It comes with a patent-pending front-plate construction and a proprietary gas flow dynamics improvement thus nearly eliminating the first-round flash.
  • Efficient Performance: It has been designed to attenuate dust signatures and noise to unprecedented degrees.
  • Easy Secure Mounting and Detaching: The suppressor comes with new indexing system together with a computer controlled welding that ensures more secure mounting and easy detachment and reattachment


  • It is the most expensive of all the products on this list

In this product are some of the best features you can ever get in a suppressor of any platform. Great performance in noise and flash reduction, easy mounting and detaching, followed by easy cleaning and overall product durability are some of the features that make this product to be the best 5.56 suppressor.


Editor Rating

This is an Inconel 718 suppressor, which features a fast-attach and detach muzzle devices thus making it a matter of seconds to mount or detach the silencer on a rifle and with the use of just a single hand. The durability of this alloy material makes this product to be one of the most reliable on the market.

Benefits of the Product

  • Price: This is the most affordable in this list of the best 5.56 suppressors. Some of the products on this list cost up to twice as much
  • Quick Detach: The quick detach feature is important in a number of instances especially when you want to holster your firearm or you want to store it.
  • Durability: It features Inconel 718, which is a Nickel-Stainless Steel Alloy that provides the highest durability levels. This makes the SRD556 one of the most durable products within its range
  • Efficiency and Performance: With a 134 dB rating, there are only a handful of products that have such high sound reduction ability.


  • The 14 ounces it weighs is more than the weight of most of its other counterparts

This model has been designed with the standard ½-38tpi threads thus resulting in a product that matches with so many modern rifles within the .223/5.56mm platform. And with a wrench flats on the rear mount for easy silencer torque on a barrel, the product offers easy and efficient use from mounting, detaching, cleaning, and re-mounting


A suppressor is never a suppressor if it isn’t able to reduce noise, hide flash and minimize recoil. This guide has reviewed some of the best 5.56 suppressors on the market. Important factors of consideration during analysis included the ability to reduce noise, the durability of the product, the ease of installation and quick detachment as well as some of the improved technologies that enable the specific products to cut a niche for themselves within a given range. One important thing to note is that even if you are sure of the qualities you need, always look for reviews to verify if the product you are about to go for works as advertised.

Choosing the Best 5.56 Suppressor Made Easier
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