The Best 22LR Ammo for Varmint Hunting

The .22 Long Rifle is the benchmark of the hunting industry. I say benchmark because of two things. First of all, almost all the hunters out there began their hunting career with the .22lr rifle. Secondly, this is still the most favorite rifle to use in hunting the small animals, which coincidentally, are the most … Read more

Backpacking in the U.S? Here are Helpful Tips

Hearing the word “backpacking” alone generates so much excitement, well, at least with my fellow backpacking friends. With its single mention, a series of exciting ideas, suggestions, preparations, and of course, the location, would topple like dominoes.  It’s just exciting to have a roundtable discussion all day about these things.  Along with the discussions, one … Read more

Raising Your Kids to Love the Outdoors

Raising Your Kids to Love the Outdoors

An appreciation for the outdoors can lead to a life full of varied experience and understanding about the wonderful planet we live on. Kids that have a curiosity about nature cultivated in them are more likely to live rich and fulfilling lives. It’s well-known that exposure to nature can lead to greater happiness. Not only is … Read more