Investigation of the Best 308 Muzzle Brake

Before narrowing down to what the best 308 muzzle brake is, it is important that we first know exactly what a muzzle brake is.

A muzzle brake, also known as a recoil compensator, is a device that is connected to a gun’s muzzle with the intent of redirecting propellant gasses thereby countering unwanted barrel rising and recoil. Muzzle brakes that are used on the pistol platforms for practical competitions are referred to as compensators.

The basic principle shared by all muzzle brake designs is: they all divert the combustion gasses sideways, away from the muzzle end. The angle of gas diversion fundamentally affects the behavior of the muzzle brake.

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Factors of Consideration when Choosing Best 308 Muzzle Brake

a) Type of Muzzle Brake

The choice of the muzzle brake type you want, need to be the first factor of consideration when you are choosing the best 308 muzzle brake. Some brakes have been designed to reduce flash, others to reduce noise and others to reduce recoil. When shooting without a muzzle brake, what is it that irritates you the most? Is it the noise? Or it is the recoil and muzzle rise, or you are very much concerned about how the light produced after shooting may interfere with your eyes? These are the guiding principles that will enable you to choose the best muzzle break for your specific rifle, your needs or interests.

b) Muzzle Brake Brands

Different muzzle brakes feature different finishes, styles and patented technologies. It will be a great expedition for you to consider some of the most popular brands on the market.

Rather than going for a product that is new and hasn’t been reviewed by any user, it will be prudent for you to go for those muzzle brakes that have been reviewed by other users. You really want to know what other users have to say about a given product so that you can make some informed decisions.

c) Size & Weight

Already having a cumbersome rifle, you don’t want any additional stress to the stress you already have. Too much weight and increased length can be cumbersome to carry, especially considering that the muzzle brake isn’t the only shooting accessory you are going to carry with you. And as a matter of fact, increased weight and length greatly interferes with the weapons balancing thus highly reducing the firearm’s efficiency. The best 308 muzzle brakes are thus the lightest and the shortest.

d) Suppressor Compatibility

This is as obvious as you think. Not all the suppressors on the market will fit or rather work for your .308 caliber firearm. And it is also important to note that within the muzzle, you may also want to add a sound suppressor. The best 308 muzzle brake, therefore, is that which is not only compatible with the 308 caliber rifles but also compatible with sound suppressors. Still, within sound suppressor compatibility, some muzzle brakes are only compatible with a few suppressors whereas others are compatible with almost everything on the market. Make your choice.

e) Durability

Guns always generate a lot of heat when shots are made. After every shot, there is always a resultant combusting gas that tries to find its way out of the barrel through the muzzle. Such super hot gasses can greatly reduce the durability of a muzzle brake if it doesn’t come with resistant materials.

The most durable hence the best 308 muzzle brakes are those that feature sturdy constrictions, are made of tough stainless steel materials or an equivalent material, and come with proper coating for extended use.

Additionally, if a muzzle device comes with extended warranties, such as lifetime warranty, you are almost certain that the muzzle device in question will serve you a lifetime.

Our Top Picks of the Best 308 Muzzle Brakes

Ultimate Arms Gear Model 10/15 .308 Muzzle Brake

Editor Rating

This is one of the best 308 muzzle brakes. It is the quality of its production that has made it be the only 308 muzzle brake to find its way on Amazon listings. Made in the USA, the product measures 1-inch round by 2.37-inch length and weighs just about 3.3 ounces.

Benefits of the Product

  • Quality Design: The USA is known to uphold high-quality standards. The product features a Black Mil-spec steel that is phosphate coated for maximum possible durability
  • Performance: It has been designed to break climb, reduce pressure and recoil significantly thereby improving the overall performance and accuracy of the firearm.
  • Low Noise: The product comes with optimized baffles that maximize the brake performance as well as lowering noise levels to manageable levels
  • Ultimate Shooting Solution: It features a no-ports-on-the-bottom design that ensures there is no dust printing. This together with its great size and weight as well as the ability to be installed in the common standard 5/8-inch by 24 thread makes it an ultimate shooting solution for most guns


  • It is limited to only the 5/8-inch X 24 thread platforms. May not be installed on most of the older gun series and versions

If you are looking for one of the best 308 muzzle brakes that is easy to get, accurate in performance, durable and very reliable, then look for this muzzle brake. It is one product that knows exactly what it is doing.

Lantac Dragon™ 308 Muzzle Brake

Editor Rating

This is a true muzzle brake when it comes to the efficacy of recoil and muzzle rise minimization. The muzzle brake features a unique Short Energy Pulse technology that reduces its length but increases its performance. And with a patent-pending design, the product guarantees full-auto accuracy.

Benefits of the Product

  • Efficiency and Accuracy: The muzzle blast gasses attenuation is extremely fast thereby greatly reducing the flash signature. And its unique Short Energy Pulse design also greatly reduces muzzle rise together with the felt recoil.
  • Easy to Use: There is nothing as good as having a muzzle brake that is easy to clip but even easier to remove from the firearm. This one wastes no time and energy at all
  • Quality Construction: It is made in the USA and features a hardened mil-spec steel construction that is nitride finished. These ensure that you have a product that will serve you your lifetime.
  • Small Size: If you are that person who always likes carrying so many shooting accessories with you, the small size and lightweight nature of this muzzle brake will make you love it even more.


  • Not very versatile

This is the best 308 muzzle brake with its main selling factors being its small size and easy to use feature. You can pack it anytime you want to go with it anywhere you want and use it whenever you wish. Whether for practice, target shooting or hunting, this muzzle brake will serve you perfectly.

Midwest Industries Flash Hider/Impact Device

Editor Rating

This is yet another great muzzle brake that is sure of improving your shooting capabilities within numerous platforms. It features a durable tool steel construction that is Melonite finished thus guaranteeing its durability. And with a front aggressive texture for an impact device, you have a very efficient muzzle brake in this Midwest Flash Hider.

Benefits of the Product

  • Quality Construction: It features a very durable, hardened tool-steel metal constriction and together with the Melonite finish, the muzzle brake is able to withstand very harsh conditions as well as the corrosive elements
  • Performance and Accuracy: It comes with a design that greatly reduces the muzzle flash as well as the felt recoil thereby improving the efficiency, hence the general performance of the muzzle flash.
  • Accompaniments: It comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty together with a crush washer for respective guaranteed durability and maintained efficiency.


  • Its fit isn’t just the best

This is an improvised impact/breaching device that is constructed out of one of the most durable metal materials, features quality finish and guarantees recoil and muzzle flash reduction. Other than its fit not being the best with a few guns, it is one of the best 308 muzzle brakes you can spend your money on.

Simmons 511039 3 - 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope

Editor Rating

This is an incredible muzzle brake that comes with a unique maze of combustion gas dispersion holes which reduces muzzle rise while at the same time keeping the muzzle blast low. It features a multiple venturi expansion chamber system that redirects and disperses gas for maximum recoil control with limited noise effects. Its effective nature of muzzle rise and felt recoil reduction are key factors that make it qualify as one of the best 308 muzzle brakes.

Benefits of the Product

  • Unique Design for Improved Performance: Features a unique maze of holes and a multiple venturi expansion chamber construction that incredibly redirects and disperses combusting gasses thus limiting the muzzle rise and controlling recoil respectively
  • Quality, Durable Construction: Featuring a steel construction that is finished with either the matte, Parkerized or the stainless steel finish you have a durable, corrosive-free and rust-free muzzle brake.
  • Noise Dampening: It comes with unique attenuating holes for the equal perpendicular and horizontal gas dispersion and sound reduction in equal measure.
  • Lifetime Performance: Made in the U.S.A and accompanied with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you are sure of using this model for your lifetime.


  • It’s a little bit more expensive than most other muzzle brakes

Though a bit costly, we all know that you get that which you pay for. This muzzle brake is worth the buck as it will give you one of the best and smoothest operations within the 308 muzzle brake platform.

Simmons 511039 3 - 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope

Editor Rating

With a massive symmetrical blast baffle that combines with other two compensated front baffles, combusting gas is redirected upwards and to the sides of the muzzle brake thus delivering one of the best recoil reductions. The ground disturbance and muzzle rise reduction attributed to this muzzle brake are also unparalleled and considerable.

Benefits of the Product

  • Unparalleled Recoil Reduction: This is attributed to the hybrid baffle system that comprises the combination of a large symmetrical blast baffle with some two compensated front baffles
  • Easy Use: With a wrench both on top and on the bottom side, installation and removal are as easy as ABC. And the fact that this muzzle brake is easier to clean as compared to most of its counterparts makes it one of the easiest units to use.
  • Quality Construction: Quality construction means durable performance. The muzzle brake features a Precision CNC machined high strength stainless steel bar thus a superior corrosion and heat resistance
  • Varieties to choose from: It is available in the stainless steel in-the-white, satin finish or the ultra wear resistant Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) matte black finish
  • Improved Technology: Uses Computer FEA optimization to maximize the strength to weight ratio as well as the impact survivability


  • Its louder than most of the muzzle brakes on the market
  • “Timing” issue makes it a tall order to install for the first time

This is a Precision CNC machined muzzle brake that is constructed from the highly strong HTSR 400- stainless steel bare series thus guaranteeing its durability. And coming with a class-3 thread of high tolerance which when combined with its progressively decreasing baffle thickness, muzzle rise and felt recoil are reduced, bullet flight disturbance minimized and overall accuracy improved.


There are four main things that you should consider when looking for the best 308 muzzle brake. These are the quality of material used in construction, the efficiency of the muzzle brake to reduce felt recoil, its efficiency to reduce muzzle rise and what people are saying about the muzzle brake of choice. Other features such as sound reduction and price are also very important considerations. I believe your understanding of the best 308 muzzle brake is much better than when you began reading this article. Just do your research and make that bold decision of choosing the best.

Investigation of the Best 308 Muzzle Brake
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