7 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Winter Camping

Planning to go out camping this coming winter? Well, I guess you already understand how cold it can get out there. Many people would rather stay indoors than camp during winter because they think it is insane. The problem with winter is that it can be dangerous and difficult, but that should not be your best excuse to stay indoors. Besides, why go out camping when there is no challenge in it?

While winter camping is fun and adventurous, it takes more than just filling your backpack with a bottle of water, a tent, and many other helpful gears. Unlike summer camping, it requires more preparation as well as training.

Here are eight winter camping mistakes to avoid:

​1. Not Preparing

One worst mistake you can do is going out there unprepared and hoping that the weather will remain the way it is. The fact is, you cannot always rely on what you see in the sky. During winter, a calm sunny day can turn wild in less than a minute, and that is the main reason you are always required to carry enough clothing when going to any trip.

So, before you step outside your house, ensure you’ve done a lot of research. Find out what the weather forecasters are saying. Also, carry a lot of clothing to cover yourself when it gets cold. Lastly, pack a good lighting equipment to make a campfire.

2. Choosing A Wrong Location

When camping during winter, you should be more concerned about wind protection. Find a location that features big trees and thick plantation that will protect you from the wild wind. Avoid setting your tent under tree branches that are covered with snow because they can break and fall on your tent which can be risky.

Also, avoid sloppy areas and remember to set up your tent near a water source to avoid inconveniences. Look for a flowing water that is not completely frozen. Doing this will help you avoid unnecessary tasks such as looking for firewood to melt your snow to get water.

3. Not Setting The Tent The Right Way

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been camping. If you don’t set your camping tent well, there is a high chance you won’t be able to enjoy your winter camping. After spotting a location to set up your tent, clear out the area and ensure that the ground is leveled. You can then place the entrance of your tent facing downhill to avoid inflow of cold air during the night.

Also, try to set up your tent in a way that it does not attract accumulation of snow on its top and sides. Remember to stake your tent using a good snow stake. To finish up the setting, dig a hole at the front of the door on both sides. The point of doing this is, to prevent harsh weather from pulling your tent off the ground and preventing the cold from getting inside and ruining your nights.

4. Buying A Low-quality Sleeping Bag

One common mistake with winter campers is overlooking the importance of a sleeping bag to winter nights. Instead of choosing a sleeping bag that will give them enough warmth during the cold night, they will go for some of the lightest brands on the market to make their traveling easier.

While investing on the best camping tents on the market and a good base layer will help shield you from bad weather, they are always less effective at night when it gets too cold, and that is why experts usually recommend that you invest on a proper sleeping bag.

Remember, your life should be your top priority when you are out in the cold. So, before you buy any sleeping bag, ensure that it is thick and warm enough to protect you from extreme cold. Also, ensure they are waterproof.

5. Forgetting To Prepare The Most Important Foods

You can always prepare the food you like and how you like it, but the most important thing is keeping your days and nights warm. So, warm some water and keep it in the flask all the time so that you can use it to make warm beverages such as tea, coffee and more.

Also, remember to drink more water, at least a gallon every day to keep your body hydrated and warm at the same time. When cooking meals, you can prepare the simplest dinners that cook faster. Before you start your journey, remember to carry some snack and freeze-dried meals for easy preparation.

If you like grilled food, don’t forget to have the best camping grill. The point of all these is to reduce the tasks involved in preparing your foods when you are out in the cold and to keep your days and nights warm at all times.

6. Not Talking To An Expert

If you are going to camp in a new place for the first time, it is always important to seek some advice from a person who has been there. The fact is, a guide book will not tell you everything about the place, but a person who has been there can, simply because he has been there physically.

And because of that he or she understand the type of tent, clothing, sleeping bag and tools that will work well for you when you are out there.

So, before you step outside your door, look for those who have been to a place you want to visit. Find out what challenges they encountered along the way and while in the place.

7. Relying On Weather Forecast

It is always not a bad idea use news to predict the weather. What you should always remember is that weather forecasts are probabilities and might not be accurate. You might get out thinking that the weather will remain calm as the forecasters predicted only to get caught in the middle of wild wind and heavy rains.

So, use the weather to try and predict what might happen, not what will happen. Always be prepared for anything. Because it is winter, the worst thing that can happen is not having the right cover when you are out there. For that reason, ensure you’ve included some heavy clothing in your backpack for maximum protection.

8. Packing Wrong Clothing

Winter days and night can get so cold to a point it can affect you. If you care so much about your health, ensure you’ve carried the right clothing. Ensure, you’ve carried the clothes that are thick enough to protect you from cold.

Also, when you reach your destination, you will need to stay warm at all times. Make sure you are wearing warm and dry clothes, socks to protect your feet and some gloves.

The Final Words

Winter camping can be fun or frustrating, depending on how well you are prepared. While it offers more challenges than summer camping, it is healthy for those who are looking for an enthralling experience.

So, get out t there, but remember safety comes first. Choose the right location, have every useful item in your backpack and most importantly, don’t trust everything that the weather man is telling you.

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